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If you’re thinking about starting a clothing line by slapping your logo on a t- shirt, you’re in for a surprise when no one buys. In this video we show how to design a clothing line the right way. Get your FREE online training + PDF’s:

From concept to finished product, the most frequently overlooked process is clothing design. New fashion entrepreneurs are quick to dismiss the importance of creating collections, and staggering out their product drops in order to captivate their audience and increase sales. In this latest video collaboration we dive into the art of fashion design and what you should consider before spending money on making products.

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Designing With Mood Boards
In addition to being used for clothing design, Mood Boards are also used to depict the life of your audience, and the story behind the collection. A moodboard should help set the direction of your inspiration, and allow you to expand on the idea at hand. Throughout this video we share how your design concepts become a collection by making a moodboard.

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How To Design A Clothing Line The Right Way | From The Ground Up | Bu konuyla ilgili görseller.

How To Design A Clothing Line The Right Way | From The Ground Up
How To Design A Clothing Line The Right Way | From The Ground Up

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How To Design A Clothing Line The Right Way | From The Ground Up.


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  1. In 11 minutes and 17 seconds I got the most value out of a YouTube video that I can remember. Honestly, thank you guys for this.

  2. As a designer, he's defining his persona or ideal man or woman that shops his brand. This is a great start to see who will wear the label or collections. Creativity, before jumping into moods, he should have started a mind-map. Eventually, he would go into drafting the prototypes or actual line (croquis) and then source out color swatches, and fabric swatches. Sounds like this guy is more in the identity branding part. But then again, streetwear borrows many different elements from high fashion and ready-to-wear.

  3. Question, if my brand can speak to different markets…say, skateboard, basketball, etc…could you create different collection for each lifestyle/market?

  4. Really wish you both would stop titling videos with language like "the right way" as if you're gods among mortal men when it comes to branding and having clothing brands. I think giving advice, tips and tricks are great but this elitist mentality of you HAVE to do it this way otherwise its wrong is completely fucked up. Even the end saying mike has a list of reasons your brand will fail is an insane ideology to spew out your mouth. If someone has great art, great ideas, or something unique in some shape or form and wants to bring it to life the way they want and that way deviates from your little list that doesn't mean they are destained to fail. Basically 2+2 isn't the only way to get to 4. You both are not the end all be all authority on streetwear, clothing, and branding so stop acting like it and promoting this mentality. You can still give advice without coming off that way.

  5. what are the basics equipment you need to start a small scale fashion manufacturing unit please.. apart from sewing machines ? thanks please help..


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