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A Secret Life

Rock Hudson has become one of the most popular names from the Golden Age of Hollywood actors and was one of the most successful screen actors of his time. He lived a controversial life, shrouded in mystery and secrecy during a time when a person like him had to hide who he was from the world for fear of becoming an outcast. This is the story of a man who lived a lie to cover up who he really was and struggled with it until the day he died.

A Tumultuous Childhood

Rock Hudson was born Roy Scherer Jr. in 1925 in Illinois. When he was young, his father abandoned his mother, but she soon remarried a man named Wallace Fitzgerald. Hudson claims that this was where a lot of his childhood issues started, as Wallace was a stern man and physically abusive. Hudson learned that he could not talk about his true feelings or desires in front of Wallace for fear of being shouted at – or worse. This relationship would prove to have a huge impact on his life.

At The Theatre

Rock had known for a while that he wanted to eventually become an actor. However, it was during his time as a ticket clerk for a popular movie theater that he really became interested in the idea of acting on the screen. He admitted to being wowed by the magic of the silver screen and would frequently try and watch as many movies as he could while working there. He had tried to act in school plays before, but never got any roles because he struggled to remember his lines.

Joining The Navy

Rock Hudson was of age to sign up for naval service during the second world war and even though he was totally opposed to the idea, he did so under pressure from his stepfather. Wallace believed that naval service would be a help to put Hudson on the path to ‘normal masculinity’ and that accepting a role in the military would be good for his character. After joining the Navy, Hudson would express his displeasure of being in service to his close friends, who could tell he wasn’t happy.

Finding Himself

Most people who knew Hudson at that time assumed he was an ordinary straight man. He had the looks and attitude of a regular person and none of the obvious feminine charms that most gay men tend to have. However, during his time in the Navy, Hudson had to come to terms with the fact that he was indeed attracted to men. Because homosexuality was still frowned upon at the time, Hudson secretly had affairs with men during the Navy, but later claimed they weren’t that great.

A Start In The Movies

After serving his time in the Navy, Rock decided to pursue his career in acting. After sending his picture to talent scout Henry Wilson, he was soon booked on his first movies. Wilson realized that Hudson had the face of a star, but in truth, he had no real acting ability. He created the name ‘Rock Hudson’ for him from the rock of Gibraltar and the Hudson River. During the first movie where he had a credited part and a line, Fighter Squadron, Hudson took 38 takes just to get his line right!

A Contract

After increasing his reputation around the studio with a few more prominent side-character roles, and because he had a highly photogenic face, the studio decided to see what they could do with him, Universal approached Hudson with a contract. In it, they stipulated that he would need to take extra lessons in areas like acting, singing, dancing, fencing, and horseback riding, to name a few. After his training was complete, Hudson found himself appearing in more films and eventually landed his first leading role in a film named Scarlet Angel.

All The Fans

During the early days of the classic Hollywood system, if you managed to land yourself a leading role in almost any kind of film, it wouldn’t be long until you had an army of screaming fans following you around. Hudson soon found himself thrust into the public eye after his role in Scarlet Angel. With each new role, more and more fans started to follow him. While this was great news for his acting career, the extra attention made it a lot more difficult for him to keep his homosexuality a secret.

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Hudson was aware of the fact that a lot of his fans would most likely stop following him if they knew he was gay and so tried to hide his affairs with men as best he could. During this time, it was unthinkable for a gay man to portray a conventional hero role, and Hudson knew the studios would drop him if this became public news. As a result, he would try and keep his feelings a secret, but as always with celebrities and public figures, rumors spread quicker than facts…

Arranged Marriage

After the rumors about Hudson’s preference for me starting spreading, Wilson, his agent, pulled a PR stunt to divert attention away from the star. Wilson had suspected that Hudson was gay for a while, but needed the public to think otherwise, as fans were asking why Hudson wasn’t married yet. So he quickly organized a wedding between Hudson and his personal secretary, Phyllis Gates. The two were hitched in no time and Wilson used their wedding as proof that Hudson wasn’t gay, despite knowing the truth.

Secret Affairs

Soon after Hudson and Gates were married, she realized that something wasn’t right between them. Hudson was cold and distant and once even went so far as to strike her when she protested about him wanting to go out with a friend (with whom he was secretly having an affair) early into their honeymoon. Needless to say, their relationship would be a troubled one as Hudson would regularly disappear to have affairs with men in private. He once noted how Gates disappeared for a weekend with a woman, making him suspect her of being gay as well.

Conflicted Characters

When Hudson’s agent, Wilson, eventually began to suspect that Hudson was gay, he kept it a secret. Instead, he would frequently seek out roles for the actor that allowed him to portray characters that were dealing with inner conflict as a means of helping him cope with his own feelings – Magnificent Obsession and Written On The Wind, for example. It was also around this time that his close friend and acting partner, James Dean, was killed in a car accident and Hudson’s emotions were all over the place.

Love Child

While Rock was in the Navy, he had racked up quite the list of experiences. While the Navy was the first time that Hudson had been exposed to and actively engaged in affairs with men, he was also said to have spent time with women quite often as well. This all came to a head in 2014 when a woman named Susan Dent tried to sue the Hudson estate claiming that he was her real father. She insisted that he had fathered two children by two different women but ultimately, there was no conclusive evidence.

Hollywood’s Most Handsome Bachelor

While Hudson was dealing with the hassle of having to act like he was happily married and hide who he really was from the world, Life magazine voted him Hollywood’s Most Handsome Bachelor that year. The award strongly helped his career and he started getting a lot more prominent roles after that. While things had calmed down between him and Gates, she was still convinced that he was hiding something from her and started going to great lengths to find out what it was…


During those days, a publication known as Confidential would regularly hound and spy on celebrities to try and uncover secrets about their private lives and expose them to the public – like bloodhound tabloid journalism. They were pretty sure that the rumors about Hudson’s private life were true and kept pushing those closest to him to tell them what they knew. When they questioned Wilson, he diverted their attention again by giving them private information about other actors that he worked with, like Rory Calhoun and Tab Hunter.

An Untimely Divorce

After their marriage went stale, Hudson and Gates decided to separate. The marriage had gone cold and neither of the two could lie about being happy with one another any longer. Hudson’s true feelings were starting to take control of his life and Phyllis couldn’t stand being neglected. Despite their constant arguing towards the end of their marriage, their divorce was a relatively peaceful one. Both parties knew this was going to happen at some point or another, so there wasn’t much shock.

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FBI Investigation

The ’50s and ’60s formed the early stages of what would later become known as the Cold War. During this time, America was constantly anticipating an attack from Soviet forces and the general culture had become terribly paranoid. The FBI was commissioned to investigate anyone and everyone thought to be connected with communism or communists and Hudson was also investigated during this time. It was here that the government realized that Hudson was frequenting well-known gay bars in the LA area. However, they never made the findings public.

A New Lover

As time went by, Rock felt like he could be a little freer when it came to his affairs with men. After a while, he met Marc Christian, who instantly became the new love of his life. At this point, Hudson had moved into his 5,000 square foot mansion in Beverly Hills known as The Castle. Here, he and Marc spent the majority of their time together, hiding away from the public eye. He would spend a lot of his time and money on Marc during this time.

Serious Signs

During their time together, Marc admitted to Hudson that he had been a male escort in the past, which had caused tension between the two. Hudson was desperate to work again and needed his own space for a while. He left to Tel Aviv to shoot a film called The Ambassador. During his time on set, his health started to deteriorate significantly. Upon his return from Tel Aviv, Hudson’s health had taken a turn for the worst. He immediately sought out medical attention when he was back home…

A Quick Deterioration

After having gone to the doctor, Hudson received bad news. It seemed as though he had been diagnosed with AIDS. At the time, very little was known about HIV/AIDS and a lot of people didn’t get tested or talk about their condition, which made it easier for the disease to spread. Hudson was immediately flown to Paris where he was treated by a famous immunologist. However, after clearing the virus from his blood, it returned later after Hudson thought he was healthy.

An Untimely Passing

After the AIDS virus became present in Hudson’s blood again upon his return to the U.S., there was little more for doctors to do. He realized at this point that he was close to death and could only accept his fate. He then decided to send anonymous letters to all the people he had slept with before informing them that he had AIDS and that they should get themselves tested. He lived out the rest of his days with Marc before his passing in October 1985.

Leaving A Legacy

Rock Hudson was one of the most popular and influential actors of early Hollywood, and after his death, his story both shocked and touched fans. People were surprised that he had hidden his preferences for such a long time and after his death, the American Congress decided to invest a whopping $250 million into AIDS research with the hope of finding a cure. In many ways, Hudson’s death was the first real wakeup call regarding AIDS, and the awareness caused by his death helped to save countless other lives.

The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954) ELIZABETH TAYLOR

Movie Class by PizzaFLIX: Adapted for the screen by brothers Julius J. and Philip G. Epstein. The pair became the first twins to be awarded Oscars when they won in the writing category for CASABLANCA (1942).
Stars: Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon, Donna Reed, Roger Moore, Eva Gabor
Director: Richard Brooks
Writer: F. Scott Fitzgerald (Novel)
TRIVIA: Jack L. Warner, head of Warner Brothers, had a lovehate relationship with the Epstein twin brothers. He could not argue with their commercial success, but he deplored their pranks, their work habits and the hours they kept. In 1952, Warner gave the brothers’ names to the House UnAmerican Activities Committee (HUAC). They were never called to testify, but on a HUAC questionnaire, when asked if they ever were members of a \”subversive organization,\” they wrote, \”Yes. Warner Brothers.\”
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s poignant tale \”Babylon Revisited\” provides the basis for this film starring Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson as tragic, restless lovers striving to find meaning and fulfillment in the bittersweet world of fashionable postwar Paris.

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The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954) ELIZABETH TAYLOR

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James Dean – Tài Tử Vắn Số Của Hollywood Và Màn “Tái Xuất” Bất Ngờ

James Dean Tài Tử Vắn Số Của Hollywood Và Màn “Tái Xuất” Bất Ngờ
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James Dean - Tài Tử Vắn Số Của Hollywood Và Màn “Tái Xuất” Bất Ngờ

Tragic Details About Rock Hudson

Do you know the tragic details about Rock Hudson? Rock Hudson was one of Hollywood’s greatest actors who’ll continue to be remembered for generations to come.
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But like many talented stars, there was enormous speculation about his personal life and the difficulty he faced offscreen. Many in the film industry knew that he was gay, though this was something he hid from the general public.
During the time that Rock Hudson grew up, there wasn’t a tolerance toward homosexuality among the general public as there is now. He knew that in order to have a successful career, he’d have to hide who he truly was.
As a leading man, he had to convince the audience that he was a ladies’ man just as his contemporaries were expected to do.No doubt, this troubled him in his personal life as he had to keep such a huge secret in the midst of persistent gossip.
Rock Hudson managed to keep his private life to himself until his untimely death in 1985 at the age of 59. He died due to complications from AIDS during the height of the AIDS crisis that lasted throughout the 1980s.
It was then speculated that he was gay as AIDS became a terrible pandemic amongst the gay community.
It made the general public more sensitive toward the difficult lives that our favorite stars have to face. We’re so used to seeing them in the limelight, we forget about the challenges they face outside of the spotlight.
Rock Hudson had a hard life but managed to push through and leave a legacy of great films. His life may have had many tragic details, but his story is ultimately one of triumph. Let it serve as an inspiration for your life.
Let’s learn more about the tragic details about Rock Hudson and his incredible career…
Tragic Details About Rock Hudson

Tragic Details About Rock Hudson

Edi Rock – That’s My Way ft. Seu Jorge [Video Oficial]

Produção executiva: Bagua Records
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Edi Rock - That's My Way ft. Seu Jorge [Video Oficial]

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