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Untangling the various equipment you might see in an electrical substation.

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In many ways, the grid is a one-size-fits-all system – a gigantic machine to which we all connect spinning in perfect synchrony across, in some cases, an entire continent. On the other hand, our electricity needs, including when we need it, how much we need, and how reliably it should be delivered vary widely. Substations play a critical role in controlling and protecting the power grid.

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Writing/Editing/Production: Grady Hillhouse
Animation: Stephanie White, Connor Claver, Dayan D’Aniello

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How Do Substations Work? | الصور المتعلقة بهذا الموضوع.

How Do Substations Work?
How Do Substations Work?

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#Substations #Work.

How Do Substations Work?.

tnb connection.

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  1. Pole pigs are transformers that look like trash barrels, quite often 7,200 volts go into
    them and are fused. 240 volts with a centertap gives 120/240 volts to the residence.
    the longer the insulator, the higher the voltage. Transformers can of course jack up
    voltage as well, this is why it is so dangerous when homeowners hook a generator to
    the home's wiring without shutting off the mains, current will now flow up the service
    drops and the voltage on the other side of the transformer known as the PRIMARY is
    now a SECONDARY, if the line feeding it went down, it would/could have 3,600 to 7200
    volts on it depending on generator voltage at the house.

  2. 7:22

    I'd like to point out that transmission lines are raised so high not really electricity can shock and or burn someone, but the other big reason is refering to skin effect, meaning that the closer a powerline is to the ground + the higher the voltage and frequency flowing through it = bigger losses across the transmission line. This happens in several ways.

    First, powerline induces a magnetic field around itself like an inductor in turn generating currents in anything conductive around it through induction in turn heating it up.

    Second, powerline generates electric fields around itself that shift charges in the ground making powerline also act as a capacitor and in combination with it's inductive qualities turns a whole powerline into a low pass filter.

    Then third and the last, electric fields that the powerline generates influence electrons themselves making them stay closer to the outside of the wire in turn increasing it's resistance as the center of it is not utilised.

    But it is true that converting higher current into higher voltage reduces the losses across the power line (in the form of heating).

    To sumarise everything, I'd say that's a well thought out and informative video, nothing to it. I agree that everything I pointed out above might not exactly point to that, but I say good video because it took me years to understand electricity to this level and that really isn't far away.

  3. Since you mentioned climate change at the end of your video can you show one time in the history of the world where the climate has not changed? Can you show that the end of the ice age was man made. Can you show how deserts were once jungle was man made? Please watch the Nova Special on hurricanes and how we are in a lull even thought the news says that “ it is worse than ever before” due to climate change. Maybe us Licensed Engineers shouldn’t act like we know climate change is man made. Have you seen the smoke from fire out west? How does that affect the long term climate?

  4. Does anyone experienced in this line of work know why these stations are entirely exposed? I felt that if a simple roofing was added, without walls, there would still be access to the station in case of need for repairs, but lend some protection to the elements. Another use could be placing thin, copper paneling in the inner side of said roof and in essence creating a large chassis ground in case the bussing or other conductors begin arcing, that way they don't arc immediatly to other, expensive equipment.

  5. Great video. Electricity ( Solar, Nuclear, Wind ) will slow the change in climate but isn't solar power DC how would we transfer it to areas as we do with AC, are converts very efficient and what about forest fires, don't they contribute to global warming? Thousands of years ago we had the Ice Age will we be blaming the Flint Stones for starting global warming? A living body as big as the earth can't be expected to keep the same temperature forever can it?.

  6. Having worked at several sub stations, the most amazing thing to see is switching, the noise and the power that is involved is incredible. When we were working on a sector area, which was turned off, we could still feel the power from a neighbouring sector area. Imagine having a constant low current constantly pumping true your body. Electricity is a very interesting power.


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