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Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a tool that uses Google’s globally distributed edge points of presence to cache external HTTP(S) load balanced content close to your users. In this video, we give you a brief overview of how this tool works and how to use it. Watch to learn how you can use this tool to provide better delivery for your content, while reducing serving costs!

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0:00 – 0:12 – Intro
0:13 – 0:34 – Why Cloud CDN?
0:25 – 0:55 – What is Cloud CDN?
0:56 – 3:20 – How does Cloud CDN work?
3:21 – How to use Cloud CDN?
4:08 – Anycast & QUIC
4:40 – Security with Cloud CDN
5:10 – Why use Cloud CDN?

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What is Cloud CDN?
What is Cloud CDN?

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What is Cloud CDN?.


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