Ethiopian PM: Country Cherishes Ties With Turkey | turkey | En son Tay şarkıları

Ethiopian PM: Country Cherishes Ties With Turkey – Tay müziği bilgileri

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Ethiopia cherishes its ties with Turkey rooted in a common understanding of respect and trust. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his delegation concluded a one-day visit to Ankara, Turkey, and returned to Ethiopia. The official visit marked the 125th anniversary of Ethio-Turkish relations and culminated with the signing of four agreements, according to the Office of the Prime Minister.
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Ethiopian PM: Country Cherishes Ties With Turkey | Bu konuyla ilgili görseller.

Ethiopian PM: Country Cherishes Ties With Turkey
Ethiopian PM: Country Cherishes Ties With Turkey

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#Ethiopian #Country #Cherishes #Ties #Turkey.

Ethiopian PM: Country Cherishes Ties With Turkey.


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28 thoughts on “Ethiopian PM: Country Cherishes Ties With Turkey | turkey | En son Tay şarkıları”

  1. Girum chala . Stop promoting Abiye and his killing squads. The Turkish government knows exactly what’s going on in the country. Abiye can’t have it both ways anymore ally to America run religious right fundamentalist as well as with Turk is known to host many Muslim oppositions. (NB. Abiye doesn’t have any mandate to rule the country — he is NOT elected and he doesn’t have the moral authority to speak about national dialogue or reconciliation while many of the prominent opposition members are languishing in prison cells).

  2. All is possible when Gods Grace is with TPLF.

    Abiye fleeing Ethiopia on 25.8.21 at 8.30 pm

    Dr. Debretsion Gabremichael as the leader of GRAND COALIATION have begun to OPENING TO THE LIGHT.

    This means

    Harmonies with all that can lead towards the LIGHT.

    The Mother.

    This means the Grand Coalition to march with all aspirants in Ethiopia away from war towards TPLF ie TRANSCEDENTAL POWER LIGHT AND FORCE. No ego or revenge or prejudice or animocity over warmonger like Abiye and his cheerleaders.

    Since PPP is ingrained with PREJUDICE PROPAGANDA AND PASSIVE war they are finished instead of accepting defeat Abiye to flee from Ethiopia on 25.8.21 at 8.30pm. And Demeke Malonen the first casualty of ppp. . Expect the result God fighting the war for Ethiopia against evil propaganda of Abiye and coterie….Nitin

  3. Helping Abiy at this stage is trying to hold a falling knife. Turkey knows that and is not fool helping Abiy financially or militarily now. He will be disposed very soon anyways. OLA is 20 kilometers away from Finfine.

  4. Will Erdogan be able to bend Abiy Ahmed on the Grand Renaissance Dam…I hope he can use his diplomatic skills to lessen Ethiopian campaign and open up humanitarian aid in Tigray…I would love to praise him, but we want to see his effectiveness first! ❤👍🌎 then maybe he can talk to Assad about the same thing in Syria & help out in Libya? 👍

  5. I hope US doesn't loose a great strategic Allie like Ethiopia for the important red sea geopolitics, yet as things stand, the Ethiopian people not just Abiy is aware of the Narrative coming out of US and western medias to pressure, dictate, and direct Ethiopian internal affairs and external affairs with neighboring countries (Egypt and sudan) in disadvantage to Ethiopians.

  6. So much for Ethiopia is for Ethiopians lol what fools that follow this lost Ethiopian Prime minister what he has done in 3 years is unimaginable he has ruined Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed has finished Ethiopia and has committed attrocities and starvations that can not be overlooked with the help of the Eritrean dictator and Amhara extremist


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