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How To Water Pumps Pressure Controller Installations In English – معلومات الموسيقى التايلاندية

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water Motor & Pressure controller Mechanical Installations with power supply connections
Hello Friends
In this video, I will tell you how to automate the water pump motor
I have told about how to do the Stanley power tools reaparing in earlier videos.
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How To Water Pumps Pressure Controller Installations In English | الصور المتعلقة بهذا الموضوع.

How To Water Pumps Pressure Controller Installations In English
How To Water Pumps Pressure Controller Installations In English

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#Water #Pumps #Pressure #Controller #Installations #English.

How To Water Pumps Pressure Controller Installations In English.

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  1. Sir mujhe ek aisa device chahiye jo bta de k mere water supply vale pipe mein paani aa gya hai aur fir automatically pump on kar de.
    Mere ghar par municipality ka paani aata hai jiska koi time nahi hai to pta nahi chalta k kab paani aaya.
    Agar koi aisa device ban jae jo khud pani k pressure se motor chla de to sir mera kam ban jaega.
    Sir agar aisi kisi device ka pta ho to please btaeyega.

  2. Sir mera ghar 6th floor par hai, aur meri line 0.75inch ki hai, Yeh line 2 flat owners share karte hain, mere padosi ka ghar Pehle hai aur unke Paas 1hp Crompton motor hai, Unko pani ache se aata hai, mera ghar same floor par hai par 60 feet aage hai aur mere Paas local 0.75 hp motor hai, par mujhe pani nahi aata, sir kuch achi motor suggest karein, motor 6th floor par hi install rahegi kyo ki neeche install karna allowed nahi hai, pls koi achi water pump suggest karein.

  3. I have the same motor and control switch and its properly installed. But when i turn it on, the motor turns on and runs but the water does not flow out from the pressure controller outflow side. PLEASE HELP if possible.



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