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In Legal Terms: Initiative 65 and Alternative 65A | iuka medical clinic | أحدث الأغاني التايلاندية

In Legal Terms: Initiative 65 and Alternative 65A – معلومات الموسيقى التايلاندية

شاهد المزيد من الأغاني التايلاندية هنا: المزيد هنا

iuka medical clinic – المعلومات المتعلقة بهذا الموضوع.

The cover art IS the ballot measure that will appear on the November 3rd, 2020 General Election Ballot in Mississippi.

Along with regular hosts Professor Richard Gershon from the University of Mississippi School of Law and MPB’s Liz Gill, guests for the show included: Hannah Shirley Mecham Law Firm, Andy Taggert Taggert Rimes and Graham, and Ed Langton MS Board of Health

Additional information:For Initiative 65: Initiative 65:

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Emails:We wouldn’t have a marijuana or opioid abuse problem if it were not for the abuses of the physicians. I am a Mississippian, born and raised in Hattiesburg, married in Ocean Springs, until traveling with my husband with the military. We now reside in Florida where MM is legal. I have 2 small boys and have severe postpartum anxiety. Medical marijuana has been a literal lifesaver for me. I am a better wife and mother. To know I couldn’t receive my medicine in Mississippi is heartbreaking. I went to my general physician, he prescribed marijuana, I registered with the state, and the state sent me a card license.  Marijuana is medical. Consider the epileptics! It was scheduled as a class 1 drug as a tool to suppress the Black community. The gentleman it is an illegal drug is simply a “crafting of words” as he says. Marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana can not be overdosed on. Marijuana is not addictive. There should be no fear mongering of this highly necessary medicine. 

يمكنك العثور على مزيد من المعلومات حول الأغاني من مختلف البلدان حول العالم هنا.: شاهد المزيد من أفضل الأغاني هنا.

In Legal Terms: Initiative 65 and Alternative 65A | الصور المتعلقة بهذا الموضوع.

In Legal Terms: Initiative 65 and Alternative 65A
In Legal Terms: Initiative 65 and Alternative 65A

البحث المتعلق بالموضوع iuka medical clinic.

#Legal #Terms #Initiative #Alternative #65A.

In Legal Terms: Initiative 65 and Alternative 65A.

iuka medical clinic.

ขشكرا جزيلا لمشاهدة هذه الاغنية لك.


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  1. Were the 200,000 signatures validated before the initiative?????? The last thing we need are Bunch of slow thinking potheads in Mississippi! Big Tax REVENUE is end goal of this just like cigs and alcohol, more nonprofits to dump and funnel money into, and in a couple of years addiction centers thru nonprofits. Nothing but A gateway drug.

  2. The ballot is extremely confusing and the initiative explanation in FULL should have been available to voters on Secretary of State site —- not a PORTION of the initiative! Was the ballot intentionally setup in a manner to confuse the voter? Absolutely should have been publicly discussed at least a year before on ballot not last minute ! A gateway to recreational!

  3. In 2009-2010 I was deployed into outside the wire combat action in Afghanistan ISO/OEF. During that deployment I witnessed the deaths of several buddies due to direct enemy combatant action and feared my own death. Since that time I have suffered the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (sound and smell triggered anxiety, grief, insomnia, nightmares, and heightened alertness), have been diagnosed as such by the VA, and have been rated at 70% disabled due to PTSD, and unemployable. I have been through counseling and EMDR, and have improved substantially, yet remain affected and unable to retain employment due to sleep disorder and anxiety. I have been prescribed several medications in the past, all with varying degrees of limited success, and ALL with unacceptable side effects, all except for one drug, Marijuana. The only trouble is, I had to leave the state of Mississippi to even try this drug legally. It's far beyond time to end the prohibition of marijuana from the legally available options to serious medical conditions such as mine. I am writing this letter in support of Ballot Measure Initiative 65. Our legislature has had more than ample time and opportunity to address this issue through the legislative process, yet they have refused. Please vote in support of my rights and other veterans suffering with PTSD and other combat injuries to try medical marijuana by voting FOR APPROVAL OF EITHER and FOR Initiative Measure No. 65 (NOT 65A). Sincerely, SSGT David Miller, USAFR-MRET/DAV – EOD – Mississippi Resident



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