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We all get busy, but some of us get busier more often than others, and it tends to take time away from other areas of our lives that are also very important. Everything that’s important to us in life should be treated as a priority. As well, we need to have balance be a big part of our lives and to the point where nothing important to us gets left out. Having said that, many times our partner or the person who we’re dating happens to be the busier one. This is why I decided to create this simple list of things to do and to remember when your partner is too busy and you want some advice on what you can do in the meantime.

1. Be Independent

When your partner is busy and too busy to attend to your needs, your calls, your texts, or anything else, you need to recognize that it’s important to have space and give your partner some breathing room. Many times the reason your partner is working so hard is that they’re trying to be a better provider for you, and for their future, and possibly your future together.

When someone is driven and motivated towards succeeding in life, and at their job, it’s important to be respectful, and appreciative of what they’re trying to accomplish. Trust me when I say this. If your partner was lying around at home being a couch potato eating Frito Lays, you’d likely be wishing that they were busy, driven, and more motivated towards becoming successful. There’s nothing more attractive than someone that’s hard-working, and motivated towards reaching their goals in life. 

2. Be Busy Too

When someone is busy, the best thing that you can do is be busy yourself. You should find things that fill up your day, and stay active so that you’re not consumed with thoughts of them. If you have questions throughout the day or want to chat with them, you should be more considerate and selfless in your nature, and understand that they have priorities such as work and making a living. Ask them your questions when they get a break or when they’re able to give you their full attention. You can ask them whatever questions you have most likely at a later or more convenient point.

It’s important to stay busy by doing things such as working yourself, working out and staying active, and perhaps you can even start new hobbies of your own to keep busy. It’s important to distract yourself if you find yourself being needy or too clingy in your relationship. Your partner likely wants to be consumed with you, but in a good way, and not in a smothering type of way where they can’t get their other priorities and work done.

3. Be Understanding

It’s important to be loving, warm, compassionate, and understanding of your partner. This especially goes for when they’re working so hard in life towards building a certain type of lifestyle. Your partner might even be striving towards bigger success in life to please you, or even to build a family with you one day. It’s important to be understanding and sensitive to your partner’s needs, and not agitate them or complain on a daily basis as to why you’re not getting enough love or attention. Instead, make the most out of your time together when you are together. 

4. Have Other Outlets

When you’re in a relationship, many times people love to be consumed by their partners, and that’s great. But sometimes one of the two people in a relationship is busier than the other. It’s important to have other friendships, and to build a social life of your own as well as being close or best friends with your partner. I definitely feel that being your partner’s best friend is always the route to a successful relationship. However, you should have other outlets as well like family and other friends. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your friendships with one another, but you should have certain friends that you can go to when you want to talk, text, or just hang out with when your partner is unavailable. 


 Be Proud of Them 

One of the biggest pieces of advice I could tell any couple is to be proud of your partner for everything that they do. There’s nothing as beneficial as positive reinforcement in relationships. Saying thank you is one thing, but showing your partner how much you appreciate them by your actions is another. It’s important to show your appreciation often, and even daily at times when they’re working so hard. Remember, there should always be a balance between your words and actions in relationships. Let your partner know how proud you are of them, and for what they’re trying to achieve. Showing your partner how proud you are is one of the best ways of showing them how much you care. 

6. Be Appreciative

One of the most valuable things you can do to display your love to your partner is to show them your appreciation and gratitude for all that they do. You can show your appreciation to your partner by simply being respectful, and giving them your love and understanding, without nagging them on a daily basis. Many times, it can be as simple as not having too much drama in your relationship that will let your partner know how much you care. When your partner is too busy to give you all of the loving, present attention that you desire and deserve, communicate, but also try to be genuinely understanding and appreciative. Sometimes biting your tongue, and showing appreciation, instead of complaining can go a long way. Remember, you get more with honey than with vinegar. 

On a final note, communication is essential in every healthy and happy relationship. The better the communication, the healthier the relationship. And you should absolutely communicate your feelings to your partner. But again, there is a time and a place. Having said that, your partner also needs to have enough balance in their life to make everything that’s important to them a priority, not just work, and all else, but their partner’s wants and needs as well. 



hitomi | Busy Now Live (2005 Anniversary Concert)

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hitomi | Busy Now Live (2005 Anniversary Concert)

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