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Pastor John Gray and his wife just made a surprising announcement that stunned his congregation | north mississippi medical center hamilton | أحدث الأغاني التايلاندية

Pastor John Gray and his wife just made a surprising announcement that stunned his congregation – معلومات الموسيقى التايلاندية

شاهد المزيد من الأغاني التايلاندية هنا:

north mississippi medical center hamilton – المعلومات المتعلقة بهذا الموضوع.

On January 24, 2021, Pastor John Gray made a surprising announcement that stunned the congregation at their church Relentless Church in Greenville, SC. Their generous act was timely given the coronavirus pandemic.
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Pastor John Gray and his wife just made a surprising announcement that stunned his congregation | الصور المتعلقة بهذا الموضوع.

Pastor John Gray and his wife just made a surprising announcement that stunned his congregation
Pastor John Gray and his wife just made a surprising announcement that stunned his congregation

البحث المتعلق بالموضوع north mississippi medical center hamilton.

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Pastor John Gray and his wife just made a surprising announcement that stunned his congregation.

north mississippi medical center hamilton.

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  1. I love what pastor John Grey is doing. What I hope for is that those who are in need are being taught and mentored to know that they are capable of doing so much. Hope they get to understand their gifts, abilities, their identity. Through the giving they will understand love. Through mentorship they will understand more about how they have a huge contribution on this earth. 👏Kudos pastor.

  2. Lol' these So-called' Pastor's /bishops/ministers/deacons female pastors Take Much much' more than they give.. $30,000 or even 300,000 is like chump change for them. These So-called' churches" make Mafia type $$ money.' even $600,000 is not alot' to these "thieves" and Wolves in sheep's clothing they are nothing more than criminals" it's a Business! $$$ for them.

  3. I for one believe that pastor gray did what Jesus would do I am inspired by this we all can do something we all have a seed of generosity I believe he is a true Shepard of his flock prosperity is a blessing it's poverty that's a curse .more folks suffer from poverty than anything else on this earth GOD provides more than enough food on this planet were NOONE should have to go hungry especially a child but it's the hardness of men's hearts that cause it thanks pastor grey for doin right I praise God for the inspiration God bless you all and JESUS IS LORD!

  4. The lord has been so good to me all the day's of my life. Right from my childhood my mom has always thought how to read my bibles and say my prayers first thing in the morning before stepping out of the house. As a growing child i didn't know the foundation she was trying to lay down for me until i got married and everything became so tough for i and my family. It was so terrible for me cause i lost my job and my wife ran away leaving with me three tender kids all because i wasn't able to satisfy her needs anymore. I had to pushing closer to GOD and i started cleaning the streets just to put food on the table for my kids, cloth them and also shelter them cause i am all they have. Along the process knowing more about GOD, on a faithful Saturday morning that was early this year before the lockdown. I was invited for National church seminar and the guest of honor was a man named Mr John Neil Andrew. He was introducing Blockchain and Forex trading a very fast and easy strategy of make money. Honestly i felt it was scam from different kinds of stories. But as time went on i started hearing a lot of testimony from this same man, due to the total lockdown by the Government cause of the covid19 there was low financial cashflow so i gained interest from what i was hearing about the this man. I decided to give it a try then i visited his his website and got his contact at telegram @johnAD. Before the day was over he got back to me and i told her how much i wanted to invest in this with a very little amount and he accepted then we moved on. Could you believe, just that first investment made me a very wealthy man just under 14 days and even got me well positioned crib of my own and a brand new car. I am not here to promote or advertise him, i feel my story should encourage a lot of people. We should always learn to lay a foundation with our lord Jesus Christ, am for Everly grateful to God and also sending Mr John into my life. GOD WILL SEE YOU THROUGH. IF YOU BELIVE COMMENT AMEN. REMAIN BLESSED!!!!

  5. Wow!! That is a first and an awesome gesture. Most churches are always taking from the congregation. Some people give money to the church and then go hungry or unable to pay bills. Blessings on you Pastor. Others should follow your example.



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