HUGE TURKISH STREET FOOD TOUR In Istanbul, Turkey! 🇹🇷 | turkey | En son Tay şarkıları

HUGE TURKISH STREET FOOD TOUR In Istanbul, Turkey! 🇹🇷 – Tay müziği bilgileri

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turkey – Bu konuyla ilgili bilgiler.

Greetings from Turkey! HUGE TURKISH STREET FOOD TOUR In Istanbul, Turkey! 🇹🇷

Hope you’ve got a snack in hand for this one! 😉 Istanbul is Turkish street food central and we spent the day searching for some delicious Turkish street food to try! All in all we tried 14 different Turkish foods and we honestly couldn’t pick a favourite.

All I can say is that this street food tour was such an amazing experience, the sights, smells, and flavours, not to mention the friendly locals we encountered as well. Join us on our Turkish street food tour in Istanbul, you can find chapters below to navigate your way around the video 😉👇🏼

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00:00 Intro
00:41 Turkish coffee and Menemen
02:16 Pide + A funny story!
03:58 Icli Kofte (How did we randomly find the best one!?)
06:35 Midye Dolma
07:53 Cag kebab, hmmm… was it really though???
09:39 Tantuni (Turkish Taco)
11:13 Simit and Roasted Chestnuts
13:29 Kokorec
15:13 Baklava
15:53 Turkish Ice Cream
17:09 Outro
18:48 Istanbul Food Tour BUDGET

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We hope you enjoyed this week’s video!
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Our tips for having your own Istanbul Food Tour:
◾ Finding some of these foods was a bit more difficult than we thought so if you are looking to try very specific Turkish street food, we recommend doing a bit of research to find it
◾Carry cash with you wherever you go because a lot of places only accept cash
◾ Be open to trying strange foods like Kokorec because you might actually be surprised by how good it is regardless of what its made of 😅

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HUGE TURKISH STREET FOOD TOUR In Istanbul, Turkey! 🇹🇷 | Bu konuyla ilgili görseller.


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44 thoughts on “HUGE TURKISH STREET FOOD TOUR In Istanbul, Turkey! 🇹🇷 | turkey | En son Tay şarkıları”

  1. welcome Turkey added u follow list. Beyler bayanlar arkadaşları takip listesine ekleyin boyle insanlar turizim bakanlığından çok daha fazla işe yarıyorlar. yandaşlara da yedirmiyorlar paramızı 😀 bu yüzden takip listesine alın videoları beğenin.

  2. lol you made me laugh throughout the video 😀
    The way you pronounce turkish food names totally sucks which makes this really fun and just real 🙂

    It's also kind of funny that you ate all those foods as if you were eating the best ones 😀
    It's not easy to have good quality kebap since meat is expensive and costs a lot of money (for turkish citizens). So people just eat cheaper ones that are not that good.

    btw the simit you ate was pretty tough. This is also not the ideal simit 🙂
    And Sarah, you are right, chestnuts can be eaten with chocolate. In your case there was not chocolate it was just black, kind of burned. But I ate it with hot chocolate 🙂 It's not as good as it sounds but it is still nice 🙂

    Great video! 🙂

  3. Nice video and great tour 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Thanks for sharing dear friend 👍👏🏻👍
    Stay safe and connected 🙏🙏🙏👍🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥

  4. Не is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs
    Тот хороший друг, который о нас за глаза хорошее говорит.

  5. I love the food ones being such a foodie myself! It's mine and John's 3rd year anniversary next Friday and we are going to a Turkish restaurant so thanks for the tips.👍 Marek enjoying the coffee reminded me of your mum really enjoying my Italian espresso….not as strong and thick as Turkish one. We also eat the roasted chestnuts 🌰every year after picking them from a wood. We Italians LOVE our food. ❤ And I enjoy liver too…..what you guys ate that was buttery soft. Xx

  6. This was great but I do have a suggestion or request 😊 Would it be possible in the future to give the price of the individual treasures at the time you eat them? I find the way you do it at the end goes so fast that I don’t catch it. I am very interested in prices so I can budget for my own travel. Thanks

  7. Woooow , now I am hungry 😁😁… maybe try to taste a) KUMPIR ( baked potatos turkish style) b) Iskender Kebap
    C) huge turkish breakfast „ Serpme Kahvalti“ you will like all I think 😉

  8. Wow wow. That was good. Where do you guys put the food? Really enjoy your food videos. So excited, will be watching your Tuesday video with you in person👏👏🥰🥰

  9. Oh that kebab looks really good… even if it is cigar cis?.. I (thomas) really don't like the flavor and texture of liver, how much like liver did it taste?? Also, how did you find out that it was not the kag kebab?
    – And that Tantuni might be more like a burrito than a taco.. but still looks so tasty! haha that ice cream man was so talented! Loved it. Great video guys! What fun! 😋😀

  10. Mmmmm… breakfast… yummmmm.. wow… getting so hungry– everything looks so tasty! And love that beer drinking transition haha You drank that whole pint so fast!

  11. Ahh! This is so fun. I literally just thought, "I wonder what Sarah & Marek are up to!" so I went to your channel and found that you had literally JUST uploaded a new video! WOOT WOOT


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