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  1. Jessica
  2. Yoona
  3. Taeyeon
  4. Sooyoung
  5. Sunny
  6. Hyoyeon
  7. Yuri
  8. Seohyun
  9. Tiffany

Girls Generation (SNSD) is one of the most popular K-pop girls groups of all time. Most have gone to have successful careers with solo singing careers, acting, modeling, and more. However, which member has been the most successful? Which member has generated the most income to date? Basically, who is the richest member of Girls Generation? In order to find out the best estimation for their net worth, we have to go on what kind of investments they have made, what work they have done, and how strong their social media game is. All have worked with both Korean and global brands and multiple brands have approached them for being ambassadors. So who is the richest member of Girls Generation?


We understand that Jessica is no longer with SNSD, however, she has to be on this list because technically she was a member of Girls Generation. Jessica is the richest Girls Generation member and might be the most business-savvy member on SNSD. But why did she leave SNSD? The simple fact is that she wanted to focus more on her business. She has her own fashion business called BLANC & ECLARE which has over 60 locations all across the world including China and the United States. BLANC & ECLARE  earned over $18 million in revenue last year. Her huge success with BLANC & ECLARE is one of the main reasons why SM Entertainment does not allow their talents to open up their own business.

What is unknown is just how much stake she has in her company. If we knew she had full ownership, she could reach in the top 5 of the richest Kpop Idols of all time.

Back in 2011, she purchased her home for $1.2 million. She is a huge fan of cars as she has been seen driving a Range Rover, BMW 320i, an HSE Dynamic. Jessica has been a model for Chinese sports brands Li-Ning and South Korean bag brand Lapalette. She was recently announced as the new global ambassador for Revlon. Jessica signed with UTA, an agency that will represent her in North America for music, film, television, and endorsements. 

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Jessica Jung Estimated Net Worth: $25 Million +


While #1 is easy to determine, 2nd came down to either Yoona or Taeyeon. But we have to go with Yoona here as she has made a lot of money doing Korean dramas such as Love Rain over the years. She is very popular in China and has done many Chinese dramas as well. It was reported she made $2.5 million for her role in the Chinese drama God of War, Zhao Yun.  She has done over 25 commercials for K-beauty brands like Innisfree. She has been able to transition so well post SNSD because she has had a lot of experience in modeling before joining SNSD. Some of her endorsements come from Pandora, Crocs, Lee Jeans, and S-Oil. In addition, she lives in an apartment that is worth over $2.5 million.

Yoona Estimated Net Worth: $20 Million


Taeyeon has an amazing solo career. She has also done some acting in movies, dramas, and commercials. She is probably the most active with her social media and creates a lot of content for her channels. Her Instagram account has over 15.7 million followers and her YouTube channel has over 1.2 million subscribers. It is difficult to estimate how much money she makes from these channels but it is probably in the millions per year. She bought her parents an apartment valued at over $1 million. Some of her cars include a BMW M4, Porsche Boxster, and Mercedes Benz SLK. She has done endorsements for Nature Republic, Banila Co, Paris Baguette, and Hyundai just to name a few. 

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Taeyeon Estimated Net Worth: $15-18 Million


There is a bit of a drop-off after the three mentioned above. Sooyoung comes in at #4 but might be #1 if we took into account her family’s net worth. However, we are not doing that so we will only go on her personal net worth. It is still pretty impressive. She was able to buy an apartment in Gangnam that is valued at over $3.5 million. Sooyoung owns a BMW Mini Cooper and is the ambassador for Cadillac. She has also done Korean dramas/films and came out with her first solo in 2018. Sooyoung also has her own Twitter and YouTube channel which has over 43,000 subscribers. 

Sooyoung Estimated Net Worth: $10 million


Sunny has been very active in hosting, variety shows, DJing, and voiceover jobs. She has released solo songs and has done many musicals. She does so much work on variety shows and reality programs that it is difficult to find out how much she gets paid for these projects. One thing we do know is that Sunny lives in an apartment that she bought for $2.4 million. 

Sunny Estimated Net Worth: $7 million


Hyoyeon has gone on to have a successful DJ career. She even has a new stage name which is DJ Hyo. She is also a producer and songwriter. In 2012, Hyoyeon bought a penthouse (60th floor) in Incheon for $1.2 million. She showcased her lovely home on SBS’s “It’s Okay to Go a Little Crazy.” Hyoyeon also owns three cars as her Audi A, BMW Mini Cooper, and Range Rover. She has also joined the reality show “Good Girl” in 2020. 

Hyoyeon Estimated Net Worth: $5 million


Yuri has really made a name for herself doing Korean dramas since SNSD. She has even done Korean films. In 2018, she came out with her solo called “The First Scene”. She has also stayed active doing variety shows and hosting travel programs. Similar to Sunny, Yuri stays very busy. Therefore it is difficult to see how much she gets paid for her many appearances. 

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Yuri Estimated Net Worth: $5 Million


Seohyun has been able to stay active doing musicals and supporting roles in Korean dramas. She also went solo in 2017 but recently is more focused on her acting career. She starred as the female lead in the Korean drama Time and most recently played a lead role as an LGBT character in the short drama Hello Dracula. Back in 2013, Seohyun bought a Villa in Cheongdam for $1.2 million. 

Seohyun Estimated Net Worth: $4 million


After leaving SM Entertainment back in 2017, Tiffany moved back to Los Angeles to study acting and pursue a solo singing career. Tiffany signed with Paradigm Talent Agency and goes by Tiffany Young. She has done many tours all across North America. 

Tiffany Estimated Net Worth: $3 million

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