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flower of life: นี่คือโพสต์ที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อนี้


The flower of life is a geometrical symbol that consists of 19 overlapping circles evenly spaced and interconnected within it. These overlapping circles are in a pattern like flower within the flower.

It also come with six-fold symmetry like that of a hexagon. Each circle has its central part on the circumference of the six circles surrounding it, with the same diameter. It is known all around the world.

the flower of life

Meaning of the flower of life

It is a Sacred geometry pattern made of overlapping circles with a deep spiritual meaning. A term to define the geometric laws and patterns that create all that is in existence.

It has provided enlightenment deep spiritual meanings to those who have studied it as Sacred Geometry.

Many spiritual meanings have a relation with it. For some, the meaning is a symbol that depicts the cycle of creation. And as such, different cultures and religions accepted it as the model of God’s creation.

As a concept, seek to explain and establish the pattern of  this world creation. There are deep and fascinating symbols hidden within its pattern.

These harmonic symbols (which evolve without any outside force) include the Egg, the Tree of Life and the Fruit and the five platonic solids amongst others have been adopted by several cultures and religions.


The flower of life Symbol

This is the the flower of life image symbol. Also, the symbols of Borromean Rings and Vesica Piscis are within these stages.

There are many jewels related to it. Find out more in the flower of life jewelry article.


 Sacred geometry ascribes sacred and symbolic meanings or interpretations to some geometric proportion, patterns and symbols.

It is foundational in the religious structures  construction and design such as temples, mosques, altars, tabernacles, churches and religious monuments.

flower of life

Some Sacred geometry examples in art and architecture are:

  • the Tree of Life,
  • Labyrinth,
  • Metatron’s Cube,
  • Rose window,
  • Seed of Life,
  • Swastika,
  • Dharmachakra,
  • the Parthenon
  • The Flower of Life.

Sacred geometry reveal the harmonic energy patterns through which nature designs and creates. Every tradition or religion uses a symbolic language to preserve to preserve their knowledge about the universe geometry and design.

  • For Christians, the cross is used as the symbol.
  • Jews use the Kabbalah.
  • The Celts use Spirals and Triskele
  • The Hindus use Swastika and Sri Yantra
  • the Chinese use Yin Yang.


Seed of Life

The Seed of Life is a formation where the inner seven circles present in the flower of life are placed in sixfold symmetry. It form a pattern of circles and lines which acts as a design component.

In Christianity and Judaism, this stands for the seven days of creation, that is, the seven days in which the Judeo-Christian God created all.

It is believed to be created on the first day, followed by the creation of the Tripod of Life on the second day and the subsequent addition of one sphere until the last sphere is added on the sixth day to complete the Seed of Life. The seventh day is known as the Shabbat or Sabbath, and it represents the day of rest.

It shares a deep resonance with the Flower of life.


Metatron’s Cube

Metatron is an angel in Judaism, which can be found in ancient Jewish texts. It is also considered a part of some Christianity branches. There are two beliefs regarding the angel metatron origin. One suggests that he was created a very wise and powerful angel with many skills by God.

The second is that Metatron was first established as a human being named Enoch and was later turned into a powerful and wise angel by God.

Metatron’s Cube comprises 13 equally sized circles. Each has a line that forms the center and extends out to the other 12 circles centers.

There are many distinct patterns created by the lines of the Metatron’s Cube. It is used to ward off evil spirit as it is considered to be a holy graph.


Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a term used to describe the central mystical symbol used in the Kabbalah of esoteric Judaism. It contains ten spiritual symbols, and it is usually referred to as the 10 Sephiroth by the Jewish Kabbalah.

This tree represents divine emanations of God’s nature creation of revealed dignity, the spiritual path of ascent by man and the human soul.

In the Kabbalah, each circle aligns with one Chakra, also known as Sephiroth. Each Chakra present in the Kabbalah represents a particular space of energy in the human body.

In Kabbalah tradition, the symbol refers to the common descent idea. It is studied as part of the Kabbalah teachings.

The Tree also shares a particular resonance with the Flower of Life as it is derived from it.


Fruit of Life

The Fruit of Life is a symbol which comprises 13 circles taken from the Flower of Life design. The symbol of the Fruit is thought to be the origin of everything that exists.

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And it includes the base for all other designs, all form, molecular structure, and an atom. It is said to be the blueprint on which the whole Universe is based.

The Fruit is the metatron’s cube delineation, which brings forth the platonic solids. By connecting all the center of the 13 circles, a structure known as the Metatron’s Cube is created.

The fruit structure contains all the universe dimensions.


Egg of Life

The Egg of Life comes from the flower of life and it is regarded in many cultures as a fertility symbol and rebirth. It is made up of 7 circles cutting into each other. It is the geometric frameworks for the whole creation.

All musical scales are in the Egg structure. It represents three things in humans- balance, health, and fertility.

So, the egg also shares a peculiar resonance with the flower of Life.


History and Culture

The oldest inscriptions about it are from Egypt in the Temple of Osirion at Abydos.  No one can, however, say precisely how old these inscriptions are.

Some think that they date as far back as 10,600 BC. While some said they are as old as 6,000 years; none of the information about their age has any evidence.

Nevertheless, recent research has shown that the symbols cannot be earlier than 535 B.C.

Some put it more precisely between the 2nd and 4th century AD; this last assumption is based on the photographic evidence gotten from a Greek text yet to be fully solved.

The text is close to the circles of the Flower of Life, with the circles placed at the top of the columns, some four meters high.

This gives a suggestion that the Osirion was filled halfway with sand before the circles were drawn; this indicates the drawing could have come up after the Ptolemaic dynasty ended.
One of the granite columns has up to five Flowers on it. While the column opposite the Osirion also has five of the sacred geometrical figure.

Some of these drawings are faint. As a result, they are not easy to decipher or distinguish.



There are several connections between Christianity and the Flower of Life. The Seed of Life is one of such. It will be recalled that components are strongly related to Christianity.

Some components  in question are the Tree of Life (Kabbalah), Tripod of Life, VesicaPiscis and Spherical Octahedron.

Furthermore, one of the components delineates the symbol of Metatron’s Cube. This has been in several Christian arts.



The Judaism followers study the Kabbalah, which holds several symbolic connections to the Flower of Life.

Also, the Kabbalah teaching delves into a study of the concept about the Tree of Life.

A study of the early version of Kabbalist scriptures has shown some connections to the symbol of Metatron’s Cube, which can be obtained by linking the centres of the circles.


New Age

In the New Age, they had been studied to a great extent, and several spiritual meanings have been read into the flower of life. It is seen as a sacred geometry and source of enlightenment in this religion.

Several people groups across the globe derive their mediations and beliefs from it. During such workshops, several interpretations, methods and beliefs about it concerning the New Age belief are taught.


Other religions

Some pagans and Hermeticists have also adopted several concepts about the Tree of Life. The flower of life can give rise to  the Tree of Life symbol.

The Pythagoreans showcased perhaps the first occurrence of Vesica Piscis; they consider it as a holy symbol, because of its relationship with the flower of life.



Several works in Alchemists have show some components of the Flower of life.  The Metatron’s Cube has its origin in these components. And the former is a creation circle of containment circle.


Locations across the world

The flower of life is in different countries and cities across the world. Some places include:

  • The city of Ephesus, Izmir, Turkey;
  • The Rama temple of Vijayanagara(India);
  • On the floor of the Golden Temple, Amritsar, Buddhist temples and at Hampi in India;
  • Japanese temples, medieval Italian and Assyrian art;
  • Altenkirchen, the Apis-Altar in Dresden, which belonged to Augustus II the strong (Germany);
  • The Forbidden City (China);
  • An Orthodox monastery in Kreta (Greece);
  • Ancient Synagogues in Galilee and Masada, Israel.
  • On the ceiling of a church in Italy (Maria Luschari)
  • Carved in stone at the Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt;
  • In the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, Spain;
  • The Pompeii ruins, Italy;
  • In a church in Sorg (Austria);
  • In Gotland(Denmark);
  • On a Platte of the silver treasure of Augustus.


Temple of Osiris

It is important to note that the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt contains the oldest example. Flinders Petrie and Margaret Murray discovered The Temple of Osiris accidentally. These archaeologists were working at Abydos in the early 20th century.

No one can, however, say precisely how old these drawings are. It is over 6,000 years at least and may date as far back as 10,500 B. C. There is, however, no evidence to support this.

Recent research based on the photographic evidence has shown that the symbols cannot be earlier than 536 B. C.  The Greek text puts the age of the emblem more precisely between the 2nd and 4th century A. D.  It is close to the circles of the Flower of Life. The circles are four meters high at the top of the column.

Five flower patterns are on one of the granite columns while the column opposite the Osirion contains five of the sacred geometrical figures.

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Some of these drawings are faint and may be difficult to decipher or distinguish. The Flower of Life represent the Eye of Ra – a symbol authority of Pharaoh.


Leonardo da Vinci’s Work about Flower of Life

Finally, famous scholars such as Leonardo da Vinci has studied its proportion. The form as well as its mathematical properties.

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci has also drawn the flower of life. He has also made various components from it such as the Seed of Life.

In Leonardo da Vinci’s artworks, he created sacred geometry in geometric forms and figures such as:

  • A torus,
  • The Golden ratio of Phi,
  • The platonic solids,
  • A sphere

and many other from it.

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A New Jain DISCOVERY On The Flower Of Life

I have just made a very simple though important discovery or revelation regarding the Flower Of Life.
As we know, the one symbol in Sacred Geometry that is loved and understood by all people is the Flower of Life, it’s in the mass consciousness, being roselike and elegant, and something that many people mindlessly draw as a “phone doodle”.
I have known last decade that this pattern has 90 petals, liplike, or leaflike shapes, made from the intersecting circles. The Number 90 is also a very important number, being a quartering of the 360 degree circle and symbolic of the rightangled triangle that birthed trigonometry and therefore advanced calculations for the benefit of humanity.
But what has eluded everyone, something that has never been written about or discussed or revealed, is the negative space, the apparent triangles that are in between the 90 petals. So, I decided to count them, whilst preparing some notes for an upcoming online eCourse. There happens to be 54 such curved Triangles, 54 being half the holy Indian Number Sri 108.
But what is important here, is the combined sum of both 90 Petals and 54 Triangles = 90 + 54 = 144. Jackpot!
As I drew the Flower Of Life (FOL), with my compass in pencil, I decided to highlight in pen the essential hexagonal geometry, not as 1 hexagon but as 3 that are nesting. I will give these 3 hexagon specific names:
1Frequency Hexagon, 2Frequency Hexagon and 3Frequency Hexagon, so that we can count each of the 3 sections of the FOL all the petals and triangles.
The 1Frequency Hexagon, as highlighted in the diagram, is the central flower motif, aka Seed Of Life. It has 12 Petals and 6 Triangles.
The 2Frequency Hexagon, in the middle of the diagram, including the Seed of Life, has 42 Petals and 24 Triangles.
The 3Frequency Hexagon, which is really the entire FOL pattern that we are all familiar with, has 90 Petals and 54 Triangles.
The Ratio of Triangles to Petals is 54/90 = 6/10 = 3/5 or decimalized as .6 reminiscent of the hexagonal 6sidedness of the FOL.
This connection of 144 to the FOL needs to conclude with some extra notes on the cosmic meaning of 144. In Harmonics, the Number 144 is Harmonically related to 144,000 or .00144 or 1.44 etc meaning we are permitted to add or subtract zeroes and slide the decimal point to the left or to the right, to make a number larger or smaller. It’s essentially about the links with Macrocosm and Microcosm.
According to Bruce Cathie, the maximum value of “c” aka the Speed Of Light aka SOL, is 144,000 minutes of arc per grid second (compared to “c” measured in gravity, in air, in vacuum or in electromagnetics).
1 minute of arc = 60 nm (1 nautical mile = 6,000 feet). Observe all the references here to the Number 6, so as to make the link to the hexagonal outline of the FOL. (FOL=SOL). (Later you will learn that all this knowledge links directly to 60hz, the value that Tesla gave for the ideal and most biologically conducive cps or cycles per second or hertz for Earth’s electricity).
Bruce Cathie the New Zealand pilot, who introduced to the world, the Leyline Grid and its connection to Sacred Sites, explained that the Speed Of Light (SOL) is 144,000 nm but not to think of this as a linear measurement, but rather as a Pulse or a Ripple in Space/Time, or as a Frequency coming out of the Sun. It relates to the Phi Ratio 1:1.618… (which is rounded off to 1.62 and is expressed as Harmonic 162). The SOL 144,000 also relates to the critical ratio that makes The Square and The Circle equal in Circumference: The Mystical Squaring of the Circle: a ratio of 8:9 as in 144/162 (or 24/27 relating to Earth Time of 24 hours in a Day versus Cosmic Time of 27 hours in a Day). The ratio 8:9 decimalized is .888… There are no straight lines in Space, everything is turning. The Earth acts as a giant Generator, rotating in the Sun’s field, and to account for the spiral motion of the sun and planets Bruce Cathie lectured that there are really 370 degrees in a circle, not 360. All this accounts for the Speed of Light as 144,000 nm per second, a true Correctional Code of the highest order, all embedded in a fun circular doodle.
Jain 108

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A New Jain DISCOVERY On The Flower Of Life

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life

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The Flower of Life is a timeless geometric form that makes up allthatis! It is the fundamental geometry that all forms that make up all of creation and reality emerge from.
It is a diagram of the Unified Field and a geometric map to seeing God in Everything. As science continues to explore all of reality as we know it, the patterns of creations such as this are continuing to be discovered and rediscovered.
This overwhelming evidence demonstrates that these sacred forms are found at the heart of everything, including us! It is the pattern of creation, encompassing the birth, life, death, and rebirth of all things and all energies, physical and beyond.
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The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life

Flower of Life Animation

After the merkaba workshop i felt the need to do something with this symbol :). I have a clean non FX version of this but this one is more fun (not perfect though ofc ^^).

Flower of Life Animation

Introduction to Drunvalo Melchizedek and the Flower of Life

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Introduction to Drunvalo Melchizedek and the Flower of Life

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