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Today’s Topic:
We discuss what CDN’s are and why they may or may not be useful to you. Generally speaking they are easier to setup than most people think, but also less useful.

The big warning is to be careful of how you pay for bandwidth usage on CDN’s depending on how you data is used you may receive a shocking bill.

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Today’s Review:
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Today’s Questions:
“If I am hosting websites for my clients who should I use, and what type of platform? Shared/VPS/ Dedicated Server?”

“How do I keep an employee from sending a company’s data over the internet?

Today’s Final Thoughts:
Stay away from Affiliate Networks for revenue, or any other commission scheme where you are not in control of the sale.

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Introduction to CDN Content Delivery Networks | 与该主题相关的图像.

Introduction to CDN   Content Delivery Networks
Introduction to CDN Content Delivery Networks

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Introduction to CDN Content Delivery Networks.


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29 thoughts on “Introduction to CDN Content Delivery Networks | cdn | 最新泰语歌曲”

  1. Great info per the usual, thanks. BTW, LOVING the robotic arm in the background. Totally forgot about those things… you made a ton of memories flood back to me from much of my childhood spent in the local Radio Shacks (DC Area). I think I got mine back in 1982/83!!!LOL Thanks again, for the great videos. You've helped many of my undergrad and graduate students pass my classes over the years.<smile>

  2. the s3 service stand alone for video is slow in a sick way. (17m video doe) the s3 system for it's self fairly easy but if you want to stream live video on a wordpress post or so. it's complex attribute rtmp(i tryd) and most guide are not up to date ( i found one from 2010 , 2011) and a lot of indian toturial … so i don't know really … i will hire some indian (again indian) to do integration with wordpress hope that in the end of the process i could load video easy to my site…… and if not will look for alternative i truly believe s3 as stand alone video streaming service bring us back to 2002 and worst. f. them !

  3. Completely true all this, especially in the beginning. People now measure how good a network is by putting latency and PoP count out of the context. Like it would have a measurable difference on the customer's end between 2 and 10 milliseconds. Or like it would matter that a CDN has a PoP on the South Pole. No one would use it anyway. I think it all started with the bloggers. This industry turned the CDNs , which before that served files for streaming and download, into a web accelerating services (which is a great thing), but the reality is that most of these customers could simply buy a VPS with unmetered bandwidth and drop a Varnish proxy in front of their websites. A fast website is a must these days but it is too much to say that even a half of all CDN-accelerated websites really get anything beyond the personal satisfaction of their administrators. And I notice three negative trends in the CDN industry now:
    1. Because of the above, CDNs now turned into a distributed Varnish proxies, not really specialising in delivery of large static assets, which would require different tuning of the TCP stack and pretty much different approach to I/O and mid-layer cache.
    2. CDNs, while still trying accelerate websites, also want to still be able to deliver these large assets from (1) , so they become an all-in-one services. It's like having an all-weather tyre. It's not the best during the summer, it's not very good in the winter, and what this translates to is that it will always be better than not having a CDN (or a tyre), but will never really provide an impeccable service.
    3. CDNs now compete on the number of PoPs they have, but as you state, who cares about having a PoP in the next city if you have one here. I must add, who cares about a PoP on the, say, South Pole, or one in Kongo, for example. The reality is that probably no business will need to use these both points, even if it is a worldwide business. So comparing CDNs by number of PoPs could only be in the context of where your customers are.

    My 116 pesos, nearly 2 years after you've posted this great video.

  4. Hello, Sir I am big fan of you. I am trying to watch your every video. I am looking for a cdn service for my website which one is better cloudflare or maxcdn. any please make a video that how to setup these on also tell the costs. Thanks sir I hope you will give a response to me soon. thanks again.

  5. I would say CDN's are useful if you have a lot of visitors, such as in internet marketing and you want the content to load very fast so you don't waste money on clicks which don't see your content or leave before they load the page. Thats where i use it anyway.

  6. Hi,
    I do have website which I developed only focusing for my country (Nepal). So, should I use CDN for it ? I wanted to load content faster within my country.
    Thank you.

  7. Eli another great video question I want to setup my own Roku network and was told I need a CDN. Instead of going through Vimeo which is $199 a yr for 1000GB of data uploads the most inexpensive traditional way. I was told I could use my Synology Nas as my CDN? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to do that? Maybe you have a video I haven't filtered through yet on setting up Roku? Thank you 

  8. I am new to CDNs. My goal (currently) is to create a video gallery website "without" the YouTube player server (i.e., create custom HTML video players. but need somewhere to store the videos. A friend told me about CDNs). I am doing no selling or marketing. Your thoughts.

  9. Hey Eli,  My name is Jacob and I have been studying CS for a few years now.  I started out learning html 4 and css but have recently moved into html5 and css3.  What I think my sites are missing is the application side of the web experience.  I have started learning js and php in the last 2 months and feel like I am getting my head wrapped around the programming side of web development.  My question for you is: What do you think will be valuable to invest educating myself in for the future?  I have looked into nodejs and angularjs but since I don't have a solid programming background I'm a bit lost.  Are these thing valuable to invest my time in when so many freelancers don't use any php or js/jquery?  Any help would be awesome!

    Thanks, Jacob

  10. Would it be correct in assuming that CDN's would be faster not only because distance to the end users but because of distribution of load? An example would be you have your main servers in lets say nevada. You have 5,000 people getting data in New york from this center and also 3,000 from florida and 10,000 from nevada. If you built a datacenter in New york it would not only be faster because of distance but also faster because that center in New york would have lless requests to process than if all of the states got their data from one center. Then the main center would also be able to process its requests faster too because there would also be less traffic. Right?


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