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FEMM / フェム from New Tokyo.
RiRi and LuLa are mannequins with emotion.

FEMM 2.0 1st E.P.「404 Not Found」Nov 20, 2020 OUT
Listen here:

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01. Sit Down [Prod. HABANERO POSSE] 02. Bury Me (with all my $$) [Prod. YUA] 03. Peach [Prod. Danny L Harle / Radical Hardcore Clique] → [Music Video] 04. Play By The Rules [Prod. Diana Chiaki] 05. Boss [Prod. KM] 06. Level Up feat. Duke of Harajuku [Prod. Star Boy / Loesoe / Radical Hardcore Clique] → [Music Video] —
FEMM 1.0 Latest Single「Chewing Gum Cleaner」Oct 16, 2020 OUT
Music Video:
Listen here:
written & produced by KiWi

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FEMM - Kill The DJ (Music Video)
FEMM – Kill The DJ (Music Video)

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FEMM – Kill The DJ (Music Video).


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  1. I discovered FEMM when I accidentally walked into one of their shows back in January. They performed this song and "Fxxk Boys Get Money".


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