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TOOPONE TWS SMARTTOUCH Mini Bluetooth Earbuds – معلومات الموسيقى التايلاندية

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TWS Mini Bluetooth Earbuds, RilexAwhile New Version SMARTTOUCH Wireless Stereo Headphones Invisible In-ear Headsets Secure Fit Waterproof Sports Earphones with Mic
Color: Black

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Review sample provided.

Some friendly guy over on Amazon shared some info on pairing that might be useful so big thanks to Luke for the following info:

Delete both the register devices from your phones Bluetooth list first.

The left earpiece is the leader.
Power on both earpieces (doesn’t have to be at exactly the same time).

WARNING! When you hold the earpiece invisible button to power it on, DO NOT remove your finger.
Continue to hold your finger on both earpieces as they power on.
You should hear “Power on”, then as you continue to hold, “Pairing!”. Now you can take your fingers off.

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Both earpieces should pair with each other and you’ll hear “Left Channel” and “Right Channel” then “Pairing!” again.

Now you should use your phone to pair with the available earpiece (it will be the left one).

From now on, the phone should only pair automatically with the left earpiece, and if both are powered on, they should connect to each other automatically. Might have to try turning the right one on before the left one, if they don’t connect automatically.

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TOOPONE TWS SMARTTOUCH Mini Bluetooth Earbuds | الصور المتعلقة بهذا الموضوع.


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TOOPONE TWS SMARTTOUCH Mini Bluetooth Earbuds.

tnb connection.


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  1. hey! sorry i know this is an old video but mine won’t turn on at all, do you have any idea how to fix it? they’re fully charged but still won’t turn on and i dont know if im doing something wrong or not ^^”

  2. Mine just go red when i press the button in the case but when i remove it i dont think its even working…i just bought it earlier….and i dont think i can press it…like theres no button in the earbuds at all….help?

  3. I got that . They are connected with my phone.But at a time when I am here right side this time left side stopped.And left both.plese answer what I can do.They are not connected each other.

  4. Hi, i have question.i cant turn volume up of g02-tws.i just buy it 2 weeks ago.can u tell me how to fix it.touch screen of left side is not working.thank you very much

  5. I have pretty much the exact same earbuds but mine have buttons and whenever I turn them off and put them in their charging case they turn right back on. Any solution to my problem?


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