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**Sorry this video is late, it was held up by a copyright claim. Huge thanks to Ready or Not’s director, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, for helping us get the claim released!**

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Assistant Editors: Bry & Zoran Gvojic
Thanks, Bry & Zoran!

Graphics created by Clara Leonard & Christian Hall

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Ready or Not (2019) KILL COUNT | Bu konuyla ilgili görseller.

Ready or Not (2019) KILL COUNT
Ready or Not (2019) KILL COUNT

Konuyla ilgili arama ready or not.

#Ready #KILL #COUNT.

Ready or Not (2019) KILL COUNT.

ready or not.

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44 thoughts on “Ready or Not (2019) KILL COUNT | ready or not | En son Tay şarkıları”

  1. This is probably my favorite horror film of recent years, if you can call it a horror. Samara Weaving should be a much bigger star than she is right now. She absolutely nailed this role.

  2. One of the big plot holes I have is that is all of the victims they killed are orphans and have no family because the people they kill wouldn't their families know they are missing and they would be the top suspect?

  3. It's like a mix between you're next and get out. Alex's betrayal would've hurt on the level of the girlfriends betrayal from get out if the humor wasn't so prominent. But either way, I'm super pumped for what radio silence have in store for us with my first and favourite horror experience, with the light scream reboot

  4. She actually is now ”officially“ a LeDomas, since someone becomes a part of the family when they finish they game. She finished, being the first and only one to survive, making her the winner, which is why LeBail nodded at her. Idk how LeBail views that with her saying she wants a divorce in the end or if the marriage gets annulled (if she isn’t convinced for multiple manslaughter because that’s what it’d look like to the police and if the recordings from the security system got destroyed in the fire…) but there is a chance that she would blow up at dawn due to not killing her spouse if she ever marries again which is very unlikely though since this game should cause some serious trust issues and a huge scandal.

  5. Wait, how did they figure out the rules for hide and seek if losing the game means the entire family dies? Did Le Domas telepathically faxed the head of the family the game rules?


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