CLC(씨엘씨) – '도깨비(Hobgoblin)' M/V (Performance ver.) | clc 韓国 | 最新のタイの歌

CLC(씨엘씨) – '도깨비(Hobgoblin)' M/V (Performance ver.) – タイの音楽情報


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CLC(씨엘씨) – '도깨비(Hobgoblin)' M/V (Performance ver.) | このトピックに関連する画像.

CLC(씨엘씨) - '도깨비(Hobgoblin)' M/V (Performance ver.)
CLC(씨엘씨) – '도깨비(Hobgoblin)' M/V (Performance ver.)

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CLC(씨엘씨) – '도깨비(Hobgoblin)' M/V (Performance ver.).

clc 韓国.



41 thoughts on “CLC(씨엘씨) – '도깨비(Hobgoblin)' M/V (Performance ver.) | clc 韓国 | 最新のタイの歌”

    Yujin said that the company told them that they were DISMISSED, which is not having activites as a group for a period of time, so it's literally what Elkie said when she departed from the group. And to be honest, she didn't even say the word "dismissed" in Korean, it was a mistranslation. She said "the company told us that the group will have no activities", which means that they're on HIATUS.
    "Why do you still think that CLC didn't disband? It's so obious they did"
    NO. Eunbin told multiple times that the group would have resumed group activities after Girls Planet 999 ends!
    She said it two times: the first time in an interview on July 22nd, and the second time on August 1st on the UCUBE app, answering a fan's question which asked when the group would have made a comeback.
    And she said it way after Yujin recorded the first episodes of Girls Planet.
    The girls talked about a possible comeback multiple times in the year. For example during the lives, on the instagram stories, and Sorn even retweeted a tweet that talked about a CLC comeback in May 2021 (now deleted). So don't say CLC disbanded because it's very clear that they did not.
    "Then what about their contracts? They will expire around March 2022"
    Yes, it is true. But maybe the group has plans, many things can change thanks to Yujin on Girls Planet 999. There are many possibilites other than disbandment. Maybe Cube has plans (which I highly doubt, but I will say that anyway lol) to give the CLC name to the girls, so that they can go to another company and continue their careers; or maybe CLC wants to create their own sublabel like Suju and Apink did.
    There are possibilities.
    Please don't d-word CLC, nobody of them EVER even pronounced the word "disbandment" so please, stop saying CLC disbanded.

    UPDATE: Eunbin said ANOTHER TIME to wait for them regarding to the comeback! This is the third time, she said it on August 23rd.

    Elkie in China & being a Model
    Eunbin is now an Actress
    Seunghee is now a Singing & Vlogging YouTuber
    Seungyeon is now a Dancing & Vlogging YouTuber
    Sorn is now a Soloist & finally returned in YouTube
    Yeeun not doing anything
    Yujin is now an Actress & is in GIRLS PLANET 999


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