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THE WOLF Animated Music Video
1st single from “Bounce into The Music” debut album.
Directed by Fer Suniga & RUDO Co.
Animated & Produced by RUDO Co.
Story by @FerSuniga

“THE WOLF” animated video full credits:
Direction: Fer Suniga & RUDO Co.
Story: Fer Suniga
Production: RUDO Co.
Art Direction & Animation: RUDO Co.
Lead Animators: Ezequiel Torres & Pablo Rafael Roldán
Assistant Animator: Leandro Vargas
Clean Up: Ezequiel Torres, Pablo Rafael Roldán, Leandro Vargas & Esteban Bestia Cuenca
Colors: Leandro Vargas, Esteban Bestia Cuenca, Emi Abot

Music & Lyrics by Blakk / Stöltz / JM Drangosch / Gonzo
Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Guillermo Porro
Mastering by Diego “Warrior” Crisálida [Puro Mastering]

Stöltz: Lead and Backing Vocals
Piano Blakk: Piano, Rhodes, Synths, Drum Programming & Backing Vocals
Gonzo Rooster: Electric Guitars
Kiki Ferreira: Electric Bass
Patricia Pacheco: Backing Vocals
Guillermo Porro: Synths, Samples & Drum Programming

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SIAMÉS "The Wolf" [Official Animated Music Video] | Bu konuyla ilgili görseller.

SIAMÉS "The Wolf" [Official Animated Music Video]
SIAMÉS "The Wolf" [Official Animated Music Video]

Konuyla ilgili arama wolf.

#SIAMÉS #quotThe #Wolfquot #Official #Animated #Music #Video.

SIAMÉS "The Wolf" [Official Animated Music Video].


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  1. The first motorcycle scene kinda reminds me of somebody running from their problems, like most others symbolize it as. The coin in the second scene as a cat seems to mean something too, because he uses it in a bar with wolves. Stereotypically, dogs hate cats, dogs are a domesticated version of wolves, so the cat coin kinda seems to be some sort of counterfeit currency to me. Also with the black and white style, it reminds me of like the dark ages around the 1900s from what I’d remember too. The beer is some sort of coping mechanism to try to forget about the stresses and losses of his life… But it seemed to have been some sort of trigger and had started a panic attack. Then he just fucking Usain Bolt outta there to avoid his past traumas. Now to attempt to explain the girl, the skateboard, and earbuds for music seemed to be just for relaxation. Though they weren’t enough, based off using stereotypes, the girl is a typical “bad girl type” which explains why she smokes, therefore summoning the wolves/karma or regret. So she just slammed the wolves face in with a skateboard as an attempt to defend herself. Or in a more symbolic way, just trying to block the thoughts out. The steep mountain with all the obstacles represent trying to avoid the problem and also further blocking it out. I’m not sure what to think of the red scene but I’ll give it my best shot! It seems they might’ve known each other from some sort of relationship or just being coworkers, etc. They’ve been dealing with the same demons and are kinda finally contacting each other in an odd way for help, not too sure. Now the guy from the first scene kn the motorcycle comes back with an entire fiesta of wolves chasing after him like what news reporters do to famous people. It seems he’s been blocking out too many problems and they’re coming around the mountain to bite em in the arse, but a,secret weapon had been revealed which was teamwork based off the guy on the motorcycle helping the skateboard girl. Then the scene where the guy who became usain bolt made an appearance. It looked to have symbolized some more teamwork and a dead end to avoiding their demons. The final scene was when the wolves were approaching and the motor cycle guy who looked to have started it all decided to say, “fuck this shit, time to slap and clap some pesky ass wolves to the next dimension”. That’s all I got, the stereotyping might be controversial, but I had to in order to try to figure out their past and explain it well. Jeez this took 30 minutes to write….



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