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Today’s Date is October 22, 2021. You can find the detailed information like Nalla Neram, Raghu Kalam, Muhurtham, Festivals and more detailed information about today’s date and month.

Daily Calendar Tamil 2021

Warm welcome from dailycalendartamil.com. If you are looking for tamil daily calendar 2021, then you landed in a right place. This website is completely dedicated to tamil people. You can find complete information about what are the highlights of today date as per tamil daily calendar 2021.

The tamil calendar is derived from ‘Thirikadugam Panchangam’ (The Secret Doctrine, 2:49-51), which holds numerous astronomical data. This calendar contains a 300 million years calculation of the earth which is compared till the present age of life. This calculation is started from the sedimentation of sands and rocks.

In general tamil daily calendar is the one that gives the most accurate details of Tamil Nadu government leaves, traditional tamil festivals, daily panchangam, nalla neram, muhurtham etc.

It is the most essential part tamil people culture who have originated in the tamil land. Despite people living in other countries the unity and tradition still revolves around this calendar. Everyday is not the same and every second is also not the same that is exactly calculated based on the stars and moon changes in the panchangam, which has records of being followed as the reference for a 60 years cycle.

For both auspicious and karma events tamil population all over the world use this calendar. Places include Malaysia, Singapore, Pondicherry, Sri Lanka, etc. The month starts with chithirai, vargas, aani, aadi, aavani, purattasi, lppasi, karthigai, margazhi, thai, maasi, and ends with panguni. Among these the fifth and the tenth month are the wedding season and aadi is a non wedding season but is special for Hindu god festival celebrations.

Nalla Neram Today

Nalla in tamil means good and neram in tamil is time. It is ‘good time time or auspicious or favourable time’. Like in all other subcontinents of India here also they follow the nalla neram to begin any feest or function. Also they think that this is one among the deciding factors of a good future. So irrespective of caste or creed they follow this time intimation as given in panchangam. Please check the above calendar to see the today nalla neram in the above image. Everyone will be checking tamil daily calendar to see today’s nalla neram.

This is written in tamil calendar as a separate heading or ‘jyothish’ specialist intimate the time when it is to the family who are concerned about the future with their horoscope. These specialists are very clever in understanding the movements of the stars and moon. It is not only for a new beginning but also to do something important such as signing any important papers or moving a step ahead in life, etc. This nalla neram is followed and its mentioned in tamil daily calendar. Most prominent thing is the shifting of a house, work joining date, first rice giving time for a kid which is said as Annaprasana, etc are few instances when they consider this.

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This is the time when all celestial forces work together according to you. They act as an additional support for you.

Tamil Months

There are 12 months in total like English months. But each month has a specified purpose of naming and traditional activities followed. Let us look into the name and purpose of naming each month. 


Chithirai is the 1st month on tamil calendar where the last seven days are completely hot and very tough for human beings. The heat felt can be up to 40 or 45 degree Fahrenheit. Many people who are very aged or unable to manage heat die in this period. This is named as agni natchathiram. Though this month  has 31 days, the last 7 days are a challenge for many. There is a Hindu festival celebrated in this chithirai masam named as ‘chithirai thiruvizha’. You can check tamil daily calendar to see complete information


Vaigasi is the 2nd month on tamil calendar it holds 31 days and is most well-known for Lord subramaniya swamy festival named as vaikasi visakam. The first 7 days of this month is the continuation of agni natchathiram.


This month contains 32 days and is okay for few functions such as seemantham, age attaining functions, etc. Aani is the 3rd month on tamil calendar.


This month is the 4th month on tamil calendar and it has 31 days and is the beginning of new cropping preparation for the farmers. This is an auspicious season for high class or business community people or non-farmers to celebrate their functions and marriages. This is considered as inauspicious month among the farmer community. On the other hand, many festivals are celebrated in this month such as aadi koozh Festival. 


This is an auspicious month for tamil orthodox people as they avani avittam in this month. During this occasion the men of the family or young boy above 5 years chant gayatri mantra for 1001 times. This has 31 days in the month. An important point is that during this month the newly married couple are not allowed to sleep together as the girl gets conceived during this month then the delivery will be in the month of May and it is the hottest month next to agni natchathiram. So, they made it a tradition and followed it for many generations. Aavani is the 5th month on tamil calendar.

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This month is celebrated by non-vegetarians mostly. They do not eat meat, fish, egg, etc like Muslims who celebrate during Ramadan festival. Every Saturday of this month is a day to adore planet saturn. Purattasi is the 6th month on tamil calendar.


Aipassi is the 7th month on tamil calendar. This has 29 or 30 days. This month is considered as the time for North East monsoon in Tamil Nadu. Thus, this has led to ‘Aipassi Adai Mazhai’ phrase which means Non-stop rainfall or downpour. In this month the new moon day appears and is celebrated as Deepavali in Tamil Nadu. The importance of this festival is that a monster named Narakasura was killed by Mahavishnu. They light the entire house after cleaning the house thoroughly.


Karthigai month is the 8th month on tamil calendar. This month is dedicated to worship Lord muruga and shiva. Every Monday is dedicated to Lord shiva and worshipped. This month also has 29 or 30 days. 


This month has 29 or 30 days and it falls on 9th month on tamil calendar it is considered that maiden girls can find their man in this month. So early morning all teenage or unmarried young girls search in each house for their groom. There are two types of fast followed in this month, that is, savithi fast and vaishnava fast is followed in this month. Among these, the first one is for Thiruvambavai, whereas the second one is thiruppavai following the vaishnava festival.


This is the 10th month on tamil calendar holds 29 or 30 days. This month is the harvest month and here the first harvest begins in this month. At this time the pongal festival is celebrated by cooking the first harvest rice. 


This is the 11th month on tamil calendar this month has 29 or 30 days. 


This last month of tamil calendar has 29 or 30 days. 

The following calendar is the current year 2021 tamil calendar and daily the good and bad timings can be noticed in the calendar. This is the reason why we will want the calendar. Everytime we cannot go for a tamil panchangam, as it is like an encyclopedia. In Tamil culture, there is an extended bond between this calendar and human daily activities. That is why it is believed that in their life most of the things are successful. As sometimes or in few most of the times it is true. What do you think of this belief? Do you have something like this?  

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