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Hitomi usually shows her cute side alot in izone but is actually pretty savage to her members and was on a whole another level before izone so it’s fun seeing that side her of her:) She’s just a whole mood which is honestly why i love her:)

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Honda Hitomi Being A Pretty Savage | このトピックに関連する画像.

Honda Hitomi Being A Pretty Savage
Honda Hitomi Being A Pretty Savage

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#Honda #Hitomi #Pretty #Savage.

Honda Hitomi Being A Pretty Savage.


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43 thoughts on “Honda Hitomi Being A Pretty Savage | hitomi | 最新のタイの歌”

  1. Opening: I'm sure everyone is used to seeing this side of Tomi (the cute aegyo that makes you want to keep her in the pocket side)
    Me who's been a fan since the beginning of her debut on AKB48: ohhh girl that side is totally new to me. I've grown seeing her savage and that's why I like her

  2. Please tell me song name that was played in the end. It's so good and refreshing. Mostly sounds like carly rae jepsen's song but singer is different.


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