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Making Mercury (Part 1) – 태국 음악 정보

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황화수은 – 이 주제와 관련된 정보.

In this video, I will be extracting and refining mercury metal from mercury sulfide (cinnabar). This is a chemical method, which is safer than the typical heated one.

It is a follow-up to this video:

This process was developed by Plante1999 from the Sciencemadness forums (

Contest link: ——————————– Contest Over!


Mercury videos:

Mercury thiocyanate (Pharaoh’s Serpent):
Old serpent demo:
Pharaoh’s Serpent in 4K:
Mercuric chloride:

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Making Mercury (Part 1) | 이 주제와 관련된 이미지.

Making Mercury (Part 1)
Making Mercury (Part 1)

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#Making #Mercury #Part.

Making Mercury (Part 1).



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  1. That’s gotta be one of the nastiest looking reactions I’ve seen, like all the colors are gross, like pumpkin vomit to end of life diarrhea, all to make a silver-colored liquid metal

  2. So Cinnabar island in pokemon, is actually Mercury Island, its red because of the alpha form of Cinnabar, mercury ore. That's pretty cool.

  3. I’ve always thought mercury was nifty because of it being a liquid at room temp. I’ve got a very small amount of it I salvaged from an old temperature dial someone was throwing away.
    It’s definitely in my top 4 favorite metals although I’m not sure it’s exact position. (Tungsten, silver, and platinum are the other 3. I’ve got one of those tiny tungsten cubes but I’d love a bigger one, but sadly they are very expensive. I haven’t got any platinum due to its price, but have gathered a small amount of silver in the form of some jewelry I got second hand and a pair of pilot wings I got from a pawn shop (those are really cool, while I’m tempted to melt down the others and make a small ingot, the wings I love in its current form)

  4. Fun fact: the "lacquer" in lacquerware is actually the poison from an Asian plant related to poison ivy. Once polymerized it's safe to touch, but it must have been a terrible job to manufacture these.


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