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shocking blue: คุณกำลังดูกระทู้

The Initial Line-Up Consisted Of:

Robbie Van Leeuwen (Guitar, Sitar and Backing Vocals)

Fred de Wilde (Vocals, 1967-1968)

Klaasje Van Der Wal (Bass Guitar, 1967-1972) = (1 February 1949 – 12 February 2018)

Cornelis van der Beek (Drums) = (9 June 1949 – 2 April 1998)

Later Members Were:

Mariska Veres (Vocals) = (1 October 1947 – 2 December 2006)

Leo Van de Ketterij (Guitar, 1970-1971) = (14 November 1950 – 5 July 2021)

Martin Van Wijk (Guitar, 1973-1974)

Henk Smitskamp (Bass Guitar, 1972-1974)

Additional members:

Wim Voermans

Jan Pijnenburg

Michael Eschauzier

André van Geldorp

Charles Pesch

Dutch rock group. Formed in 1967 by former The Motions guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen , joined by Cor van der Beek (drums), Klaasje van der Wal (bass) and Fred de Wilde (vocals). Their first single hit the Dutch Top 40 in 1968. Shortly thereafter, Mariska Veres replaced de Wilde as their lead vocalist. In 1969 and 1970, the group enjoyed a worldwide chart success with “Venus”, followed by several other hit singles. In 1971, Klaasje van der Wal was replaced by Henk Smitskamp. In 1973, Robbie van Leeuwen was replaced by Martin van Wijk. The group disbanded in 1975. Van Leeuwen attempted a relaunch in 1979, however the track “Louise” appeared only on a German compilation.The Initial Line-Up Consisted Of:Robbie Van Leeuwen (Guitar, Sitar and Backing Vocals)Fred de Wilde (Vocals, 1967-1968)Klaasje Van Der Wal (Bass Guitar, 1967-1972) = (1 February 1949 – 12 February 2018)Cornelis van der Beek (Drums) = (9 June 1949 – 2 April 1998)Later Members Were:Mariska Veres (Vocals) = (1 October 1947 – 2 December 2006)Leo Van de Ketterij (Guitar, 1970-1971) = (14 November 1950 – 5 July 2021)Martin Van Wijk (Guitar, 1973-1974)Henk Smitskamp (Bass Guitar, 1972-1974)Additional members:Wim VoermansJan PijnenburgMichael EschauzierAndré van GeldorpCharles Pesch

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Shocking Blue ‎– Greatest Hits CD 1

11 Venus 0:00
12 Mighty Joe 3:00
13 Send Me A Postcard 6:08
14 Long And Lonesome Road 8:46
15 Never Marry A Railroad Man 11:35
16 Ink Pot 14:38
17 Rock In The Sea 17:20
18 California Here I Come 20:18
19 Dream On Dreamer 23:33
110 Hello Darkness 26:20
111 Shocking You 29:16
112 I’m A Woman 32:16
113 Deamon Lover 35:16
114 Sally Was A Good Old Girl 41:42
115 Blossom Lady 45:15
116 Out Of Sight Out Of Mind 48:51
117 Eve And The Apple 51:35
118 I’ll Write Your Name Through The Fire 54:17
119 Let Me Carry Your Bag 57:13
120 Oh Lord 1:00:37
121 This America 1:03:09
122 Good Times 1:06:03
123 Gonna Sing Me A Song 1:09:26
124 Lucy Brown Is Back In Town 1:12:12

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Shocking Blue ‎– Greatest Hits CD 1

Shocking Blue – Demon Lover (Video Oficial)

Ediciones Chencho.
Suscribete, Dale Like Comenta y Comparte.
LR Producciones [ Cusco Perú ].

Shocking Blue - Demon Lover (Video Oficial)

伊藤美来 / Shocking Blue(TVアニメ「武装少女マキャヴェリズム」オープニング・テーマ)

伊藤美来 2ndシングル「Shocking Blue」
DVD付き限定盤(CD+DVD) COZC13167 ¥1,800+税
通常盤(CD) COCC17260 ¥1,200+税
1.Shocking Blue TVアニメ「武装少女マキャヴェリズム」オープニング・テーマ
3.Shocking Blue(off vocal ver.)
4.ルージュバック(off vocal ver.)
1.Shocking Blue MV
2.Shocking Blue メイキング映像

マキャヴェリズム 伊藤美来 みっく

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伊藤美来 / Shocking Blue(TVアニメ「武装少女マキャヴェリズム」オープニング・テーマ)

Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit-

Jefferson Airplane \”White Rabbit\” \r
Live on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.\r
From the Dvd \”Fly Jefferson Airplane\”

Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit-

Shocking Blue Daemon Lover

Mariska Veres vocal\r
Robbie van Leeuwen vocais, guitarra, sitar\r
Cor van der Beek bateria\r
Klaasje van der Wal baixo\r
Fred de Wilde vocal (1967 1968)\r
It hurts me so to be\r
Under your spell\r
Ain’t no heaven for me, but a hell\r
But after all, I can’t let you go\r
‘Cos I love you so, Demon Lover\r
Demon Lover, Demon Lover\r
I love you\r
I’m bewitched and I know it so well\r
What the reason is baby I can’t tell\r
It’s that animal good looks you’ve got\r
You show more than a lot\r
Demon Lover, Demon Lover, Demon Lover\r
I love you\r
You took me for lovin’ kindness sake\r
You don’t give love, you only take\r
But after all I can’t let you go\r
‘Cos I love you so Demon Lover

Shocking Blue   Daemon Lover

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