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Gurren Lagann Ending Fight | 그렌라간 토렌트 | 최신 태국 노래

Gurren Lagann Ending Fight – 태국 음악 정보

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그렌라간 토렌트 – 이 주제와 관련된 정보.


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Gurren Lagann Ending Fight | 이 주제와 관련된 이미지.

Gurren Lagann Ending Fight
Gurren Lagann Ending Fight

주제와 관련된 검색 그렌라간 토렌트.

#Gurren #Lagann #Fight.

Gurren Lagann Ending Fight.

그렌라간 토렌트.

이 노래를 봐 주셔서 감사합니다.


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  1. Gurren Lagann is, honestly, not the best anime ever made. It's fairly typical of a lot of mecha, little it does is really original and there are definitely better works out there. So I feel it would be fair to say that it's an overrated work, but not that it's in any way shape or form bad.

    That is, of course, ignoring the fact that it is, for all intents and purposes, the last great mecha anime and because of that fact, of being on the cusp of the end of the era for all things giant and mechanical, it goes absolutely all out with the mecha tropes, indulges in all of the nostalgia of mecha gone by, gives not one single damn if it works and just does what all robots big and small do best: punch the Giant Monster for the sake of Justice.

    And I love it because of that.



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