Reddit, What's The Worst Gift You've Ever Received? (r/AskReddit) | reddit | 最新泰语歌曲

Reddit, What's The Worst Gift You've Ever Received? (r/AskReddit) – 泰语音乐信息


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Reddit, what’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?

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Reddit, What's The Worst Gift You've Ever Received? (r/AskReddit) | 与该主题相关的图像.

Reddit, What's The Worst Gift You've Ever Received? (r/AskReddit)
Reddit, What's The Worst Gift You've Ever Received? (r/AskReddit)

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#Reddit #What39s #Worst #Gift #You39ve #Received #rAskReddit.

Reddit, What's The Worst Gift You've Ever Received? (r/AskReddit).

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26 thoughts on “Reddit, What's The Worst Gift You've Ever Received? (r/AskReddit) | reddit | 最新泰语歌曲”

  1. My aunt & her husband came over with gifts. Gift 1 had a diary and lingerie for my sister (inappropriate for her age). Gift 2 was handed to me and in it was a tie, bow tie and waist coat set, and a small box of chocolate balls… only the chocolate was for me, the set was actually actually for my father. Anyway I haven’t celebrated a birthday or gift exchanging holiday since.

  2. My Birthday is 3days after xmas (nough said…), I remember one year when i was like 10-11.. I got nothing for my Birthday from anyone except my younger sister (who was like 6 at the time) who gave me one of her stuffed animals.
    I Have that Stuffed Animal to this day, well taken care of and on a shelf 30yrs later. <3 ya Sis~

  3. i dont have fingernails due to a family genetic disorder, and one year i went to a christmas party with an old friend and her sister got me a nail filer🙃 i was like "oh thanks" and i was talking to my friend later and shes like oh i guess i didnt tell her

  4. Big family Xmas 30 years ago- the whole family was there and everyone bought me underware. I ended up with 40 pairs since they thought it is a cheap gift to give a growing boy. We laugh now because now I know that money was tight for everyone, and we were many. But definitely not my favourite xmas

  5. My “worst gift” was more from a misunderstanding. My Great-Uncle airways found the coolest toys for us during Christmas. His gift was always one of my most anticipated, because I never knew what he was gonna find but it was always awesome.

    So I’m 13 and I get to his present. I opened it and found an AXE gift set. I acted as excited and thankful as I could, but deep down I was thinking “oh my God I must smell terrible and he’s trying to tell me nicely!” It turned out he just thought that since I was a teenager now I should get more adult gifts. lol

  6. I haven’t seen my sister for over 4 years, I’m 17 and we meet in a family reunion. Keep in mind she is 36 and has 2 kids, she gave me a Playmobil magazine.

  7. It was for a Chrismas party back in 6th grade. We were each tasked to get a gift for a fellow classmate with instructions as to which to get given to us. Secret Santa, basically.

    The minimum cost was $10, max $20. I was generous with mine and gave the person a $20 gift purely by being on sale: a nerf gun with a box of ammo.

    However, when the day came that we would open each other's gifts, everyone else received exactly what they asked for, and I got a scooby doo card game from Coles. I opted to return it, as the receipt was provided, and found that while it was initially $10, the price when it was bought was just $2, as it was on sale.

    TLDR: 6th grade secret santa. I gave the friend a $20 gift, I got $2 gift with a budget set of $10 minimum, and it wasn't even in the list of things I asked for.

  8. I don’t think this was a worst gift but I think it was Christmas I got socks And I was actually happy because I did not want to go out to get new ones

  9. My grandma has been buying me gigantic bags of Rolos for Christmas every single year, I detest rolos, she knows I detest rolos. There’s 7 bags of rolos in my freezer.

  10. I remember attending my classmate's 18 birthday (debut) because she invited me last 2018. we joked around about attending each other parties and giving a present to one another. We weren't really close but rather acquaintances. perhaps she's too shy to leave me on the list since we're just a few students in class.

    anyways, her birthday happened first before mine. probably 6 days in between. i gifted her a lacoste bag. super elegant. spacious. expensive. i didnt mind because the party looks extravaganza and thought i should give her something useful for her schooling (since we're going to be college students next yr).

    days passed and i invited her in my bday as well. it was just a simple celebration of us eating out in a restaurant and singing in a ktv after. i was expecting she'd give me something in return too as a gift. a week later, she hasn't handed me a gift yet so i thought she probably forgot about it or no time to buy a present at all.

    i told her about it in a joking way. i felt unfair to me after buying for her. that girl reacted like she forgot about it. i was pissed. it seems that she doesnt care nor gave it a thought.

    days later during our break time, i was at school doing my own business when suddenly she burst into the room and handed me something – a large pink and grey snapback cap with a pink panther design on the front. i was confused at first until she said "here. my gift."

    first, i dont use snapback caps at all. second, she didnt even put it in a gift wrapper or smth. just, straight out handed me. it concludes to me that she didnt care with what i want at all. at that moment, i started to change the way i see her and this remained in my memory until now.

  11. I mean I got a ggod present but ruined it cos u had an rc car and I was told not to hold Down the trigger but I didn't listen and it slammed straight into a metal pole and broke

  12. In 2019, my grandparents came to visit and they gave us gummy bears, that were expired. What makes it worse is that they EXPIRED IN 2016..

  13. I got my friend a whole ass Lego set and he got me a spicy pickle a he froze….

    The lego set was 100 inhand cash and he got me a 3 dollar pickle

    Still liked it as a joke


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