Flay's Death (Remaster) | 프레이 알스터 | 최신 태국 노래

Flay's Death (Remaster) – 태국 음악 정보

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프레이 알스터 – 이 주제와 관련된 정보.

Gundam Seed episode 48
added English subtitle captions

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Flay's Death (Remaster) | 이 주제와 관련된 이미지.

Flay's Death (Remaster)
Flay's Death (Remaster)

주제와 관련된 검색 프레이 알스터.

#Flay39s #Death #Remaster.

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Flay's Death (Remaster).

프레이 알스터.


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29 thoughts on “Flay's Death (Remaster) | 프레이 알스터 | 최신 태국 노래”

  1. WARNING: This is just non-canon. Also, i only watched few episodes from Gundam SEED and relied on wiki facts. Sorry.

    I think that Flay could have been better if she was made as 'Eren' clone with her own traits (before Eren existed), who:
    – Hates Coordinators, but ends up being a hybrid who learns to sympathize them later (maybe because of a cure made from coordinator bloods that cured/changed her as a child, or his father had an unlikely genuine care/love/feelings for a female coordinator soldier from Orb Union or maybe ZAFT's traitor/drop-out who respected/cared/pitied for naturals).
    – Has a boyfriend in Kira whom she is jealous of for being superior to her in every way.
    – Will become a second best pilot to Kira, thanks to her own trainings, determinations, and hard works, compared to Kira who can fight with naturally great gifts he had since birth.
    – Will awaken her own SEED due to accumulated negative feelings during fights, like rage, hatred, and fear (Due to her hybrid nature, her SEED effect could be like burning/flaming explosions out of a seed, instead of a shining light).
    – Will be able to awaken SEED out of positive feelings, thanks to Kira's love for her.
    – Will struggle to learn to live and fight without so much anger, fear, and hatred against something she didn't really understand.
    – Hates Kira at first, but becomes his best lover later until her death.
    – Hates Lacus and Athrun, but learns to accept them later as friends.
    – Will join boosted boys (maybe, if Rau did not kidnap her), out of revenge against anyone who is responsible for Kira's death, but ends up being defeated without being killed and then redeemed by Kira who survived his death.
    – Will have her own newtype abilities, throughout the series, after Kira's return with Freedom.
    – Will accept (thanks to a recorded testimony from her natural father and coordinator mother who learned to accept, befriend, and love each other, despite their differences) the fact that the Coordinators are actually created by some Naturals, out of their own fears/disappointments/hatred/disgust(s) against themselves for their own weaknesses, which means that the Naturals are also the ones at fault for starting their own bigger problems, and they are never (or actually/maybe not always) on the brighter side either from the beginning, but she still fights for Kira's side anyway, thanks to his wholehearted/positive/unconditional/unlimited/selfless kindness/love for her.
    – Will befriend Cagalli easier.
    – Will have a mother figure she never had before in Natarle Badriguel, since she was always being spoiled by her father as the only family he had, since her mother's death to protect/defend her and him from people who will hurt her own family for their unlikely union.
    – Will realize that her father spoiled her because he did not want her to live in horrors of war and xenophobia/racism like her mother (maybe a soldier from Earth Alliance, or a former ZAFT soldier who turned her back on ZAFT later because she did not believe in their supremacy anymore, thanks to her own realization that not all of naturals are always as bad as she were thought and ZAFT were just worse than people she fought for/against) did.
    – Has a real mother who could be a female version of 'Grisha', as well as a female coordinator who feared and hated naturals at first, but then learned to accept/respect/love/befriend them, thanks to some of the naturals (we never knew them because it is just non-canon ideas) who might be pacifistic people, saved her live/soul after being abandoned (or betrayed) by her own comrades who thought that she is dead, believed in multiracial coexistence, had no grudge against coordinators like her, and taught her that only love and compassion can stop hatred and fear.
    – Will have (sometimes) surrogate father figures in Mu La Flaga, Kira, Waltfield, or maybe Uzumi, in some small moments.
    – Will have her own mechas like Strike Rouge or something more original.
    – Will fight along with Kira and his friends, until her death along with one of the 'Biological CPU/Cyber Newtype' boys from Dominion ship (maybe, she will have a fight against Shani Andras, which will be ended by deaths of two sides, or should i say, a brutal/fatal draw).
    – Will make Gundam SEED even longer because of her own rewritten arc as a coordinator hybrid.

  2. Honestly, I hated her character almost immediately and no matter how the series tried to make her look good, she's still an asshole. Every one of her colleagues is visibly helping around the ship while she's just holing in her room. Even little ol' me during those days can spot her BS. For all the characters' death in SEED, I was just relieved she was finally out of commission.

  3. 後半に入るまではフレイマジで嫌いだったけど、途中からフレイの気持ちもだんだん理解できるからちょっとずつ許せてくるんだよな

  4. 復讐に利用するためにキラに近づいた。

  5. I hated Flay as a person at first was so incredibly cruel. Knowing that Kira would fight because he told the little girl Kira would protect her and everyone forcing and guilting him into fighting. That was messed up. Then Flay kept on guilting and using Kira making him fight to nearly his death (which is what she wanted since she thought he went easy on Athrun) . She was damn evil and maniacal at the start. But I kind of loved that as a character . Instead of using power and competing with coordinators (which she could never do) Flay used her smarts and got the strongest guy around to fight and protect her. If you're not naturally gifted that's the only choice you have. That was SUPER interesting, it was messed up and cruel but really believable to me. Then at the end she realized how cruel she was and started to really fall for him, and finally died. Flay may not have been a good person but she was an amazingly interesting character and I think the show would've been much more boring without her.

  6. I hate how the author had to write her off cos his wife was sick and was a fan of lacus.. destiny would've been successful if they stuck with her story and Kira. I so wanted to see her in that Rouge Gundam while earth alliance and blue cosmos use her as their ploy ugh. (the original draft before she was written off was posted online that's why in the game she didn't die instead they stuck with the original storyline about her being rescued)


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