What is Steampunk? Fiction to Subculture | Explained for the Curious | steampunk | 최신 태국 노래

What is Steampunk? Fiction to Subculture | Explained for the Curious – 태국 음악 정보

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steampunk – 이 주제와 관련된 정보.

Steampunks answer this question all the time. Steampunk is a fiction genre and a subculture with its own fashion, music, and philosophy! Welcome to Steampunk 101. This video covers the history from literary origins as a science fiction offshoot to the growth of an online subculture that wanted a different relationship with technology and history.

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This video was largeley inspired by this article, if you’d like to do a bit more reading:

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What is Steampunk? Fiction to Subculture | Explained for the Curious | 이 주제와 관련된 이미지.

What is Steampunk? Fiction to Subculture | Explained for the Curious
What is Steampunk? Fiction to Subculture | Explained for the Curious

주제와 관련된 검색 steampunk.

#Steampunk #Fiction #Subculture #Explained #Curious.

What is Steampunk? Fiction to Subculture | Explained for the Curious.


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49 thoughts on “What is Steampunk? Fiction to Subculture | Explained for the Curious | steampunk | 최신 태국 노래”

  1. I've just spoken to lots of Steampunk individuals in Newark this weekend, I'm a local musician and loved the entire spectacle.
    Please come again, it made my bank holiday, all I chatted with explained the aesthetics and underpinning ideas, loved it.

  2. Seriously very well done, but with one major problem: the loud background music nearly drowns out your voice. A lot of YouTubers make this mistake, but this is worse than average. I finally just turned on closed captions and muted the audio.

  3. Got to the 7:21 mark, and had to quit watching.
    I am sick and tired of modern people holding themselves above their ancestors as being somehow superior because they didn't match the present ways of thinking, and doing things.
    That kind of thinking is not fair to them. And it is far too self aggrandizing to us. I wonder, sometimes, what the people of 100 years from now will think of our present day actions, and thoughts. Will they think us enlightened? Or will they compare us to THEIR standards and find us to be lacking in moral fiber?

  4. Steampunk has such a peculiar inventiveness to it that also emits an ease of confidence. In modern times, we’re always fascinated and even nostalgic for bygone eras. Somehow, steampunk captures not only this nostalgia but also a feeling of advancement and possibility.

  5. Personally, my reason for loving steampunk are the outfits, props and most importantly, airships.
    I like boats, especially those with steamengines, waterwheels and anything that makes it look like it's made to fly.
    And steampunk is for me something, that gives me that.

  6. I can't appreciate you enough for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lens you added to Steampunk subculture! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  7. I’m a curious mix of steampunk and dieselpunk… I love history (can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you been)… and I love the mix of historical fact and fiction this brings…

  8. What I like about steampunk machines is the fact of the mechanical aspect to it futuristic designs look slick and smooth while steampunk aesthetics look rough and mechanical like you can see the gears and cogs

  9. the ending is SO important. with any aesthetic, it’s so crucial that the initial (usually historical) roots are acknowledged for what they were. but it shouldn’t keep us from loving and indulging in the art, fashion, and/or lifestyle. we need to be aware and then transform it into something better. take what we enjoy about it and use it to inspire good in the areas it once was incapable of doing.
    amazing video!!!

  10. I downloaded a Steampunk wallpaper and stares at it for while then asked myself, what is a Steampunk, is this a real era or history.

  11. You’re so lucky to live there and experience it all. I’m in Sydney, we should start our own steampunk culture if we don’t already have one 😁🎩🥽

  12. Honestly, Warhammer Fantasy Dwarves got me interested in Steampunk. Moving parts, cogs, gears, steam power, things of that nature, but with a Viking and Celtic theme splashed into there. And a subtle hint of Gothic. I just love it all when it comes to that.

  13. This was very good to learn about the culture of steampunk and individuals who dwell in this world. Peace by to you all that in time something like this can happen 🤍

  14. my teacher had us watch this as an cadd assignment for the look of design. i loved this lol, ive been going to the dickens fair in SF since is was a little kid and ive always seen ppl dresed up in steam punk

  15. Thanks for making this video, I'm going to use it to explain to my friends what steampunk is. I'm also really excited to learn that K.W. Jeter coined the phrase, I loved his Star Wars books before they got thrown out of whatever is canonical now. 😁


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