Why India should forget Afghanistan, Pakistan, ‘Terroristan’ & shift strategic gaze to the seas | pakistan | En son Tay şarkıları

Why India should forget Afghanistan, Pakistan, ‘Terroristan’ & shift strategic gaze to the seas – Tay müziği bilgileri

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pakistan – Bu konuyla ilgili bilgiler.

#Terroristan #Afghanistan #Pakistan
In this week’s #NationalInterest, Shekhar Gupta tells you why India shouldn’t be paranoid about a weakened Pakistan creating a new ‘Terroristan’, and how this the best chance to focus on maritime power and opportunity rather than overland threats.

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Why India should forget Afghanistan, Pakistan, ‘Terroristan’ & shift strategic gaze to the seas | Bu konuyla ilgili görseller.

Why India should forget Afghanistan, Pakistan, ‘Terroristan’ & shift strategic gaze to the seas
Why India should forget Afghanistan, Pakistan, ‘Terroristan’ & shift strategic gaze to the seas

Konuyla ilgili arama pakistan.

#India #forget #Afghanistan #Pakistan #Terroristan #amp #shift #strategic #gaze #seas.

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Why India should forget Afghanistan, Pakistan, ‘Terroristan’ & shift strategic gaze to the seas.


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33 thoughts on “Why India should forget Afghanistan, Pakistan, ‘Terroristan’ & shift strategic gaze to the seas | pakistan | En son Tay şarkıları”

  1. Propaganda at its finest.
    Bias subjective lessons to brianwash audiences (indian) who are already extremist nationalistic fundamentalists hindu.

  2. To be honest in india this man alone looks near to reality. Your TV channels are worst than Bollywood. India' has a golden chance to make it goody goody with our mullahs and let the region grow. I think india has nothing to worry about at all. But your stupid ignorance will create problems for all. Stay calm and try help if not keep your mouth shut.we as normal afghans are watching your TV channels and it's not good. Remember there teachers are sitting in deoband. Understand your own deoband and you understand them.

  3. Shallow and devoid of truth. Cannot swing between Extremes of History and Geography. Forceably making up an argument. Suggest follow a middle path. Solve Jammu and Kashmir dispute with Pakistan and be at ease, or else there will be another you know what !

  4. A very good view point overall . The sea just needs a strong coast guard and Naval presence . FINALLY IT STILL IS LAND , LAND AND MORE LAND. In fact we need to up the ante . in the North while we have breathing space. lose focus there and we will be another " Biden " case .To recover lost land takes years and lost lives . DON T BE SILLY !!!!!

  5. Yup. Indian policy makers should listen to Shekhar Gupta. Ignore Afghanistan and Pakistan. Please. Let Afghanistan alone in peace and let Pakistan and China build their connectivity and economic linkages that connect one of the largest resource rich area on PLANET EARTH. Those regions will develop and be integrated. Continue to underestimate Pakistan by saying nice sounding phrases like “Pakistan simply does not have the strategic depth militarily, economically, diplomatically, or politically to threaten India”. Then one day, you will find them on the streets of Srinagar or Delhi, while Shekhar Gupta is cruising on an Indian aircraft carrier somewhere off the coast of Africa 😂🤣😂🤣. I keep saying this, if this is what counts as “sober strategic thinking” or even “sober journalism” in India, your country is doomed. Yup, definitely, India should “gaze to the seas” 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  6. Strategical there is nothing for India in Afghanistan -too much focus on Pakistan and Afghanistan. Look towards places like east Asia – Australia and Japan. Focus -focus on Indian development and attract supply chain manufacturing moving from China next 5 yrs.

  7. Man this man is really obsessed with Pakistan. 90% of his talk is restricted to Pakistan and having wet dreams of Pakistan to be isloated this and that.

  8. One side Islamist(Pakistan)another side Communists(China) and inside their shadows,India is really messed up due to weak shortsighted leader after very beginning of Independent India after 1947.Pity!!

  9. I agree what Zia and Bhutto did to Pakistan by Islamization and destruction of Institutions…however, don't forget this what Modi is doing today to India (Hindtuva and destruction of institiins which once were secular)

  10. I agree with all what you said, except you forgot to mention Indians role using Kabul regime against Pakistan creating PTM, TTP & BLA (through 17 consulates in Afghanistan)

  11. The geography sustains for a long time where as history changes time to time. For example in this subcontinent once lived coals and Drawards who were removed by Ariyans etc. them came Muslims then England and then split off.So history always repeats itself or takes changes but Geographical conditions change only by nature otherwise remain permanent for a long time.

  12. I love how Indians keep on underestimated Pakistan over and over again and yet Pakistan keeps on proving them wrong. No matter how much wishful thinking goes into Indian thought process, Pakistan will always be relevant for this region 😀

  13. Baba, tell in simple words it's Endia in Afghanistan. Pls don't try this at home again, Afghanistan is Pakistan backyard, never ever try to come there and play games against Pak again, India will bite it's dust again.

  14. Only stable Afghanistan is in the interest of Pakistan and we are working on the same line , you forget to mention the opportunities in afghan transit trade and reasons for a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan and how much part india has in such defeat. I believe fake intelligence reporting is major reason


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