Investing In Edge Networks: Cloudflare, Fastly & Starlink (feat. Muji of hhhypergrowth) (Ep. 195) | cloudflare | 最新泰语歌曲

Investing In Edge Networks: Cloudflare, Fastly & Starlink (feat. Muji of hhhypergrowth) (Ep. 195) – 泰语音乐信息


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I talk with Muji of hhhypergrowth about investing in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry, and more specifically we focus on Cloudflare, Fastly and the possibilities of Starlink.

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What are Edge Networks?

What is Cloudflare,
What is edge computing,
Cloudflare IPO Roadshow video,
Fastly Investor Presentation August 2020,

0:00 – Intro
2:50 – Investment thesis for SAAS (software as a service)
7:10 – Cloudflare as a proxy
9:50 – Indie developers using Cloudflare
10:15 – Cloudflare caching assets
13:25 – What’s next for Cloudflare?
14:40 – Edge networks
20:50 – Edge networks
22:08 – Extending the commute capabilities of dumb devices
23:40 – Edge servers summary
25:20 – Cloudflare plans for edge servers to do full compute
27:00 – Fastly
28:55 – Cloudflare wants to be a better internet
29:45 – Durable objects
31:35 – Cloudflare platform
32:45 – Cloudflare/Fastly compared with Amazon AWS
36:20 – Risks to Cloudflare/Fastly
37:00 – Can Starlink disrupt Cloudflare/Fastly?
42:30 – Starlink’s timeline
44:25 – Starlink ambitions for 1/2 of long haul data
46:10 – Starlink agreement with Microsoft Azure
48:50 – Development platform of edge networks + data compliance

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Investing In Edge Networks: Cloudflare, Fastly & Starlink (feat. Muji of hhhypergrowth) (Ep. 195) | 与该主题相关的图像.

Investing In Edge Networks: Cloudflare, Fastly & Starlink (feat. Muji of hhhypergrowth) (Ep. 195)
Investing In Edge Networks: Cloudflare, Fastly & Starlink (feat. Muji of hhhypergrowth) (Ep. 195)

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Investing In Edge Networks: Cloudflare, Fastly & Starlink (feat. Muji of hhhypergrowth) (Ep. 195).


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50 thoughts on “Investing In Edge Networks: Cloudflare, Fastly & Starlink (feat. Muji of hhhypergrowth) (Ep. 195) | cloudflare | 最新泰语歌曲”

  1. Fiber longhaul now are at a speed of Tbps rather than 100G bps.
    So Starlink has little to play upon speed with fiber optic or even 5G. However, Starlink are quite flexible and lower latency. This is a new model and concept of communication.

    If Server is integrated with Satelite, that is anther story. And I supose Starlink has potential to connect Tesla and facilitate FSD function.

  2. From the time of this video to Feb 7, 2021, Cloudflare's stock has risen from 66.69 to 85.48, a gain of 28% in 3 months.
    From the time of this video to Feb 7, 2021, Fastly's stock has risen from 82.25 to 113.17 a gain of 37% in 3 months.

  3. Cloudflare is a hidden infrastructure company. A similar company, from back in the dot com boom, was Akamai.
    Akamai does it's job well. It survives even today. But it's not an earth shaking essential company. Companies like Cloudflare and Akamai provide commodity services. AWS, Azure, GCP can and will easily duplicate any Cloudflare service that becomes profitable enough. In fact, look for one of those companies to buy Cloudflare.

  4. Knew about Cloudflare for years being familiar with operating large global networks. So when they went public I jumped in. Feels nice to be able to use industry familiarity to good use. What will be really freaky is when machine learning AIs get smart enough to predict content delivery you will need before you even request it, being able to predetermine optimized routing and pre-caching content.

  5. CLOUDFLARE is problematic as they have become problematic in their blocking and routing issues I’ve observed in the medical space. They have tended to politicize their positions and could potentially become problematic from an access standpoint. Reoccurring revenue story is becoming a weakness as it’s becoming over priced per value. High intelligence at the premise makes SaaS less useable or scaleable. Starlink is another story, but the reality is new model that is developing and distributed architecture that is self healing and decentralized.

  6. Hello Dave
    Can u explain a bit when you mentioned u took an exploratory position on NET.? What is a good number of shares to invest when it is a fairly new stock and there isnt as much SP history to look at. I would appreciate you elaborating on this matter. I have research companies in the past and wish I had purchase more as an exploratory position but because of my asian background and my tendency to mitigate risk but also to capture market gains on a specific stock I miss out on a few stocks because of this issue. Is there a good rule to consider when investing besides the 1 to 2 % rule as a total of your portfolio. I would appreciate your comments. All other considerations aside being not an issue such as how much money you can invest in.

  7. Hello Dave, me and my 15 year old daughter who shares a common interest in investing are both a huge fan of your channel. My daughter bought some shares of Appian, a software company specialized in no code software. Her shares went up 200%+ and she wants to have a deeper understandig about this company to decide if she wants to hold on the stock at this price. Hope you might find time to look into Appian! Greets from Amsterdam, the netherlands

  8. I think these data architects tend to over complicate the designs of these systems the majority of 'internet' businesses don't need this crap even high end traffic sites. But hey I'm more then willing to sell my services to companies that think they need all this shit. I disagree with using AI at edge networks. your AI models only need to be trained on supercomputers then after a lightweight model is deployed to the device to make the inference. Why the hell do I need to deploy an AI model to the edge to make inferences? Its way more expensive then to do it directly on the hardware…why else do you guys think Tesla does all the heavy computing on the car itself…because it's freaking safer. Yea I'm gonna trust sending all the data to an edge network make an AI decision about a pedestrian crossing then send it back from the edge network to the car to adjust the vehicle dynamics…right sorry too late I hit the pedestrian already.

  9. Another benefit of space is that it’s very very cold … imagine the computing power of supercooled supercomputers in space. I’m sure Elon is well aware of this and may have an idea on how to morph Data Center(cloud provider), ISP and backhaul(backbone) into one super efficient system.

  10. Speed of light in fibre optic 186,282/1.467 = 124,188 miles per second
    speed of light in vacuum = 186,282 miles per second. It is roughly 50% faster in vacuum. But the latency between Starlink Satellite to ground station will be significantly higher as compared to last mile connection in Urban areas.

  11. Thanks Dave . You went digging and I think there is a lot to extract from what you and Mujy delivered today. I’ll probably listen to that one a few times and make a few pauses to do some learning . Thanks again

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  13. Thanks for this Dave. My only concern before investing in Cloudflare and Fastly is they have a behemoth of Amazon Web Services to tackle. I am still not sure if there are any unique services they provide that are different than AWS. AWS provides CDN, cloud security already. If someone can help out here, it will be much appreciated 🙂

  14. Space Lasers: Jeff Bezos just made an announcement that Blue Origin are to launch a fleet of Sharks into space with the Frikin Space Lasers attached to their heads to compete with Starlink.

    Or at least they'll use ill tempered Seabass if they can't source sharks.

  15. Dave just a quick one on Geo locationality Ruon AI is going to be the first western app to run in China it will be called Ruon Red so Starlink must have the capability to do Geo Data locationality. On the BEOS blockchain which was invented i think by Stan Larimer

  16. Great content. After watching this I've come to the conclusion that Starlink must deploy some hundreds maybe thousands of key ground stations globally that enable CDN, edge computing, etc, else even with their good latency the customer experience will be too slow as compared to legacy backbones.

    The only question for me is whether Starlink has the chops to develop general purpose software stacks for developers, or whether they'll invite cloudflare, fastly, etc to deploy servers near their ground stations.

    And as it's much harder to deploy a general solution than what zoom, twitter, etc, need to solve their own problems, I think it will be the latter.

    If the former happens there will be plenty of lead time as Starlink will need to recruit customer developers and that will take years.

    I think Starlink will not disrupt existing edge network attacks, and will need to figure out how to accommodate them in our to grow and survive.

    PS. I don't think edge computing on the satellite itself is viable due to constraints in power and cooling for the size of satellite they have.


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