Three dead as wildfires blaze in southern Turkey | DW News | turkey | En son Tay şarkıları

Three dead as wildfires blaze in southern Turkey | DW News – Tay müziği bilgileri

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turkey – Bu konuyla ilgili bilgiler.

At least three people have been killed and more than 100 injured as a result of large forest fires in southern Turkey according to state news agency Anadolu.

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Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli said 41 fires had broken out across 13 provinces on Wednesday and Thursday.

Though Pakdemirli said most fires have since been extinguished, he noted that others still burned near the Mediterranean resort towns of Mersin and Alanya.

The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) said that in addition to the three dead, more than 112 people had been affected by the fires — including 58 who had to be hospitalized, mainly for smoke inhalation.

Forestry Minister Pakdemirli voiced confidence while addressing reporters in the city of Manavgat but also caution: “At the moment, there is no immediate threat to any settlement or to life, but in the hours to come, if the wind changes direction, we will need to take additional precautions.”

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Officials say none of Antalya’s seaside resorts — highly popular vacation destinations for Russian and European tourists — have been directly affected by the fires.

Like other southern regions, summer wildfires are a common occurrence in Turkey. Though many begin by natural causes, others have been blamed on arson.

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Three dead as wildfires blaze in southern Turkey | DW News | Bu konuyla ilgili görseller.

Three dead as wildfires blaze in southern Turkey | DW News
Three dead as wildfires blaze in southern Turkey | DW News

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#dead #wildfires #blaze #southern #Turkey #News.

Three dead as wildfires blaze in southern Turkey | DW News.


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  2. hello i live in turkey and there are a lot of fires but we thank the countries that helped us it was a sabotage and everyone knows there is a possibility of it in other countries thank you again everyone please be careful

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  6. I live in turkey. There is property damage in 1238 households. A total of 34 million 596 thousand liras of damage was determined. We had very difficult times and we still continue to do so. Many regions of our country were known to the world, now those places are like a horror movie.

    Türkiye'de yaşıyorum. 1238 hanede maddi hasar var. Toplam 34 milyon 596 bin lira hasar tespit edildi. Çok zor günler geçirdik ve geçirmeye devam ediyoruz. Ülkemizin birçok bölgesi dünya tarafından biliniyordu, şimdi o yerler korku filmi gibi.


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