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Understanding How DNS Works in Depth – 泰语音乐信息


dns – 与本主题相关的信息.

In this movie we go over how DNS work from the client to the server. When we understand how DNS works it becomes much easier to troubleshoot.

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Understanding How DNS Works in Depth | 与该主题相关的图像.

Understanding How DNS Works in Depth
Understanding How DNS Works in Depth

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#Understanding #DNS #Works #Depth.

Understanding How DNS Works in Depth.


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  1. I love to learn the whole process of something. That is how you become great at troubleshooting. Seeing the entire picture. Plus you didn't use some white board to explain it, we actually saw it as we would see it if we did it ourselves.

  2. Correction, putting entries in the host file does NOT input it in any cache.

    DNS is always (by default on linux/windows/mac) queried 2nd, the first query will always check your host file first. You can modify the order of lookups on linux by flipping the order within the /etc/nsswitch.conf file, not sure about doing this on windows but it maybe possible in the registry somewhere.

  3. Awesome explanation, thank you! One question, I hear of SOA is that like going to the root DNS and the root DNS updates all other DNS Servers with the new IP's when users request a specific IP? does that make sense?

  4. What if my primary dns server is shut down….will its query be resolved by an alternate dns server?
    And what if both goes down.

    We have two 2008r2 dcs . We are going to demote them,keeping the dns service. Both this dcs are primary and alternate dns servers to clients



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