CNN reporter previews new bombshell Trump book | trump | En son Tay şarkıları

CNN reporter previews new bombshell Trump book – Tay müziği bilgileri

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trump – Bu konuyla ilgili bilgiler.

CNN’s Jamie Gangel previews a new book from journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa detailing the final days of Trump’s presidency and the transition to the Biden administration.

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CNN reporter previews new bombshell Trump book | Bu konuyla ilgili görseller.

CNN reporter previews new bombshell Trump book
CNN reporter previews new bombshell Trump book

Konuyla ilgili arama trump.

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CNN reporter previews new bombshell Trump book.


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  1. this is your Lead?

    This Af withdrawal was NOT Trump’s deal. His “deal” had preconditions for each withdrawal step.. gutted by the this admin.. a task force was set up to monitor Taliban compliance along the way- that task force was disbanded by this admin.. there was NO Trump withdrawal plan or draw down that considered removing military before civilians.. there was No Trump withdrawal that included abandoning Bagram AFB and singing over $82 billion in weapons, armed vehicles, aircraft and Blackhawks to the Afghans.. which was quickly usurped by the Taliban.
    The MSM Crrrrap is getting. very deep.
    OKAY: the US State Dept initially said “make out this form and make your way to the Kabul airport”… Many tried.. beaten, blocked, paperwork torn up.. then US State Dept “You’re on your own. We can’t help you get to the airport”…. yesterday, US State Dept said “Don’t travel to the Kabul airport and if you’re outside the airport – leave”… A few hours ago.. UK Representative “there is credible evidence of an ISIS attack on Kabul airport” .. anybody else putting this together?

  2. Its all truth, he ( DJT ) is a full blown narcissistic moron book work illness…thats worst than covid..This attaches to evil 😈 minds and it grows roots, they can't help themselves…Niece of DJT, help us out plz…thanks 😊

  3. What cnn really must be as demented as the democrats to talk about books when the democrats are responsible for the disaster in Afghanistan the democrats and cnn are demented they close their eyes and r mindless to the devestation in Afghanistan they are so obsessed with the song success of trump that they look for everything to attack trump which only makes trump stronger becos we the people can see how dump and stupid cnn staff r nobody asks about Biden and Ukraine and the money Biden’s stole well birds of a feather

  4. The Trump rally on August 21,2021
    had an alarming violent tone, encouraging attendees to be willing to make the supreme sacrifice to put Trump back into power. Vengeance is Trump's middle name.
    I truly wish a panel of psychiatrists and psychologists could be interviewed to help explain what is going on. Why so many people are sucked into horrible dangerous lies, even to the point to putting themselves into harm's way or even death.
    –Audrey in Chicago


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