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Fresh AskReddit Stories: What’s the cringiest way you’ve seen someone demonstrate a lack of self-awareness? — LIKE AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES!

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What's The Cringiest Lack Of Self-Awareness You've Seen? | 与该主题相关的图像.

What's The Cringiest Lack Of Self-Awareness You've Seen?
What's The Cringiest Lack Of Self-Awareness You've Seen?

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What's The Cringiest Lack Of Self-Awareness You've Seen?.

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46 thoughts on “What's The Cringiest Lack Of Self-Awareness You've Seen? | reddit | 最新泰语歌曲”

  1. One of my old school friends was, every inch, Willow Rosenberg. Even down to the petulant sulking when her best friend made other friends. I'd watch the Willow mournfully stare at her friend at dinner break, then be passive-aggressive during lessons and basically push her insecurities onto her mate. That girl had issues and I do mean issues.

  2. Had just stepped out of a room, door still wide open. Coworker in that room repeats something I’d just said in a mocking tone. I resisted turning around and confronting him in front of our boss (who had not heard him), confronted him later. He genuinely asked how he had been mocking me. I was far from the only one who had issues with him, lol.

  3. I could go all day. So many… dumb people.
    The greatest hits from my SIL
    “God only listens to Christian prayers”
    “That’s not ice, it’s frozen water”
    “You can’t cook, this turkey is too juicy”
    My nephew blurted out “mommy said white people and black people shouldn’t have babies”
    She told my brother to kick my ass bc I wouldn’t take them to dinner. He’s severely overweight and the only thing he’s ever beat is his meat.

  4. Bro the forklift one. I’ve had customers and other workers stand under my packs and other just straight walk under my forks or infront of. Or people leaning on the fork

  5. My husband is almost completely deaf and wears a hearing aide. He is a notorious cheapskate, always complaining of the cost of things…almost as if he's been living under a rock since 1970 and thinks that prices haven't changed since then. He also has a bad habit of saying what's on his mind without thinking. We came to his hearing aide doctors appointment. We were greeted by the receptionist…an older lady who is a total sweetheart. She had a beautiful flower arrangement on her desk…she explained that her daughter sent her the flowers as this was her first day back to work due to her husband's death…she then went into detail that she came home from work one day and found him deceased and how it's been a shock and adjustment for her to be a widow. I gave my sincere sympathies and asked my husband if he thought the flowers looked nice. My husband makes the comment, "For what they cost they should look nice"…I glared at him, offered this sweet lady my sympathy and left the office with him…I was so embarrassed. When we were out of earshot, I tore into him asking what the hell was he thinking making that remark? That this poor lady just lost her husband and he makes a remark like he did. He had no idea what I was talking about…I told him that he needed to start actually listening once in a while and think before he speaks. 😒

  6. It's either the idiots who walk there dogs across an active archery range (lifting up the hazard tape to do so) and wonder why we shout at them, or my old boss. Two separate times he's said things that just sound so wrong. One was his accent resulting in a long E sound that gets used I the shorter manner sounding like an I (I what we call the incident at the feasting shelter). Second was a promo video for an activity over the Easter holidays call the big Easter hunt (I don't think you need help with that one).

  7. Before I had watched The Wire (wayyyyy better show than I could've ever guessed) I had a convo with a white, male, patriotic coworker who was small and blonde, where he informed me of how *WE could never just walk around Baltimore because of how dangerous it is/was (We live in MD but closer to DC)

    … We are not the same. I am black (which is probably enough but I'll keep going) a good looking female, who not only went to college in Baltimore, but has friends and family who live in Baltimore… lol the "worst" thing that ever happens is I get offered drugs or a date lmao.

  8. I should preface this by saying I am a brown skinned person of mixed ancestry, partly African. I was at a party and this woman I didn't know was loudly proclaiming that she was aboriginal, she was a proud aboriginal woman, blah blah. OK, so I am actually interested in genetics and stuff, so I innocently asked her how many generations back she had an aboriginal ancestor. ( Her skin was beige, at best) . Bad move, She started screaming that she was a full blood aboriginal, her parents were full blood aboriginals, I was so insulting and racist….. I rolled my eyes and walked away.

  9. A close friend of mine that I spend quite a bit of time with (lunches, phone calls, etc.). Apparently, she had just learned the word "juxtaposition" and what it meant, so for the next month, I swear to God, every. single. conversation, she used that word. I'm assuming she was trying to sound more intelligent or something, but I cringed every time I heard it. I guess she finally got tired of using it and it got old, because after a while, I didn't hear her use it anymore. Thank God.

  10. "My favorite is the stop and block the supermarket aisle and have a conversation duo." OMG! Not just in supermarkets, but in so many places have I seen people obliviously stop and conduct their own business in a previously moving human trafficway, and it riles me so badly that at some point I began to ditch my own inhibitions and I've yelled "Seriously? Seriously? Hellooo." while indicating the line of people waiting to pass.

  11. most of my co workers in the factory not realizing that everyday is a test for the boss on who he/she is going to keep before the next rounds of firings… and they stand around gossiping or on their phones

  12. I was a cashier in a grocery store. My next customer was an older lady. She started randomly crying like a baby at the top of her lungs "WAAAAA WAAAAA WAAAAA!!"
    And I look at her completely startled.
    She said "that fukkin kid over there has been crying this whole time. Its fukkin annoying. So let's see how he likes it. WAAAAA WAAAAA WAAAA!!"
    I just couldn't believe this grown ass woman was behaving like that.
    Other customers behind her were telling her to shut the fuk up.
    She got mad and threw her stuff on the floor and stormed out.
    You know how people say 'respect your elders'?
    Well, does it mean I have to respect grown adults who behave like children?


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  14. The third story about the teacher helper reminds me so much about this guy who worked at the help place i went to. He tried to fit in with the older teenagers, and I swear he loved the sound of his own voice, he was so annoying.

  15. Okay but fr, why do gen X think about how being pretty is the only criteria a person needs to be able to get married? I've heard my parents say " how would so and so get married if they're ugly AND poor?" I would argue with them that not everyone's shallow and people have they're own definition of a pretty person but there's really no use talking to a brick wall

  16. I had a palmreader tell me I'd have 3 daughters. I can't have children and I am gay, I said nothing. I ended up with three young ladies who we somehow 'adopted' (one of them had her mother promise I would take care of her — she had terminal cancer. I'm a cancer survivor) The two others have also lost their moms. I have 3 daughters, and a 'grand daughter' who shares my middle name and was named for 'her momCat' (we call them The Kittens, I'm 'MomCat.') One of them is a Voice Actor on a series right now. I am so proud of my Kittens.

  17. Just remembered cut ties with someone's because they lied about me to ppl taking care of her boy. I know the basics on discord communication and stuff like that to keep my own child safe, she told the carers "my friend is an expert on computers and all that" basically trying to blame the care home for her short fall in giving said child boundaries. I pulled her up on it and said u know damn well I ain't know expert, she waved me away and said "well they don't know that"
    Bitch bye!!!
    Local authorities given up and sent him home coz he did crap wrong everywhere but she played victim 24/7

  18. When my daughter was born literally minutes after one of the nurses almost hit my newborn daughter with an IV cart 3 times! And only started paying attention to her surroundings once I screamed at her in the middle of the OR.

  19. I once got diarrhea right before I had to go to work. I then went to work and five minutes into my shift I got that feeling. The feeling of something you think is a fart but you’re not sure and you’re not gonna take the risk. So I bolted to the bathroom. I came back and my coworker was eyeing me like why the fuck you running off when you just arrived. So I explained. And then we were all cool.
    I feel like in those situations yeah it’s super gross and you don’t necessarily want to know x information but you’re gonna want to know if the person has a legit reason to be in the bathroom for longer than usual.


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