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Lenalee vs Level 3 Eshi Climax – English Sub | 리나리 리 | 최신 태국 노래

Lenalee vs Level 3 Eshi Climax – English Sub – 태국 음악 정보

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리나리 리 – 이 주제와 관련된 정보.

This is episode 62. I own nothing, this all came from katsura hoshino, funimation, and the voice actors. oh and also the music people, can’t forget those.

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Lenalee vs Level 3 Eshi Climax – English Sub | 이 주제와 관련된 이미지.

Lenalee vs Level 3 Eshi Climax - English Sub
Lenalee vs Level 3 Eshi Climax – English Sub

주제와 관련된 검색 리나리 리.

#Lenalee #Level #Eshi #Climax #English.

Lenalee vs Level 3 Eshi Climax – English Sub.

리나리 리.

이 노래를 봐 주셔서 감사합니다.


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  1. One Of The Best Of Purest FeMale And Strongest Characterized Character Once Created. Her Character Is Heroic. In her sweetness & innocence she was able to keep trough her struggled wicked battle of been early on been discovered by the order’s organization. Her battle trough loneliness and her constant fearing of it. She kept her innocence’s sweet but when her guardian persona was being tested & called she would go to infinite length to protect that what’s she was able tonKeep: Kept within: Her H.U.M.A.N.i.T.Y.
    Sadly she was later so much in the background. As I truly believed she was the H.E.A.R.T. Or at least on half of it and Allen Walker possible the other half. The heart split itself into two pieces to protect and confuse those who were after it and chose two beings who went trough tremor and trauma but still they didn’t became the trauma itself. What could have have made them easily able to fall into it’s trappings: turning them against humanity. But the story after the hiatus could have been truly it’s true hiatus😅 but thankful for this series. I enjoyed it very truthfully, joyfully.

  2. Lenalee, actually, is not useless. Contradicts to other haters' pov, lenalee aint useless. I love her fighting style, her innocence and her character design. I love this fight so much too. But what I dont like bout her is her character. The spotlight is always on her. Shes always the STAR. Everyone is into her. :>

    So yes… i dont like Lenalees characterm but she is not useless



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