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festivus: คุณกำลังดูกระทู้

  • Same-Sex & Mixed-Sex PAIRS
    October 23rd 2021

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    WOD 1 – Ruh-Row, Thrusters John Salter + Festivus

  • PART 1
    With a running 12-minute clock:

    For Time
    – Row 1000m

    SCORE 1a: Time to Complete

    PART 2

    AMRAP – You go, I go, each partner does a complete round with ascending reps.

    Partner 1:
    – 3 BB Thrusters
    – 6 Toes above hips / Knee raises

    Partner 2:
    – 4 BB Thrusters
    – 8 Toes above hips / Knee raises

    Partner 1:
    – 5 BB Thrusters
    – 10 Toes above hips / Knee raises

    WOD 1 Standards

    Row – The athlete’s feet do not have to be strapped in. The damper can be whatever the athlete chooses. Before the WOD starts the monitor should be reset to count down from 1,000 meters to zero. Don’t touch the handle before the MC says “Go.” Partners can break up the work any way they want. No hand tag is required. The athlete finishing the row cannot get off the rower until 1000 meters have been rowed. The athlete doing the first round of thrusters cannot touch the bar until the judge confirms the row is complete.

    Thrusters –This is a standard barbell thruster in which the barbell moves from the bottom of a front squat to full lockout overhead, with the hips, knees and arms fully extended, and the bar directly over the body midline. The bar starts on the ground. If the barbell is dropped, it must settle on the ground before the athletes picks it up for the next repetition. The first rep CAN be a squat clean into a thruster.

    Hanging Core Variations:
      -Intermediates – Toes above hips: The first rep must begin with the feet not touching anything, the hips fully open, and the heels behind the vertical plane of the bar. From there and for each successive rep, the toes of both feet must rise above the hips. The hips must be fully open at the bottom with the heels behind the vertical plane of the bar and no part of the feet touching the ground or any object. An overhand, underhand, or mixed-grip are permitted. The inactive partner cannot touch the thruster bar until the “hanger” is off their bar.

      -Novice/Masters – Knees above hips: The first rep must begin with the feet not touching anything, the hips fully open, and the heels behind the vertical plane of the bar. From there and for each successive rep, the top of the knees must rise above the hips. The hips must be fully open at the bottom with the heels behind the vertical plane of the bar and no part of the feet touching the ground or any object. An overhand, underhand, or mixed-grip are permitted. The inactive partner cannot touch the thruster bar until the “hanger” is off their bar.

    Thruster Variations:
      -Intermediate: M-95#/F-65#
      -Novice/Masters: M-65#/F-45#

    SCORE 1b: Total Reps Completed

  • WOD 2 – Jumpin’ Jack Snatch Kevy Simmons

  • 10-Minute Time Cap
    Goal: Accumulate 100 Box Overs

    EMOM – Starting with 00:00
    – 10 DB Alt Synchro Snatches
    – Remainder of minute to
    accumulate max box overs.

    Goal: Hit 100 box overs in 10 minutes. If you do you’re done!

    WOD 2 Standards

    Dumbbell Alternating Synchro Snatches- The dumbbell snatch starts with the dumbbell on the ground and finishes with the dumbbell directly overhead with the hips and knees both extended. At the bottom of the movement, BOTH heads of the dumbbell must touch the ground. The dumbbell must be lifted overhead in one motion. Touch-and-go is permitted. Bouncing the dumbbell is not allowed. Athletes must alternate arms after each repetition. The dumbbell must be lowered below the top of the athlete’s head before he or she can switch hands for the next rep. The non-lifting hand and arm may not be in contact with the body during the repetition.

    Synchro- Athletes must be locked out overhead at the same time. If one partner gets there first they have to wait for the other partner to get there to get credit.

    Box Overs-
    Athletes must get both feet on top of the box at the same time before dismounting on the opposite side. Athletes canNOT just jump OVER the box. Athletes do not need to stand up completely while on top of the box. They may face any direction while mounting and dismounting. No part of the Athlete’s body, other than the bottom of the feet, may touch the box to assist any part of the movement or catch balance. Athletes cannot cross the box corner to corner. Partners cannot cross the box from right angles to one another. For example, partner 1 crosses the box across the short distance but partner 2 crosses the box across the long distance. Both partners must go over the box across the same start side and finish side. The inactive partner cannot start a box over until both feet of the active partner are on the ground. Share the work any way you want.

    One Box Per Team- One box per team. If mixed-sex intermediate, athletes are responsible for flipping the box.

    DB Variations
      – Intermediates: M-50#/F-35#
      – Novice/Masters: M-35#/F-20#

    Box Variations
      – Intermediate Men: 24″
      – All Others: 20″

    Jump Variations
      – Intermediates: Must two-foot takeoff jump on top of the box but may step down.
      – Novice/Masters: Stepping up and down is fine but may jump if you want.


    Time to Complete

  • WOD 3 – Clean Lunges & Dirty Shoulders Leslie Andrews

  • 12-Minute AMRAP

    – 24’ DB Walking Lunges
    – 12 DB Cleans
    – 6 Wall Walks

    – 24’ DB Walking Lunges
    – 12 DB Cleans
    – 12 DB S2OH

    WOD 3 Standards

    Dumbbell Walking Lunges- The Athlete must stand upright with both dumbbells hanging at the sides with arms extended (farmer carry) and feet together with toes behind a marked line. The athlete must alternate which foot leads for each rep. The trailing knee must make contact with the ground at the bottom of each lunge. The weight must remain in position for the duration of the repetition. The 24 feet are complete when the heals of both feet are past the line marking 24 feet.

    If the dumbbells are not in the proper position, if the athlete shuffles their feet, if the trailing knee does not touch the ground, if the next step is initiated before fully standing up, or if the athlete fails to meet any standard during a step, the dumbbells must be brought back to the last six-foot marker.

    If sharing the work, the inactive partner cannot touch their dumbbells until the active lunger has set the dumbbells down. The partner swapping in must begin from behind the last, completed six-foot marker line.

    Lunge setup – The lunge area will be set up in 6-feet increments. Every 6’ = 1 rep. A host may have a 6′ area for a down/back down/back = 24′ -OR- a 12’ area for a down/back = 24′. The host will mark off every 6’ so points can be counted and also so athletes know where they have to go back to if they do an improper lunge or the dumbbell touches the ground between marks.

    Dumbbell Cleans- For the clean, the dumbbells begin on the ground. A muscle clean, power clean, squat clean or split clean may be used, as long as the dumbbells come up to the shoulders in one motion, the hips and knees are fully extended, the feet are in line, and the rear head of the dumbbell is clearly over or slightly behind the center of the athlete’s body. Touch-and-go is permitted, no bouncing, and only one head of each dumbbell is required to touch the floor between repetitions. If sharing the work, the inactive partner cannot touch their dumbbells until the active partner sets theirs down on the ground.

    Wall Walks- Wall walks begin with the Athlete face down, feet flat against the wall, hands off the floor like a hand-release push-up and the entire front of the body touching the ground. As the Athlete pushes their hands against the floor (like a push-up) they will kick up onto the wall and begin walking their hands toward the wall as their feet walk up the wall. Both hands must touch a taped line that will be on the floor with the edge of the tape furthest from the wall at 12 inches. After both hands touch the marked line the Athlete will walk their hands away from the wall with both hands being at least 24 inches away from the wall before the feet drop to the floor. Another marked line will be placed at 24 inches away from the wall for a clear mark to cross. If sharing the work no hand tag is necessary. Only ONE Athlete can be lying down/on the wall at a time.

    Dumbbell Shoulder-to-Overhead- The athlete must first get the dumbbells from the ground to the shoulders with the rear head of the dumbbell touching the shoulders and the hands below the ears and the Athlete standing fully upright. When transitioning from cleans to presses, if there’s no athlete change the athlete may begin presses from the finished clean position without setting the dumbbells down. A strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk are all permitted as long as the finish position is achieved. The rep is credited when the dumbbells are locked out overhead. The Athlete’s arms, hips, and legs must be fully extended before they lower the dumbbells. The center of both dumbbells must be over or slightly behind the center of the athlete’s body, with the feet in line. The rear heads of the dumbbells must touch the shoulders with each rep. If sharing the work, the inactive partner cannot touch their dumbbells until the active partner sets their dumbbells on the ground.

    Dumbbell Variations:
      -Intermediates: M-50#/F-35#
      -Novice/Masters: M-35#/F-20#


    Reps Completed

  • WOD 4 – Squat, Flop & Pop! Jeff Parker

  • 5-Minute Time Cap

    – 27 Front Squats
    – 9 Bar Facing Burpees
    – 21 Front Squats
    – 7 Bar Facing Burpees
    – 15 Front Squats
    – 5 Bar Facing Burpees
    – 9 Front Squats
    – 3 Bar Facing Burpees
    – 3 Front Squats
    – 1 Bar Facing Burpee

    WOD 4 Standards

    Front Squats- The first rep starts by cleaning the preloaded bar from the floor into the front-rack position. A rep is completed by maintaining the bar in the front-rack position, lowering the hip crease below the knee and then standing up until the hips and knees are fully extended. Any grip is permitted (standard, Frankenstein or “I Dream of Jeannie”) as long as the bar remains in the front-rack position. If sharing the work, the bar must be set down on the ground and cannot be handed off at front-rack height for a transfer. A squat clean is NOT allowed for a first rep. Why? The movement isn’t a clean. It’s a front squat and we need to start at the top with hips and knees extended.

    Bar-Facing Burpee- For the bar-facing burpees, athletes must use a barbell with 18-inch plates. Burpees must be performed perpendicular to and facing the barbell. Athletes may jump or step back to reach the bottom position. Chest and thighs must touch the ground with the head behind the barbell. Hands and feet must remain inside the width of the plates. Stepping and/or jumping back to the starting position are both permitted. Intermediates: Must jump over the barbell using a two-foot takeoff. Novice/Masters: Single-legged jumping or stepping over is permitted.

      Intermediates: 95#/65#
      Novice/Masters: 75#/55#


    Time to Complete

  • We don’t state every possible scenario that might be possible or allowed for our movements. We try to clearly state the minimums required for reps to be accepted. If we don’t explicitly state whether you can or can’t do something then the final step you should take is to consider the “Uncommon Movement Clause.”


  • There will be no FINALS WOD for this event. The top three Teams after all the WODs above are complete, in each division, are podium champs.


  • We will provide standards videos at least 8 weeks before the event. We reserve the right to tweak certain movement standards between now and then. Keep checking back here for modifications.


  • Ties are automatically calculated so they don’t take up extra time with an extra tie-breaker WOD at the event.

    If two individuals are tied after 5 scores the scoring system/leaderboard will look to see which athlete had the best points place of any score of the 5. If Athlete A’s best placing for any score was 2nd and Athlete B’s best placing for any score was 4th then Athlete A wins the tie breaker. If both Athletes had best placings that were, for example, 2nd, then the system finds the next best placing score. It continues in this manner until it finds the overall better Athlete.


  • Adaptive athletes, or those who are uninjured and otherwise healthy, but who have a limitation that prevents them from performing any of our event movements according to standards, are welcome and may still register to PARTICIPATE rather than COMPETE. However, any rep or movement sequence not performed according to our WOD standards will not count or be added to the score. Festivus Games is feats of strength for the rest of us, but it is a competition. Therefore, it’s important that any rep and WOD sequence scores be according to uniform standards when COMPETING for a podium spot. Adaptive or otherwise healthy but limited-movement athletes should contact their specific Host directly to confirm
    accommodations that may be needed to facilitate PARTICIPATION. Also, athletes PARTICIPATING rather than COMPETING for podium should communicate with their judge for any WOD where additional scaling will occur so judges aren’t verbally calling “No Rep!” even though they will not be counting the reps not done to standard.


  • Q: What equipment can be worn?
    A: Gloves, wrist wraps, belt, elbow/knee sleeves, “lifter” shoes.

    Q: Can I wear deadlift straps? (anything that wraps around the bar that reduces a need to grip)
    A: No, deadlift straps are NOT allowed. No Versa Gripps!

    Q: Can we bring our own rope?
    A: Yes and your own rope is the only equipment of your own that you can use during the competition.

    Q: This maybe a dumb question but are ammonia packets allowed?
    A: Ask your Host when you get to the event, however, we’d advise against it as it’ll take time you are not likely to have to spare.


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Seinfeld: Festivus (Clip) | TBS

Seinfeld: Festivus (Clip) | TBS

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Seinfeld - Behind the Scenes - Jerry Stiller as Frank Costanza

The Festivus – Seinfeld

Happy Festivus, everyone! I want to wish you a very warm holiday and a further Happy New Year. I hope every each of you finds peace, love, happiness, health, and for your personal quests to get achieved. I thank you all for coming here and making this place wholesome and nice. All the best, lovely people!

George tries to convince Kruger that he passed out the fake gift cards because he didn’t want to be ridiculed for the holiday his family traditionally celebrates, Festivus. To prove it, George brings Kruger to his father’s Festivus dinner, where everyone comes together.
The Busboy, S02, E12.
Follow the mundane, daytoday, experiences of Jerry Seinfeld and his quirky friends; his best friend George Costanza, his friend and exgirlfriend Elaine Benes, and his frontdoor neighbor Cosmo Kramer.
This is the official channel for Seinfeld Shorts. Giddy up for the best bits that made Seinfeld the memorable comedy show it is today.
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Những bài hát ý nghĩa mừng NGÀY CỦA MẸ - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูบทความเพิ่มเติมในหมวดหมู่Music of Turkey

ขอบคุณมากสำหรับการดูหัวข้อโพสต์ festivus

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