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What was "The Scandal" at your highschool? r/AskReddit Reddit Stories | Top Posts | 与该主题相关的图像.

What was "The Scandal" at your highschool? r/AskReddit Reddit Stories | Top Posts
What was "The Scandal" at your highschool? r/AskReddit Reddit Stories | Top Posts

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What was "The Scandal" at your highschool? r/AskReddit Reddit Stories | Top Posts.


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  1. Not high school, but middle school. The “scandal” revolved around me and I’m not proud of it.
    In seventh grade I attempted to overdose in the bathroom; the pills didn’t start working till I reached my bus stop, but that’s not the point.
    The point is, somehow, word had spread that I had attempted to overdose. This led to a huge rumor about drugs and drug dealers as well as mental health. Police officers stuck around for quit a while. I transferred schools after I was well enough to actually go back to one so I wasn’t there to tell people what happened, in their POV I just left or moved or whatever.

  2. The biggest scandal in my high school when I was there (1990-1994) was when a girl was caught having sex with a deaf guy. Also, in my senior year after we moved to a new location, someone set off a cherry bomb in a toilet. Filled the hall with smoke and evacuated the entire school.

  3. Not physically at my school, but it involved my school. My school decided to take its wrestlers and powerlifters to northern states to visit universities and learn of their sports' programs for an entire week. You can guess what happened during their hotel stays. Anyways, when they came back, apparently it got out that my ex-friend had hooked up with my grade level's slut on the trip. From what I heard, she had posted it on Snapchat that she and my friend had sex or maybe messaged it someone on there. I remember at lunch, when my friend heard that people were talking about him, he told us what was going on, but he didn't say who he had sex with. I figured out who it was after lunch in my US History class, when this one kid walked and told the class slut "I know what you did!" Putting two and two together, I figured it out. The rumor got so out of hand, the teachers and coaches got wind of it, and my friend was suspended and kicked out of the wrestling team. And the girl? She got to stay on her powerlifting team. Needless to say, that was one hell of a scandal, and my friend and the girl were the only one's caught.

    In case you're wondering, no this wasn't the reason why he and I stopped being friends. He was a shit and toxic person in general.

  4. almost forgot! a girl at my school this year had Marijuana, pretty common, but this girl was also dumb and got drug dogs called to our school. should be fine right? except an alarm went off and we went in lock down. loud noises set of ptsd reactions in certain students cough*me*cough

  5. I have a sister who's lesbian/ace. she also had a lot of boys chasing after her when she got to 7th grade. one boy started a rumor she was dating him. he stopped when he realized just how scary this quiet, short girl accrualy can be.

  6. I got one: black guy drowned in our school pool in gym class. The teacher responsible said he tought the body was a safety jacket of a life buoy or whatnot. Turns out he was flirting with the lifeguard. He got fired the day the kid died. Kid was only 16 and was the one cool popular guy that was nice with everyone. Sucks

  7. We once had a drug shakedown of the whole school by a decent chunk of the local PD. All 3,300 of us were courted outside one of the buildings and about 10% of us were subsequently searched. I don't believe anybody was arrested cause nobody was taken out in cuffs. 2 students did take the opportunity to run and skip the rest of the school day. This only happened cause some kid started a rumor of another kid selling weed directly out of his locker. I don't even know how this could happen despite being in a decent middle class school district.

    Also a security guard was having sexual relations with a 14 year old girl and somehow kept his job.

    Lastly we also had a phantom pooper in my sophomore year. At random places every week would be giant mudfish plastered anywhere. One even managed to find it's way into the gymnasium bleachers.

    High school was weird.

  8. Some cheerleader was caught having sex in the parking lot, someone recorded it… the football coach sexually abused the only gay player on the team… our school was on the daily mail cus this female teacher sat on this male students lap… I won prom queen and then got my nudes exposed a week later LMAO… some guy got stabbed in the commons right before school started… our homecoming football game got shot up in 2019… Ik there’s more I can’t even think of it all
    Edit: in 2018 about a month after the parkland shooting there was a shooting at the grocery store across the street from my school. The man was on the run so we were on a hard ass lockdown. I was in class but some of my friends had lunch since we had multiple lunches. I remember we started hearing screaming and pushed desks by the door and were huddled in the corner of the room. My boyfriend at the time was at lunch. He told me later on that some kid yelled “he has a gun!” And the entire lunch room went bezerk. People were running and screaming and banging on classroom doors to be let inside. We all thought we were gonna die that day… the shooter was never even on school property. The entire school ditched class a week later to protest outside lmao wild

    Edit: after a basketball game a HUGE and I mean HUGE brawl broke out in the parking lot. I was driving past the school and saw just complete chaos. There was like 20 cop cars and people fighting and running around everywhere

  9. At my high school during sophomore year…

    There was this transfer student, an attractive redhead girl. Let's call her Katie. Word got out early on that apparently she enjoyed sleeping with everyone, or so I was told. TBH, I don't know her too well despite only speaking to her like four times throughout the entire year, but she then transferred once again by junior year. Some of the people I knew in high school got word from people at her old high school that she slept with so many other dudes, even tried to seduce at least four guys in our football team at one point, which angered one of the cheerleaders into trying to fight her after school.

    Plus, on Facebook, Katie would often make up a bunch of drama involving some guy who calls himself "Carlos", and people were actually into that kind of drama. Even throughout the year, people started talking about Katie's drama with "Carlos", though other people believed Katie made up that account just to stir up attention. Even this other cheerleader who I knew tried to call her out on her BS on Facebook, saying that her secret lover was in fact an imaginary friend. By summer, Katie went on a semi-hiatus before she was on her account again, as usual… talking about suspecting "Carlos" of cheating on her and then said, "It's not true, after all. Happy again!" People commented jokes about wanting to join her wedding and such and then some beef once again starts up between Katie and the other cheerleader—let's call her "Olivia".

    So it first starts with Katie and Olivia arguing about spelling and grammar, then Olivia proceeded to call Katie out for being a whore and said more angry rants at her (though I can't remember what else she said to Katie), even also calling her out for all the pointless drama she made at our high school… and then Olivia's friend, Tailor, joined in on the public FB convo a short while later. It then ended with them saying… "Olivia = 1, Katie = The big goose egg, zero, zip, nada", followed with Tailor saying that Katie has now gone mute (to which she did stopped replying a while later when Olivia shot her down). The last of their comments were just between them and that they exposed Katie for making up that Carlos account, saying that "her secret lover is an imaginary friend" and finished their conversation on Katie's status with a bunch of LOLs.

    Katie didn't respond after that. Heck, as mentioned earlier, she moved to ANOTHER high school by the time we were juniors and later began to shut down her FB account months later (like 6 or 7 months later, IDK). Nobody heard from her anymore since then.

  10. There were two at my dads HS,
    One: One random dude would shit in the sink at every house party he went to, after he did, he would take one random item from the house, one of my dads friends was looking for a picture of his dead grandmother that someone had taken at a house party. Well word gets around and dude that shits in sinks has it in his locker.
    Two: The English teacher would bring kids from his class to Jamaica with him, he would use girls to bring back weed, never found out if an arrest was made.

  11. My school had kids do blacks face, the principle accused people of gang related activities for using slang, also I’m waiting to see if someone in this video mentions the central girl, a video surfaced a girl getting fucked by her dog and everyone said she went to central, a lot of people say Plainfield central in Illinois but I’ve also seen people on the internet claim different central’s across the US

  12. Okay i have two so buckle up:
    The first one was one of my very close friends Jordan (note he is a Transgender FTM and some people were homophobic assholes.) One of the said assholes apparently made up that he was going to bring a gun to school and threatened to shoot people (and he said I was one of them not knowing I was his fucking friend lmao.) so there were police outside the school, his bag was searched, and I and other close friends of him were questioned. The kid who made up the story wrote an apology to everyone that he involved, was forced to apologize to Jordan directly, and go suspended for a month and it was on permanent record.

    The second one wasn't really a scandal but I was one of the main people involved out of four who were involved. So I went from my middle school social studies class (I was in 6th grade at the time) down the elementary hallway (Out school was shaped like a U so it was the middle school hall on the left, the cafeteria and gym area in the middle, and the elementary hall on the right.) I was going to get something from a teacher in the elementary hall and bring it back, so when i got the box and was walking back, I saw two boys outside one of the bathrooms. They gave a look at each other and walked in. I was like "Oh god that suspicious I'm gonna tell my group." and I went back, and quietly told my group (there were four of us, one guy and the rest of us were girls.) The guy offered to go check, and when he gets back this is what he said happened: So apparently he had heard slight talking in there, he walked in, one of these boys is on the sink counter and the other one is about to what looks like kiss him when my poor friend walks in. They all freeze, my friend just quietly apologizes and walks out. He tells us and then later the two boys come to him begging him not to tell people cause they'll be bullied. He doesn't ofc and we just go on our way

  13. Our Headmaster had cameras in girls toilet, every girl knew, told trust teacher, she was too afraid to loose job, when cops got involved nothing happened because headmaster was friends with cop. He retired now. Small Village life everybody

  14. During the first two weeks of my sophomore year, several gangs in my school were having a free fall fight almost every day. That's because the school was new and it took in the overflow of kids from different schools. Which resulted in rival gangs having classes with each other.

    The other scandal, was the chorus teacher preying on younger girls. He didn't get to caught until 2 years ago.

  15. A guy in my class called my friend a "f$£%ing retard" to his face and didn't get in trouble. Same guy didn't get in trouble for jumping up and down yelling "F$£% SCHOOL!" at the top of his voice over and over either. Only when I fell face first into an exercise ball from laughing at my friend messing around and the other guy nearly hit me in the back of the head with a hurley (a wooden stick used to play the sport of hurling in Ireland) did that guy get in trouble

    And there was the teacher who hated swearing and told my friend off for saying "weed" and told my other friend off for saying stuff like "flipping", "eejit" and "stupid". In 2010 we got severe snow and the teacher drove my 2 friends somewhere for a school tour. A bunch of boys were throwing snowballs at each other and one hit the teacher's car. The teacher responded "Ooh, those f£$%ing d&#kheads!" (bear in mind, this is the guy whso supposedly hated swearing), and just made an excuse about "dramatic effects" when my friend was like "But sir, I thought you hated swearing!"

    And another student called our English teacher a handicap and got suspended



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