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How to Use Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform that dates back to 2009. It currently gets over 550 million visits per month.

All the content on Quora is user-generated. Users can ask questions and anyone can answer that question. You can think of it as a blend of a search engine, social media, content site,s and a fantastic marketing tool for businesses.

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It’s also similar to social media platforms where you can create a profile, follow topics, follow other users and create your own collections with Quora Spaces.

Quora is free to use and makes money by running ads on the home page, similar to Facebook and other social media platforms.

To get started on Quora, create an account on and follow 5-10 spaces or topics.

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Next, search through your home page or use the search field to find the content you are interested in and upvote your favorite.

Then, ask a question. If it’s already on Quora, you can just read the existing answer.

Complete your profile with your credentials and finally, answer a question.
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How to Use Quora - Beginner's Guide
How to Use Quora – Beginner's Guide

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How to Use Quora – Beginner's Guide.


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  1. Quora is a leftist website that aims at spreading its "progressive" political ideology. Bad answers that are liked are "correct." Good answers that are not liked are collapsed or not shown. The result is a biased view of the world. It may actually be better for students looking for serious answers to use some Chinese or Russian websites!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this video. It's very indormative and helpful as well😊. Please continue to upload videos such as this one😁. Keep up the good work and more power to your channel👍👍👍


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