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♥~Monster High Empire Lyrics from Boo York , Boo York. Sang by Nefera and Ramses De Nile ~♥
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monster high empire lyrics | このトピックに関連する画像.

monster high empire lyrics
monster high empire lyrics

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monster high empire lyrics.


Monster High


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  1. This is really a good song to listen to while being quarantined and also having covid bc your sis got it then your mom then you then your brother then your other brother and then your cousins and then your uncle and then your dad and then u have to miss the first practice of soccer and then miss your very first game of soccer now I agree with everyone covid freaking sucks it sucks being stuck in the house for a freaking month I'm sick of it I was at the doctor's today and my mom texted and said that we were quarantined for another week I'm like ugh another week of boredom okay I agree COVID SUCKS

  2. Lately I've been really like villians of shows , not to be edgy but I always wish I had their confidence and the fact that they could honestly give a damn about people sounds so nice especially to someone who's been a people pleaser all her life 🥴 time to change my personality

  3. You are never too old to enjoy cartoons. I will watch 'kids' cartoons until I'm old and grey because this stuff is fun, well made, feel good, and has some surprisingly mature topics at times


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