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What’s the most controversial thing you believe in?

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OnTN: What’s The Most Controversial Thing You Believe In?
TN: reddit censorship is out of control

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Controversial Opinions That Were Banned On Reddit – AskReddit | 与该主题相关的图像.

Controversial Opinions That Were Banned On Reddit - AskReddit
Controversial Opinions That Were Banned On Reddit – AskReddit

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#Controversial #Opinions #Banned #Reddit #AskReddit.

Controversial Opinions That Were Banned On Reddit – AskReddit.


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  1. To the person referring to the unnecessary existence of managers. I believe this is circumstantial. Sometimes managers are not necessary, but there are a lot of times where they are necessary. Take walmart for instance. I could only imagine how disgusting the place would be without managers. The shelves would be absolutely empty all the time. And trust me this is something that not localized to walmart. People need someone to apply and coordinate their work.

  2. I think the most controversial thing I believe in is that people should have the right to end their life if they wish to without fear of being locked up. I would never tell a person to go kill themself, nor would I encourage someone to do it, if anything, I would actually try to get them to reconsider, but I wouldn’t call the police or anyone. I think there is something very wrong and almost sinister to force a person to live against their will

  3. My dad 100% needs to get a vasectomy. He's got 6 kids with him( 7 total since most of my life has been with my mother), is unemployed and has been for quite awhile, probably can't get one due to most likely to fail a drug test, can't handle the stress involved and is in a really shitty situation that forces him to be completely reliant on other family members that if I were them I wouldn't have wasted my time with him. I'm having my own struggles mainly due to an almost complete inability to feel motivated towards anything but self-interests and even this a struggle.

  4. I really don't get how Americans act, believe & base their lives on the basis of being a Democrat or a Republican. Over here (🇬🇧) I'd say 90% of us (we have a 10min moan then get in with the rest of our day) don't give enough 💩 about whose leading the country, as they all fk things up no matter who's in charge at the time.

    Labour (their for the poor)

    Liberal Democrats (their for the middle class)

    Conservative (their for the rich)

  5. Last one is dead wrong. There is no reason trillionares should exist. Making it so there can't be trillionares isn't "punishing success", it's making sure the economy remains stable and fair for the average worker. Allowing a small group of people to conslidate more and more of the wealth while poor people's wages remain stagnant at best isn't how you run a functional economy, and simply fucking over the lower class won't get people to like working for you. Money doesn't just magically appear in Jeff Bezos' wallet, it comes from somewhere. That somewhere is the work and effort of Amazon's workers and the selling and manufacturing of products. He has little to do with either.

  6. The trouble with Incels is that the community has been taken over by actual misogynists. When it started it was a bunch of guys who had problems starting relationships, so they all got together to talk about those problems. Then some started to talk about how women are the real problem and people listened. Now all anyone can think about when they hear "incel" are woman haters.

  7. Hollywood actors have more liquid assets then Geoff Bezos. Maybe Bezos has 30 million in his bank account like Jack Black or That lame actor who plays the hulk. But ya, in paper sure, Trillionair, in reality, more like Millionaire with a whole ton more responsibility than most with his liquid wealth, not to mention like it or not he DOES provide jobs for people. I’m not even fond of the guy, I’m just also not an unrealistic person. I do my best to recognize how things work in the real world, not the low IQ emotional socialist loving imagination world so many get sucked into

  8. As a woman from a 3rd world country,it sometimes bothers me how people who are against western feminism bring up the "go to third world countries and let me know what real oppression is " or "feminists should focus on women in third world countries" I absolutely understand that some 3rd world countries are really bad but it sometimes feels like they're saying we are weak uncapable women who cannot do anything anything for ourselves, and also making it sound like the percentage of us who are actually living a good quality life and don't feel oppressed other than the same mutual issues as western women have aren't real or are just too dumb to realise it . I do not deny the issues in third world countries but it's not always the case and many of us are actually living fine and having an average normal life .

  9. Family is not as important as friends.
    Speaking as someone who lost half her family because she left a cult, and another part of my family because my dad chose drugs over me, family has never done anything but hurt me.
    My partner, he is my family. My friends, they are my brothers and sisters. I chose them, they are there for me. Family let me go homeless. Friends gave me a home.

  10. i've been permabanned on 2 accounts from our largest finnish subreddit of r/suomi for speaking against the rona vaccines, saying that they are not properly tested for use in this scale they are already being used because they are not, and speaking against this cursed "health" pass that violates our freedom based on the tyrannical thought of everyone needing to get vaccinated or else. i'm afraid of you people, for how programmable and how blind to your authorities and what you are told you are.

    just as everywhere else here in finland at least – only one opinion about the vaccines or the virus itself is allowed, and virtually all of the public forums that would spark the rona discussion are kept muted, meanwhile media keeps lobbying more and more thoughts on our minds of what to think about the pass, about the virus and about how they are dealing with the pndemic. dead quiet about the anti-pass riots in france, all the news about the spread here being vague as possible to keep us in the fear thinking that the only right decision is to take the jab. don't you people see this?

  11. Another lukewarm take for the pile. BLM created more racists than allies and Antifa creates more neo-Nazis than members. More people identify as Nazis now than the height of Hitler’s power, and the Klan has more members now than they did during the peak of Reconstruction. All because the groups opposing them decide to act like clowns instead of actually try to make things better

  12. If you decide you have two types of pronouns, e.g She/They or He/They, you don’t have the right to get pissed off when people don’t use both for you in the same convo. If you’re comfortable enough being called one, you can handle being called the other

  13. "Western" feminism, isn't that limited to the west at all. Its all over the world and no its not the west's fault for "setting the (bad)example", as someone who is cis female and born and raised in a third world country, everyone just wants what favors them.

  14. I disagree with the prison part. Sure, people who commit crime for a full belly fit that narrative, but what about others? Rapists. Pedophiles. People who murder for the fun of it. School shooters. Treating them as "human" spits on the graves of those they have wronged. They deserve the punishment.

  15. Here’s a controversial opinion.
    If you think the pay gap is real your actively promoting gender inequality in the labour force.
    Here’s why the pay gap is not a pay gap but an earn gap and there are reasons why men earn more than women.
    1. Men tend to choose higher paying jobs such as engineers,welders,firefighters etc while women tend to choose lower paying jobs like teaching,child care workers nurses. Etc
    2 men work more hours than women.
    3 men take less time off
    4 men more often negotiate for higher starting salaries,ask for pay rises more often and fight for promotions more.
    5 a lot of women choose to be stay at home moms who don’t work this is not a bad thing it’s just some women choose to do this.
    6 if it was true women get payed less than men companies would only hire women because it would be cheaper labour.

    So by fighting against the “pay gap” you are fighting for women to get paid the same as men for doing less work and therefore promoting discrimination against men in the work force.
    The thing is damage has already been done the employment rate for men continues to drop while the employment rate for women continue to rise because company’s try to off set these magical inequalities that feminists say exist despite the fact that there is no evidence of them.

  16. I saw a quote on Instagram one time that said:

    “You can go to the moon and back for someone, and they will still have the audacity to say ‘but I never asked you to do that’.”

    As fucked up as this sounds, there is a degree of truth to it. It sucks to hear this, but nobody is obligated to love you. People CHOOSE to, and that’s great, but there is no law that says you have to. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing. In fact, knowing that someone actively chose to give you love and compassion is one of the best feelings in the world, but remember: it’s a choice. Some people will never love you, no matter what you do for them. Fortunately, there are people that won’t STOP loving you, no matter what you do 😊



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