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What is the best torrent search engine? You may have this question in your mind if you want to download files using BitTorrent Protocol. Here, we’ll provide you with a list of the most popular torrent search engine websites that are the best among all.

But first, let’s try to understand what makes a website a better search engine for Torrents?

The simple answer to this question is:

A good torrent search engine website should always be accessible and have all the content that you can get from the torrent ecosystem.

The good thing about torrent is that it allows peer-to-peer file sharing without any restriction. However, this good thing becomes bad when spammers and pirated content get onto the platform. That is the reason, many countries have blocked many torrent websites after complaints.

Best Torrent Search Engines in 2021

Keep in mind, some websites may have been banned in your country for violating local laws. Our goal is just to tell you about the top torrent search engines for educational purposes. We advise you to use a VPN if you are going to visit them. The whole list is being shared for educational purposes only.

If any of the websites are not working for some reason, you can always look for proxy websites of torrent search engines.

Torrentz - Best torrent search engine

Torrentz is one of the most powerful torrent search engines that indexes about 31,102,502 active torrents from 125,464,743 pages on 26 domains. It can be also called a meta-search engine.

A meta-search engine is the one that searches data from other search engines as well. If you are looking for anything on the torrent, chances are that you won’t need to search anywhere else.

Despite being one of the best search engines for torrents, the website keeps changing its domain name. The reason behind this is to keep the website alive even where it is blocked.

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Zooqle - search engine for torrents

Zooqle doesn’t look like a torrent search engine. The website is designed in such a way that it looks more like a content portal. However, it indexes all the major torrent websites and you can almost search every file here.

As of now, if you believe its stats, Zooqle has about 5,847,953 verified torrents, 1,775 TV shows (209 K episodes), 48 K movies, 10.1 PB of data in 73.6 M files. and 2,305 trackers supporting 67 M scrapes.

The stats suggest that Zooqle is one of the most popular search engines for downloading torrents. And its look makes it less creepy and without annoying advertisements.

AIO Search - popular torrent engine

AIO search is a bit different from all other search engines mentioned above. You can separately select the category of content before searching for it. It provides a dropdown select many for searching under a specific category.

Like all other popular torrent search engines, AIO search also indexes content from major torrent platforms like ThePirateBay, 1337x and KickAssTorrents, etc.

It also provides you an option to create an account to take advantage of advanced controls. Apart from the website, AIO search also has a search cloud, firefox toolbar, and google chrome extension for faster access.

torrends - simple torrent search

Torrends search engine provides you the ability to search torrents on dozens of torrent sites including 1337x, The pirate bay, RARBG, and its alternative. It indexes content from torrent proxy websites as well.

Torrent Proxy websites are alternatives to websites that are either shut down or banned. Apart from its search feature, the website hosts a list of about 100+ top torrent websites under various categories.

Torrends also provides a list of working trackers that can help you download faster. If you want to know more about the trackers, you can read our article on the Seeders, Leechers, and Trackers in Torrent terminology.


BTDigg is a very simple but powerful torrent search engine. The best thing about this search engine is, it’s an Ad-free website. You can avoid the most annoying experience of visiting any torrent website because of no Ads.

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This search engine digs into the world of Torrent files and brings you the most ideal result that you are looking for. BTDigg is one of the safest search engines for Torrent because it complies with all the policies of DMCA.

Its ad-free experience makes it a more family-friendly website (Because many search engines show some really nasty ads)


iDope is one of the oldest and popular torrent search engines. It indexes all the content from major torrent platforms and provides one-click access to them. Apart from the website, iDope also has its own Android app and various browser extensions for easy access.

Despite being Old, its domain name hasn’t been changed since 2016, which is a good thing for any Torrent website (Pun Intended). iDope website’s homepage also provides a link to most recent and most popular torrent files right now.


If you are seeking for latest torrents from the sea of torrent websites, Torrentseeker deserves to be on your bookmark list. The search engine frequently updates its index with the most popular torrent files, latest torrent proxy sites, and small niche and language-specific torrent sites.

It crawls the results from popular blocked and unblocked Torrent websites such as The Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337x, YTS, EZTV, Kickass Torrents, and torrent proxy sites. Its home page is fast simple and ad-free.


Torrent can be a great way for downloading academies related content. AcademicTorrents just do that. It is a popular search engine for searching torrents related to academies. The website is completely legal and used by many top universities across the world.

It has about 83TB of research data available on the website using its search database. It has a  distributed system for sharing enormous datasets uploaded by the researchers for the researchers.

TorrentsDwonloads - search engine

As its name suggests, this search engine solely exists for downloading torrents and nothing else. You can download many TV shows, movies, videos, games, apps, and other files that are otherwise available on popular torrent websites.

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The website respects your privacy and does not log anything into their database. It is a meta-search engine that crawls results from all major torrent search engines and platforms.

The website also lists the latest torrents under various categories on its homepage. You can either search or browse through the latest stuff.


The last one in our list is the least popular among all other search engines but not less powerful at all. xTorx indexes all the latest torrents from various websites and shows them with one-click access.

If you can ignore the one big ad on its homepage, xTorx is not a bad torrent search engine at all.


Torrent search engines are completely legal unless they host or link to any pirated content. Many torrent search engines got shut down because of this and are living through proxy websites. If you think we missed out on any popular search engine, don’t be lazy and let the world know in the comment section below.

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