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The citizens of the United States have elected 44 presidents in 57 elections since the Constitution was adopted in 1789. Since the Civil War, presidential contests have been dominated by America’s two major political parties – the Republicans and the Democrats. But over the last 150 years, state allegiance to these two parties has shifted greatly. Watch to see how the states voted in every presidential election since 1860.


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How The States Voted In Every Presidential Election

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How The States Voted In Every Presidential Election | Bu konuyla ilgili görseller.

How The States Voted In Every Presidential Election
How The States Voted In Every Presidential Election

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#States #Voted #Presidential #Election.

How The States Voted In Every Presidential Election.

us election.

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  1. True, trump2020 trump2021, I am a Malaysian Chinese who is a Pentecostal and Charismatic Christian, I was born on 8th December 1997 in Brunei. I agree with what you say. That is why, The deep states and political establishments abhorred and disrespect The USA President, President Donald John Trump who is absolutely the best, most successful, most accomplished, most hardworking, most effective, and the most trusted POTUS of all time. May God bless Mike Lindell, Sydney Powell, Lin Wood, General Michael Flynn, and Every American in The USA. And also. God bless the people around the world.

  2. Anyone who believes in the "party switch" and "southern strategy" myth, should pay attention to this map. It pretty much destroys that argument. If Nixon shifted the parties why did the entire south vote Dem in 1976? And in 1972 the entire country voted Nixon outside of Massachusetts, so yeah, there's that.



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