We Bought the Most Impressive $1 Million Yacht | CRM Life #11 | crm | 最新泰语歌曲

We Bought the Most Impressive $1 Million Yacht | CRM Life #11 – 泰语音乐信息

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You guys made all of this possible and we are humbled in gratitude! Miss CRM is finally here! And these are the deals that make it happen!

Buying a luxury yacht has always been a dream of ours. For over a year, we have made various offers for boats we’ve liked and got rejected multiple times. One time another buyer beat us to it, another the bank rejected us for financing, etc. Then a few months ago we got lucky and got a great deal on a Tiara yacht. You’ve probably seen us discussing this topic on previous CRM Life episodes.

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On this one, you’ll get to witness the family take a trip from Miami to Marathon in the Florida Keys. You’ll see our initial excitement, get a complete tour of the yacht, then sail back to Miami in a mini adventure of excitement and celebration.

You will also see Betty deal with clients traveling over 5000 miles to buy watches and jewelry, Charlie talk about an Apple Watch valued at over $100,000, and insane, new watches from luxury brands like Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, and Rolex added to our collecting.

Here are links to some important parts of the video:

00:35 The most expensive Apple Watch you’ve ever seen (due to NFTs)!
06:20 Charlie struggles
07:32 Charlie tries to help client find an inexpensive watch.
12:38 Nick Freitas, one of our best YouTube fans, stops by to pick up his CRM shirts.
13:36 Father brings son to buy a Cuban link chain & teaches him an important lesson.
21:25 Betty and Charlie discuss differences in Rolex Hulk models.
26:01 Betty sells 6 watches to crypto clients from Ghana.
36:20 Jenny finally comes to the store. WE MISSED YOU JENNY!
39:36 Family comes to buy Cuban link chains and meet the team.
42:57 Charlie introduces some new pieces in our inventory and gets Betty’s opinion.
47:34 Journey to Marathon Key to pick mu Miss CRM.
49:52 Initial reaction when we see the yacht!
52:24 The trip back to Miami.

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During our next episode, we’ll be making an important announcement pertaining to reality television and also take you on another amazing trip with part of the CRM family.

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Let us know what you think and what else you would like to see on our future day-in-the-life episodes.

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We Bought the Most Impressive $1 Million Yacht | CRM Life #11 | 与该主题相关的图像.

We Bought the Most Impressive $1 Million Yacht | CRM Life #11
We Bought the Most Impressive $1 Million Yacht | CRM Life #11

与主题相关的搜索 crm.

#Bought #Impressive #Million #Yacht #CRM #Life.

We Bought the Most Impressive $1 Million Yacht | CRM Life #11.


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  1. This is really nice to see a hard working family working together as a team and manifesting their dreams. Cheers from South Miami! See yall on the water!

  2. There’s only $10,000 of them…Idiots… Something you can’t hold, feel or 3D is worth Jack…in my opinion…My kid could’ve made one up..

  3. Hard work and honesty always pays off… Congrats Carlos use it in good health with your familia, and good friends my Brudah 🙂

  4. Charlie, this is Thai. I’m the one that came in a few months ago and we talked about the different Mark Dials for the 116610’s Submariner

  5. Like the guys from Germany said, it's a total different market in Europe than in the states. No one wants this diamond rolexes or RM.

  6. 392127 983862This is sensible information! Exactly where else will if ind out a lot more?? Who runs this joint too? sustain the good function 408337


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