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The University of Sheffield is a public university located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. It is a member of the elite Russell group which is a consortium of top research-led universities of the United Kingdom. In 1897, three universities in Sheffield merged and formed what is presently known as the University of Sheffield. We will take a look later in the article the acceptance rate at the University of Sheffield.

University College of Sheffield took the form of the University of Sheffield 10 years later and it was created by small donations taken from the factory workers of Sheffield who had a dream that the creation of this university would be of benefit to their children and local economy. The university has now expanded to having 25,000 students which also includes 3,900 international students representing 120 countries and provides employment to 6,000 of its staff members.

The University of Sheffield has noted alumni and faculty members who have been bestowed with 5 Nobel Prizes:  Sir Hans Krebs for the 1953 Medicine / Physiology award,  Lord Florey for the 1945 Medicine / Physiology award, Richard Roberts for the 1993 Medicine / Physiology award, Sir Harry Kroto for the 1996 Chemistry award, and Lord Porter for the 1967 Chemistry award. The university also has alumni who have won gold medals at the Olympics and also has many more noteworthy accomplishers in their own fields.

The university ranks amongst the top in the United Kingdom for student experience. Part of this is due to the fact that students get to enjoy a lively and cultural city that has a reputation for being very inexpensive. The city is also very close to the Peak District, which is a national park and provides an atmosphere of outstanding beauty. It is also in close proximity to the other main cities towards the north of England including Manchester, Newcastle, and Leeds.

As you can see, University of Sheffield is an excellent place where you can get great education. A great plus for students, the University of Sheffield’s acceptance rate is not that low as we will discuss later on.

The University of Sheffield International College is a facility that is dedicated to serving international students who come there in order to prepare themselves for the challenges that they will be facing in actual academic lives. Almost 1,000 students drawn from over 55 different countries come to study at this college every year and will definitely be a good company for you if you attended this college. The university’s specialist subject preparation and study skills group provides the confidence and knowledge that these students need to be successful in their chosen degrees.  The university offers dedicated degree preparation programs to the international students, that are specially designed pathways to their chosen degrees and help them learn the skills that they need for success at the university and in their careers.

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University of Sheffield’s International College is part of the main university campus, and it is located in downtown Sheffield. The college is one of the biggest and most reputed international pathway colleges in the whole of the United Kingdom. Its curriculum is known to be excellent and unique to provide students with an unparalleled education.

University of Sheffield Acceptance Rate

All of these good academics and nice location pulls a large number of customers to the university from distant locations to earn their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The acceptance rate at the university is 73.2% which means that if you are a good student, you should have no problems in getting admission to the University of Sheffield.

I hope that this post on acceptance rate at the University of Sheffield was helpful. If you want to learn about the acceptance rate at other UK universities, visit United Kingdom Acceptance Rate Category.

first day of lectures at the university of Sheffield || day in my life!

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first day of lectures at the university of Sheffield  || day in my life!

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100m Run Men Final in All India Inter University Athletics Championship2020
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100m Run Men Final in All India Inter University Athletics Championship2020

Oxford University Campus Tour – UK

Oxford university is the oldest university in English Speaking World. The university is one of the top universities in England and in the world. Oxford is close to London and it is a good attraction for a daily tour from London.

Oxford University Campus Tour - UK

Tour of UCL | University College London

In this video, we take you on a virtual tour around @UCL congrats to all of the incoming students studying here in London this year!! We hope you enjoy!
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Tour of UCL | University College London

My University of Sheffield Experience UK || Everything You Need to Know || CAMPUS TOUR + RATING

The University of Sheffield UK everything you need to know about Sheffield University as a student.
I share my experience studying at Sheffield university and living in the city for 5 years as a student and graduate. We chat through the accommodation, campus tour and nightlife (bars \u0026 clubs). At the end of the video, I give my brutally honest rating of Sheffield for students \u0026 graduates.
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00:00​​ The University of Sheffield (Campus Tour \u0026 Rating)
00:30 Accommodation (Endcliffe/Ranmoor)
01:47 Lots of Hills!
02:30​ Western Park / Crookes Valley Park
03:03 Students Union
04:04 Campus
05:33 West Street (Bars \u0026 Clubs)
06:31 Clubs
07:07 City Centre
09:42 What Sheffield is REALLY Like?
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Sheffield SheffieldUniversity NowThen

My University of Sheffield Experience UK || Everything You Need to Know || CAMPUS TOUR + RATING

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