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The 100 animation

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Despite the title, I actually found the premise of the show interesting. A kind of future “Lord of the Flies” in a way.

Maybe I’ll keep watching and see where it goes…

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The 100 is kinda dumb… | Bu konuyla ilgili görseller.

The 100 is kinda dumb...
The 100 is kinda dumb…

Konuyla ilgili arama the 100.

#kinda #dumb.

The 100 is kinda dumb….

the 100.

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41 thoughts on “The 100 is kinda dumb… | the 100 | En son Tay şarkıları”

  1. Most of my problems come down to poor dialogue. First of all, the dialogue in the earlier seasons was so cheesy. Second of all, 20% of the dialogue is people saying ”we need to save our people” and another 20% the same except with the word ”friends” And finally…. I don’t know why people are friends with each other. There’s barely anything to indicate that people are friends, they just solve problems and kill people.

  2. Episode 1 wasn't even that bad. It had some annoying shit in it, but it's the first episode, and it was decent. All the stuff that annoyed me about it takes a backseat throughout the season and is handled pretty well. The first episode isn't terrible anyways

  3. can he please jump to season 3, 4 or 5… so much shit happens, let's recap (SPOILERS!) — everyone dies (e.g. by overdosing on tea🍵) (except jaha of course), they get older, so later they're not teenagers who look like they're 25, they're actually 25, there's a crazy AI that ends up destroying earth for the second time, they go back into space, bellarke NEVER happens btw (pretty much the opposite actually) which is a little frustrating, but we got clexa🥺❤️
    ah yes, these sweet, innocent teenagers end up the "commander of death", a literal tyrant, fucking cannibals (!!!) and somehow manage to blow up earth for the THIRD time. and everything after season 5 is just one ginormous trainwreck. i swear, murphy is the only reason i'm still watching this😂
    oh and after the first couple of episodes you're gonna want to cut off your ears when you hear the word: people. my people, your people, their people, our people, WE GET IT NOW STOP REPEATING THIS ONE WORD A MILLION TIMES PER EPISODE

  4. God! I can't believe I am saying this…..but the way Clarke's character got developed….I went from trying to like her to complete ignore mode on the main character itself! It was one of the worst characters I have ever seen…In the teen dramas!

  5. It's highly unrealistic. It's written like a sex fantasy instead of the reality that underground bunkers would fail and the space children would die.

    All teen dramas are written as though written by child molestors…..the kind where you have under 18 teenagers and older adults.

    I've watched and read a lot of nonsense fantasies. Even the murder mystery series that I read is lame once the sex parts come around. When fighting for survival, sex is not realistic.

    In reality, the females would kill the males and eat the remains due to the males having their priorities messed up.

    Like I said……adults believe that children are stupid.

  6. Series was going fine until they started to add dumb technology related stuff, like Allie and chips that are swallowed or inserted in back of commanders. From that point it went in direction i didn't like, i mean, technology chips in commanders, Allie AI? Come on, a terrible story, they should kept without it, an primitive lifestyle with technology aspect only from remains of ARC. Later they kept destroying earth more and more, in 2 waves until it bacame ruined beyond repair, that was a second bad decision. It would be better if they kept earth as it is, and story could be based on trying to grow crops, build cities again (primitive), relations between tribes, new market and economy, occasional fights between tribes etc. Also, season 6 and 7, omg, they turned it literally into Star wars, with all this magic things happening at that moon, and this "Primes" even more stupid idea, i barely managed to watch till first episode of 7. season.

    Also, making Octavia too much cocky and with personality of conqueror was bad idea and she was annoying to watch.

  7. I absolutely love this show but this was funny and the first 2 or 3 episodes of the show made it seem like a completely different series than the one it turned into.

  8. I'll always be sad he didn't stick with this series because man I woulda loved hearing his takes on the absolutely bizarre bullshit that went on in that dumpster fire

  9. Compared to other CW shows, the few good things about this show are that at least the characters are a little bit consistent & remember stuff from their past, their actions have long term consequences & they generally function well within the plot; but the downsides outweigh all that – like introducing a new minor antagonist periodically every 3rd episode just to amp up the tension, easily predictable deaths of red shirts given their overt lovey-doveyness, characters regressing & undergoing the exact same character arc in every season until they snap & become very ruthless, girl power, constant Disney style last moment betrayals by love interests / mentors / best friends which are ultimately forgiven – it's so routine that you start expecting it after awhile.

  10. These 20+ year old kids were so sheltered and innocent and then evolve into war paint wearing, weird braided hair blood thirsty warriors in a short time!
    I wanted to scream at the barbaric neanderthals and shake them silly every time they sought revenge for the killing of " Their people " Did the ' Writers ' not have the common sense that the " Grounders " attacked and killed first? For no reason!!
    Sadly if humans were thrown back into Mad Max mode. This is a prime example of how each tribe/survivors would stoop to survive longer. Always power hungry fools with huge egos and kill anybody who dares to unknowingly trespass. Those from the ship had the same mentality as Europeans who came to the new America.
    Concur and take what they want!
    Its also funny that its set a several years in the future and their technology, music, speech and clothing is late 2000s!
    I cant help but notice the perfectly straight and brilliantly white teeth the " Grounders have. Oooopsy….writers/producers!
    This was also Vancouver.
    Always loved Paige Turco though.


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