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Clint Eastwood is proud that all of his kids have grown up to be successful in their own right, but he’s especially grateful to have a strong bond with his children. The Unforgiven actor “keeps in touch with” Laurie, Alison, Kyle, Scott, Kimber, Kathryn, Francesca and Morgan, as well as “their families,” a source exclusively told Closer. “He’s taken great comfort that at this time of his life … all his kids are close.”

With an iconic Hollywood career of his own, Clint tries to teach his children everything he’s learned about the business. One life lesson he taught son Scott was to “listen more.”

Keep my mouth shut,” the Overdrive star told Closer with a laugh in October 2019. “I’m pretty good at this.” Alison, on the other hand, learned something different from her dad. “I guess just not to take [life] too seriously,” she added. “He never seemed to take anything too seriously. Maybe that’s not a good thing … I don’t know.”

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In December 2018, Clint showed how much he loves his family when he walked the red carpet with Alison, Scott and Kyle at the L.A. premiere of The Mule. Clint’s first wife, Margaret “Maggie” Johnson, was also in attendance and showed up with the actor’s longtime girlfriend, Christina Sandera.

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Clint has been dating Christina, a former hotel hostess, since 2014, and she’s become an important part of the hunk’s family. “He’s truly happy with her,” the insider told Closer in June 2020. “She’s fun, easygoing and his kids like her too. She’s on an even keel like he is.”

One other person who surprised everyone by attending the premiere was Clint’s daughter Laurie. According to Radar Online, Laurie was kept a secret from her dad for almost 30 years. Her son, LT Murray IV, said the Gran Torino star didn’t get to meet Laurie until “she was in her thirties.” LT added that Laurie’s mother — whose identity is unknown — “never told [Clint] she was pregnant or spoke to him again.”

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Although they missed out on a lot of time together, Clint has been making up for it by staying in contact with Laurie, and it’s helped him learn the real importance of family.

Want to learn more about Clint’s kids? Scroll through the gallery below for details on his eight children!

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Western Movies Clint Eastwood Great Movie You Probably Missed in 2017

Western Movies Clint Eastwood - Great Movie You Probably Missed in 2017

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