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Methadone Destigmatization | iuka medical clinic | أحدث الأغاني التايلاندية

Methadone Destigmatization – معلومات الموسيقى التايلاندية

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iuka medical clinic – المعلومات المتعلقة بهذا الموضوع.

What is methadone maintenance treatment (MMT)? Is it a safe treatment? Who are MMT clients and how do they access this treatment? Take 7 minutes to watch, and see…. You’ll probably be surprised.

Produced, shot and edited by Maziar Ghaderi (

Funded by:
Toronto Harm Reduction Task Force (
Evidence Exchange Network for Mental Health & Addictions (
Canadian Harm Reduction Network (

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Methadone Destigmatization | الصور المتعلقة بهذا الموضوع.

Methadone Destigmatization
Methadone Destigmatization

البحث المتعلق بالموضوع iuka medical clinic.

#Methadone #Destigmatization.

Methadone Destigmatization.

iuka medical clinic.

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  1. Methadone is placing the addict in a chronic state of disease. Ive been 10 years on methadone on 115 and by this long it only lasts about 5 hours before my pupils are huge and im sweating. can't work. can't get my dose up higher bc I'm only allowed to go up 5mg a month at my phase and dose. I don't know I guess methadone is ok if all you're looking for is to just not die.. sell your soul to a for profit methadone clinic and line the pockets of greedy doctors yay!!

  2. This Doctors and Staff Saved my Life,they are the best team that also offer Mental health care and Addiction Help,Free Counseling, free Job help,free yoga classes,Art studio,Accupuncter, help with court issues,help with getting families back together. Dr.Sankey saved my Life. I am 6 years Sober off of every street drug and Alcohol. I was able to open up without feeling stigmatized.

  3. Methadone saved my life as well… It allowed me to live normally which I hadn’t been able to do in so long… And you don’t have to go through horrible weeks and months of withdrawals… The only downfall is it’s so hard to get off of… But the way I look at it may be a prescription I have to take for the rest of my life… But if that’s the case ,if it keeps me clean ,I think it’s worth it

  4. Methadone saved my life. I just started chronicling my taper down on my channel.

    The patients who seem to put up videos about how horrible methadone is and how bad the withdrawal is,
    Probably got kicked off of their program and don’t want to admit they did this to themselves on the internet.

    Methadone clinics don’t throw you out for no reason, by the way.
    Maybe if you try to cheat a drug test or refuse to pay, tho most patients are on Medicaid.

    Fentanyl hit the block i was copping on, two weeks after i got on the program. People were dropping like flies.

    I have no problem with people who go to narcotics anonymous
    I have a problem with people who go to narcotics anonymous who are so brainwashed they think it is the only way, regardless of any and all circumstances.

  5. Methedone helped save my life both literally and figuratively. I've heard the naysayers in the medical field criticism, the irony is that those same critics are the ones that write prescriptions for the opiates that I became dependant on. Yes, they helped at the time however they never stressed the reality of how quickly some individuals may become dependant. I was never the same. Abstinence rehabilitation doesn't work for everyone. My brain chemistry was some how altered and methedone got me out of a dark and desperate time of my life. I said that to say that no one can walk in another's shoes. Intelligent people know this.

  6. oh and this goes for anyone fixing or trying to come off of methadone. the first week or two aint shit compared to what will come. im not trying to scare anyone. but be careful. do it slowly and dont listen to any of those doctors who sais this shit is safe. they are full of shit. research methadone very hard. because they keep the truth about it hiden as best as they can. but if you keep on you will find fragments and pieces throughout the net that they cant control all of it. lets just say. it was created and being used in a very disturbing and almost sadistic way. and any of you who has never done methadone. DONT FUCKING GET ON IT. YOU WILL REGRET IT, TRUST ME EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE I WAKE UP AND REGRET IT AND IVE BEEN COMPLETELY OFF IT SINCE LAST AUGUST 2016.

  7. I want to say something, even though i thought i was fine and stayed clean while i was on methadone, i had no idea the harm it caused me. anyone who says its safe is a liar. plain and simple. It is not safe, and it does cause severe long term damage. I am the proof of that. Now,i was on methadone for 10 years with 7 years at 120mgs. i tested positive for something which i prefer not to say but lost my job and had to quit. they detoxed me 3 mgs a day until july 14 of 2016 was my last dose. my day 23 was very bad. but i thought my hell would be over but the reality of what i was facing was far more worse than anything i could ever imagine and i would choose hell over this. I was not prepared for the torture i was going to face over a very long , dark chapter of my life. Here it is April 24 2017 and im still battling each day for my sanity. I experience horrible burning nerve damage throughout my body on a daily basis that no other pain medicine will stop. in fact most of anything wether over the counter or precription pain meds only make my pain even worse. It feels like i have some kind of electrically charged acid running through my veins. Some days i feel like im being electrocuted continueously. I have suffered unlike anything anyone could and can imagine. but that wasn't my only hell. The psycological aspect was even more sinister. I truelly know what it means to be insane and to lose one own mind. I never know who i will be the next day or how i will feel. Another thing is i do not feel like a human being anymore. i havent for 9 months now. I feel like i was taken out of my body and put into an aliens body. Nothing is the same period. My sense of taste, smell, hearing, sight, and touch are completely foreign and ive had to learn everything again but in a different perspective. Im staring to cope a little bit now , but still find it difficult to bare at times. I have also noticed a change in , only what i can say as multiple personalities. i can completely change without warning at anytime without control and at first couldnt even tell i was. i thought it was mood changes until i realized it was something far more darker. I have been at times a very dangerous person if provoked. But only provoked, never felt it toward innocent people thank God. I have videos of me and journals with writing from someone that i look back on and don't know who wrote it. And I have also developed EHS, electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome. I know im ranting but i need to know, is anyone out there out there experienced what i am going through? I have said it many of times in the past 9 months and still feel this way, that i will give this another 6 months, but, if i dont get over this severe pain and mental instability soon, i do plan to go back to the methadone clinic. I will not suffer like this for the rest of my life. I refuse to. I dont know how i haven't committed suicide. but can anyone help me please? thank you- Jayden

  8. ▬▬► Hi friеnds. If you or а lоvеd оnе nееds hеlр with drugs оr аlсоhоl аddiсtiоn CАLL ►►► 1-888-966-2616 (Toll-Free)
    Dоn't wаit until its tоо latе wherе there is life thеrе is hоpе рeаcсcе and blеssings!

  9. i ve been on methadone now for 9yrs. it definitely has made my addiction manageable but as time goes on i ended up with a heroin and methadone habbit!!!
    so in short term its a great thing but any longer than 1yr max, now i have reduced from 70ml down to 20ml within 3months.
    an hopefully be off it real soon. x

  10. @angieforsyth I've tried to kick cold turkey, that's why I am on MMT. There is no better way to treat my chronic pain and opiate addiction. Yeah, it's fucking CRAZY hard to kick methadone, but if you are actually reading my comments on YouTube; I never said shit about it being "Easy" to get off methadone. So go fuck yourself!!

  11. Saved my life and my marriage. Our local news station just did a big misinformation scare story on the news. Now people are demanding they close methadone clinics. We have a bunch of politicians trying to end methodone treatment and suboxone. The all say the same shit. Trading one drug for another

  12. Truth is point blank my buddy decided not to go to a methadone clinic he got clean and put his family in major debt. Good rehabs cost money let alone great ones. 2months off heroin on what to me and his fam was a what they called a up day for him he shot himself with a 3 inch mag 12 gauge shotgun in the roof of he's mouth under a ceiling fan on high splattering himself evrywhre. I mean he blew his bottom jaw off even though he shot himself in the roof of his mouth , blew his left hand almost halfway off just from recoil. His mom found him and since he had no tattos she thanked God it wasn't her son.. it was so when u rag on methadone his fathers wife gave him vics 4 2× a day that's the first time he had and kept a job. So imagine a method clinic witch was closer. Maybe I'm just venting but don't u dare rag on people doing this instead of cold turkey, most rehabs r just there for money n e ways atleast the methadone clinic dose not cost 20,000 or 50,000 💰a month.

  13. The truth is…. after iv heroine addiction. .. went for a year and a half to a clenic, tapered and got off….I was clean for four yrs then was stupid and took pills I'm back…I know this time how hard/long it takes so I cut myself off at 40mg…before I went to 70mg…they love to tell you to go to a very high dose as to keep you there and keep your money comming….truth is you CAN taper and get off of it painless

  14. It is the people that push methadone the most that are creating the stigma with the lies like "you are an addict and that is not curable" "you have an addictive personality" "it is chemical imbalance disease in the brain" – Bull Bull Bull.
    Truth: ANYONE that takes any addictive drug in enough quantity for enough time will     become addicted.
    Truth: Methadone is as addictive, if not more addictive, than the whatever drug it replaces.
    Truth: Methadone is cheaper than heroin, if on Medicaid it is free or nearly free. It is for sure more legal than heroin so you don't have to worry about felony convictions. One does not have to worry about the supply running out. Those are the reasons people keep coming back for methadone over heroin.
    Truth: Drug addiction is curable. Once all the drugs are out of your body and you are done with withdrawal you are no longer an addict. Yeah, you may hit some stress in your life and may be tempted to fall back on drugs but when you are clean it is possible to stay that way. Lots of people have done it.

    I am against methadone and I challenge anyone to read what I say above and call it stigmatization. Most of the people in the above video push methadone for $. Like the guy that says methadone is like a vitamin and the lady that says those on methadone are no longer addicts but patients seeking treatment. The truth is they are very much addicts and are patients seeking treatment – you are betraying them.

  15. The biggest issue with methadone is not that it's a bad drug; on the contrary it has helped me and many others get off of a path to almost certain death. However, the laws governing methadone have remained nearly unchanged since the early 1970s. While other fields of medicine have evolved and changed in leaps and bounds, methadone treatment and law has remained unchanged in over 40 years. It is a state-sponsored addiction. Clinics do not help addicts into recovery, that is up to the addict. The laws benefit the clinic owners, not the patients. Until that changes, methadone will never be a good option for anyone seeking treatment. Take my advice; an otherwise normal young man whose life has been ruined, and whose freedom has been all but revoked by laws which are twice as old as I am. If you're seeking treatment, do NOT go to a methadone clinic. 

  16. The first few seconds of the video says it all "We've essentially been doing the same thing since 1959" — This is about the only true thing he says. I've been a MMT patient for seven years. When I was nineteen, I reluctantly tried methadone to get off of heroin. I got clean, but now EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE, I go to the clinic. Holidays, family emergencies, bad weather; 2,650 in a row. Despite following all the clinic's rules and staying completely clean for seven years, I am not eligible for take-home methadone because I'm prescribed another medication for PAD (Panic Anxiety Disorder) because I have PTSD. So now that I'm clean, I get to go to the methadone clinic every day of my life and be treated the same as someone who just came-in off the street. If you or a loved one are considering methadone, I urge you to seek out better treatment. 

  17. What bullshit. You would not be able to tell their on methadone. I would know in 5 minutes if they where on more than 150 mg. they would be in a very good mode and they would be touching there nose a lot. You can just see it in their eye's. I was on that shit for years and I can tell if someone is on methadone. Large does's of methadone get you high.Period. They think their just normal. They have no idea what normal is because, they been on some type of pain medication so long. So, quite your bullshit about methadone. Give them suboxone and they will have a fit. That's because methadone gets you high.

  18. Methadone helped me raise my children, buy my home, retire from my job, forget about Vietnam.  It's wonderful.  To those who have no idea of what real suffering is should not make comments about methadone  btw, I been on it for 30 years 

  19. With all that has been said and taking into account the tragic circumstances of the toddler Aiden’s death as reported in the Daily News , the harm reduction programme is vital when dealing with society’s’ contemporary drug problems. It provides the user with daily access to a health professional where the consumption can be monitored and a safe, pure dose of the drug delivered under controlled conditions. It allows the user a gateway back into becoming a constructive member of society.

  20. @Oakleaf700 of course you get a hit from methadone otherwise you wouldn't need it because all your doing is swapping heroin for heroin its just in a different form,I would advise ANYONE only to take methadone that the junkies sell (Sundays and Bank holiday)or someone who gets take home doses and not go on a MMP or your fucked for life.



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