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What is Chris O’Donnell’s Net Worth and Salary?

Chris O’Donnell is an American actor who has a net worth of $25 million. Chris has enjoyed a long and successful acting career, appearing in a number of Hollywood blockbusters and television series. Today, he is probably best known for his starring role in “NCIS: Los Angeles,” although he had previously generated quite the reputation with films like “Batman & Robin,” “Circle of Friends,” and “The Three Muskateers” during the 90s.

Early Life

Christopher Eugene O’Donnell was born on June 26th of 1970 in Winnetka, Illinois. Raised in a Roman Catholic household alongside six siblings, Eugene graduated from secondary school in 1988. His father acted as a general manager for a radio station, and Chris was inspired to get involved in the entertainment industry from an early age. By the time he was 13, O’Donnell was a working model who also featured in various commercials. After graduating from high school, he attended Boston College and obtained a Bachelor of Science in marketing.


One of O’Donnell’s first major acting gigs was a McDonald’s commercial in which he served Michael Jordan. While he was still in his teens, he appeared in the television series “Jack and Mike.” Next year, the 17-year-old made his film debut in the movie “Men Don’t Leave” alongside Jessica Lange. By the early 90s, Chris had established himself in Hollywood, and he went on to star in a number of high-profile films.

In 1991, O’Donnell appeared in the comedy-drama film “Fried Green Tomatoes.” A much more prominent role came in 1992 when Chris joined the cast of “School Ties.” Appearing alongside figures like Brendan Fraser and Matt Damon, Chris O’Donnell played one of the key roles who becomes a close friend of Fraser’s character – a hated Jewish classmate at an elite preparatory school. Despite the fact that this was a major step forward for O’Donnell, “School Ties” became a critical and commercial disappointment. It received mixed reviews, and the movie failed to earn back its $18 million budget at the box office.

However, Chris made more of an impact later that year with “Scent of a Woman.” This film also starred Al Pacino, and Chris landed a prominent supporting role alongside the veteran actor. While Pacino won an Academy Award for Best Actor, Chris narrowly lost a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor, which went to Gene Hackman instead. As a result of this performance, many onlookers considered him to be one of Hollywood’s brightest future stars.

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Chris O'Donnell Net Worth

1994’s “Blue Sky” was another positive step forward for Chris O’Donnell, who booked a starring role in the critically-acclaimed film. Jessica Lange won an Academy Award for Best Actress as a result of her lead performance. Next year, O’Donnell appeared alongside Drew Barrymore in the film “Mad Love,” a romantic drama that received mixed reviews and grossed over $15 million at the box office. Despite a lukewarm reaction to the film, Chris was singled out for praise by critics.

O’Donnell’s next role would prove to be one of his most defining. Later in 1995, he booked the role of Dick Grayson (Robin) in the film “Batman Forever.” Chris reportedly won the role amidst competition from actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jude Law, Scott Speedman, and many others. Although O’Donnell would eventually wrestle the role away from DiCaprio (the other main choice), Leo would get revenge later by booking the lead in “Titanic” (Chris was also strongly considered for that role).

After appearing in the film “The Chamber,” O’Donnell reprised his role as Robin in 1997’s “Batman & Robin.” The film was a commercial success, but it was widely mocked by both fans and critics. What followed was a bit of an unproductive period for Chris, although he was considered for the lead role in “Spider-Man” before losing out to Toby Maguire. He was also considered for Will Smith’s role in “Men in Black.” His most notable films during this period were “The Bachelor” and “Vertical Limit.”

Facing a damaged reputation after the “Batman & Robin” debacle, Chris moved towards television instead of film. He began with a few appearances in shows like “Two and a Half Man,” “Head Cases,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” He then made a name for himself in the miniseries “The Company” before returning to film with “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl” in 2008. In 2009, he booked a major recurring role in “NCIS: Los Angeles,” playing NCIS Special Agent G. Callen. This role would prove to be one of the most defining moments of his recent career. As of 2020, the series is still going. In 2010, he starred in the film “Cats & Dogs, The Revenge of Kitty Galore.”


In 1997, Chris married Caroline Fentress, who is rumored to be a school teacher. Over the course of their relationship, they have had five children together. The family currently lives in Los Angeles and follows the Roman Catholic faith.

Chris O’Donnell Salary

While Chris O’Donnell’s salary per episode of NCIS Los Angeles fluctuated over time, both he and LL Cool J were earning $150,000 per episode during the first few seasons. With backend points and bonuses, today his NCIS salary is approximately $350,000 per episode.

Real Estate

In 2008, it was reported that Chris O’Donnell was selling a property in Pacific Palisades, California for $5.395 million. The home spans 5,191 square feet and features a grassy backyard complete with a pool. He originally acquired the home in 2000 for $2.95 million with the plans of raising their future family in an expansive residence.

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Batman \u0026 Robin (1997) – Tell Me and I’ll Kiss You Scene (8/10) | Movieclips

Batman \u0026 Robin Tell Me and I’ll Kiss You: Robin (Chris O’Donnell) is prepared for Poison Ivy’s (Uma Thurman) deadly kiss.
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This superhero adventure finds Batman (George Clooney) and his partner, Robin (Chris O’Donnell), attempting to the foil the sinister schemes of a deranged set of new villains, most notably the melancholy Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger), who wants to make Gotham into an arctic region, and the sultry Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman), a plantloving femme fatale. As the Dynamic Duo contends with these bad guys, a third hero, Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone), joins the ranks of the city’s crimefighters.
TM \u0026 © Warner Bros. (1997)
Cast: Alicia Silverstone, Chris O’Donnell, George Clooney, Uma Thurman
Director: Joel Schumacher
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Chris O’Donnell: Trump Was Cut From \”Scent Of A Woman\” | CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Apparently in the early 90’s you couldn’t film a movie at the Plaza Hotel unless you gave The Donald a part.
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Chris O’Donnell: Trump Was Cut From \”Scent Of A Woman\” | CONAN on TBS

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Crawling [Official One More Light Live] – Linkin Park

Watch the official live video for Crawling by Linkin Park from album One More Light Live.
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MFR: https://musicforrelief.org
Linkin Park is an alternative rock band renowned for their hits “Numb,” “In the End,” “What I’ve Done,” “Castle of Glass,” “New Divide,” “Crawling,” and “Faint.” They worked with artists like JayZ, Metallica, Steve Aoki, and Paul McCartney — amassing billions of global streams and received the UN Global Leadership Award for their humanitarian work.
Crawling in my skin
These wounds, they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real
There’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface
Consuming, confusing
This lack of selfcontrol I fear is neverending
Controlling, I can’t seem
To find myself again, my walls are closing in
Without a sense of confidence
I’m convinced that there’s just too much pressure to take
I’ve felt this way before, so insecure
Crawling in my skin
These wounds, they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real
Discomfort endlessly has pulled itself upon me
Distracting, reacting
Against my will, I stand beside my own reflection
It’s haunting how I can’t seem
To find myself again, my walls are closing in
Without a sense of confidence
I’m convinced that there’s just too much pressure to take
I’ve felt this way before, so insecure
Crawling in my skin
These wounds, they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real
Crawling in my skin
These wounds they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing, confusing what is real
(There’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface
Consuming)Confusing what is real
(This lack of selfcontrol I fear is neverending
Controlling)Confusing what is real
OfficialLiveVideo LinkinPark Crawling WeAreWarnerRecords

Crawling [Official One More Light Live] - Linkin Park

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