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Bilibili – what is it, and who is using it? This video platform company based in Shanghai is said to be the Chinese YouTube, but how exactly does it work? With no adverts prerolling before any videos, how are creators making money on the platform?
Today we take a deep dive into how the platform works, and compare it to YouTube in terms of monetization.

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How China's video platform Bilibili works | 与该主题相关的图像.

How China's video platform Bilibili works
How China's video platform Bilibili works

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How China's video platform Bilibili works.


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34 thoughts on “How China's video platform Bilibili works | bilibili | 最新泰语歌曲”

  1. Hello thanks for the video 🙂 have you uploaded videos to bilibili? Do you know if it can be monetized and if it charges commission, taxes or something? Because as YouTube and collects taxes I also want to know what platforms I can use to upload my videos and be able to monetize them and not pay taxes

  2. Hi, great content. Love it.
    Just wondering i would like to start migrating some of my videos into Bilibili. Should I think about doing adding subtitles to the videos? Or should I start uploading new videos speaking in Chinese. Or both?

    Thanks in advanced for the advice

  3. When you talk about advertisers paying for advertised content, do you mean that the video publisher has to show their face and endorse the material? Or do they just expect to see their videos edited into your content? What kind of advertisers should I be ready for?

  4. Few people outside of the region may know about this, but Bilibili has already expanded to Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, the launch has received little attention, and the SEA service is only available as a mobile app.


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