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What is the best CMH bulb? – 315W Ceramic Metal Halide /CDM grow light bulb review and comparison | cmh link login | أحدث الأغاني التايلاندية

What is the best CMH bulb? – 315W Ceramic Metal Halide /CDM grow light bulb review and comparison – معلومات الموسيقى التايلاندية

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cmh link login – المعلومات المتعلقة بهذا الموضوع.

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We test and compare a wide range of Ceramic Metal Halide grow light Bulbs for Spectrum, PAR output and price.

315W CMH grow light Bulbs tested:
Omega 3K
Philips 930 agro 3K
Lumii 4K
Solis Tek 3.2K
Dimlux 3K
Protopia 3.3K
MIGRO Agro 3.3K
MIGRO Agro 4K Far Red

Links to the MIGRO bulbs here:

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What is the best CMH bulb? – 315W Ceramic Metal Halide /CDM grow light bulb review and comparison | الصور المتعلقة بهذا الموضوع.

What is the best CMH bulb? - 315W Ceramic Metal Halide /CDM grow light bulb review and comparison
What is the best CMH bulb? – 315W Ceramic Metal Halide /CDM grow light bulb review and comparison

البحث المتعلق بالموضوع cmh link login.

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What is the best CMH bulb? – 315W Ceramic Metal Halide /CDM grow light bulb review and comparison.

cmh link login.

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  1. Old tech guy needing to grow, so…infant. Its all a lot deeper than I thought it would be. Best I can tell, indoor grow, small area to start, I will need 3 different lights. UVB 280-320nm, main
    CMH I listed below, there are others, but that had good price point and nice curve, trying to emulate the McCree curve. Then the IR. Have had no luck finding the band of IR to shoot for.
    If you know, please tell, otherwise I'll keep reading. Been watching your channel as I look for
    things, been seeing quite a bit of you.. Thanks, River. Montana

  2. Greetings from the Ukraine ✌ im very interesting in what are you doing, and so grateful for all these info! My story with cmh starts when i have job in some store of sport equipment, and there was cmh lightning) my employer desided to change it to led, because of less power consumption, i understand his way. But those new leds were awful after warm light of cmh. It was not far ago) i was using hps, 250 and 600w rig electronic gavita, when i looked on those dismantled cmh lamps and ballasts – i didn't know what is that, i just know this is hid lamp! Ok, google, lets chek it out! What i found!!!!!!! I bought it, it was about 30 bulbs, used and new ones, i was lucky to found even new 2x Philips cdm t elite 930 70w and 2x osram hci t 150w 830, also there was non elite Philips 70/150w 942 and osram ndl(942)/wdl(830) in g12, 70w 830 in rx7s sockets with closed in-build reflectors, with g12 sockets and ballasts for them just for few $$)) Sooo…i can say 2x150w 830 can beat almoust a twice over 250 hps, on g/w ;) just because veg stage on cmh so perfect as it can be, and result always be better. Also i started to grow some lettuce, radish etc👍 So my question: is it pretty acceptable to use these "shop" lamps as a grow light? Relatively to 315 gro bulb specs. Yes, its less efficient mmol/w, but the spectrum is the near/same? I read datasheet and saw that 830 osram is just the same as elite 930 phillips, just in specs 942 osram looks differently better than Philips's 942) im interesting to know truth) obviously this is quite not generic way to grow on cmh, i can find cmh bulb, but not square wave ballast 315 what I like, only few models of Lumii. Ohnestly im impressed by these small things 70/150w, i used them in cultubes like 2х315, but it 2×150, i have a great footprint by them even on 90×90 cm, 25-35 cm above plants. Also i have few open two-wings reflectors in other box, where i put 3x and 4x 70w and mix it 942/930.. in that case i see excellent covare with good penetration) im in love with cmh and sold all my hps stuff) leds more efficiently but GOOD led too expensive if u want just to try u as a farmer, sooooo, if you have any chance to take yours spectrometer to nearest city mall and do measurements of these lights) it would be cool, and may be you can find some interest in that experiment)

    Ps sorry for grammar, my English is not native, hope i was pretty understandable ✌

  3. The EYE HORTILUX CMH 315 grow lamp was designed specifically for horticulture. Most ceramic metal halide lamps were designed for use in the retail space, so the UV light was blocked. Hortilux uses a glass that allows the UV light to pass through benefiting plant growth.
    Designed for 'base-up only' so not of use to everyone.
    Please consider this for UV but a cheapUV bulb for horizontal would equal this eye bulb.

  4. I'm just getting into growing and I've been watching a lot of your videos as I'm on a budget but also want quality/"value for money" as you put it. I will say you've earned both a subscriber and a customer. Very interested to see the results I get from this light in a 3×3 grow.

  5. How hot does thd CMH 315's get? I have a 3x3x7 tent. Need more power, than my 250watts of citizen 1212s COBs. Cmh is thd best for mh budget, plus i hear great things.. except i never hear solid heat output info? Help shane!

  6. I only had my cmh for 1 season now and didn't get to harvest because of my heat stopped working n killed my crop but….the plants were extremely compact and there was little to no stretch…canopy penetration is good u don't know why people say that it isnt….u thought it was going to preform better to be honest but didn't disappoint cheers

  7. you know why I'm going to buy this light. ..besides the fact because I can't afford his other led lights. …because he's honest. ..he doesn't speak bad on other companies like " black digg n kind" n doesn't get all hype n uppity. like that spectrum king weirdo or rebrand like optic …feel me…I fuk with you shayne cheers from jersey…USA

  8. What’s the chance of getting a live grow, ppfd, and spectrum/cri comparison between the MIGRO cob, MIGRO cmh, and a Hortilux blue for vegetative growth and flower? I’m pretty much sold on a MIGRO cob for flower but I need to see more for veg before giving up my Hortilux blue. If the cob beats the Hortilux blue, I’ll put them in my veg and bloom spaces.

  9. 30 seconds in and I, unfortunately, don't see the Eye Hortilux lamp. Claim to be the best! Maybe another time. For a look at other lamps, from over a year ago, I believe Growers House made the video, but not positive. Check on YouTube for 315W lamp review. Great PAR maps for each lamp included. Only a few are tested here that appeared in the other, older video lamp comparison, so Kudos to Shane for testing lamps that are more recent! Eye Hortilux 315W CMH lamp sometime? Maybe? Thanks for another informative video. I'm using CMH w/supplemental Citizen COB's(4-100W units, w/2-50W COB's for each unit, on a 1M rail, adjustable, got too good a deal, I had to try them, though I planned on getting the Migro 800, with more efficiency, and much better craftsmanship, as well as upgrades available, and more!). Great combination! If I went all LED's, I believe Migro would be tops, with adjustable fixtures in all ways. Something I only found cheaply made, and less efficient, less trust in everything, all around. Migro has the most efficient COB's available, and most unique design. I could go on about Migro, but I've been rambling enough. Keep on keeping on Shane, and other growers!



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