Chris Stapleton – Millionaire (Official Audio) | millionaire mp3

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Chris Stapleton – Millionaire (Official Audio) | Chia sẻ về millionaire mp3 Mới nhất

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Chris Stapleton – Millionaire (Official Audio) và các hình ảnh liên quan đến millionaire mp3 này.

Chris Stapleton - Millionaire (Official Audio)
Chris Stapleton – Millionaire (Official Audio)

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Hiện có sẵn từ A Room: Tập 2 Tải xuống và phát trực tuyến album tại đây: Gói độc quyền – Tải xuống album From A Room: Volume 1 – Tải xuống và phát trực tuyến album tại đây – Tải album trên vinyl – Đăng ký để nhận cập nhật qua email từ Chris Stapleton : Theo kịp với Chris tại đây: Trang web: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Video âm nhạc của Chris Stapleton biểu diễn Millionaire. (C) 2017 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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39 thoughts on “Chris Stapleton – Millionaire (Official Audio) | millionaire mp3”

  1. Father God keep the boyfriend the little guy and the tall boys salvation in you so if they speak their mind or stand up for someone they won't have their salvation or favor smashed or lost

  2. I love your cowboy hat. I miss mines my son has the same one. An he pick out mines. I got my boots full of dust. Put away. One day I'll pull them out when the time is right

  3. My husband still sings this song to me everyday and tells me how rare I am and how much he loves me but I’m really the lucky one.

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  6. This came on wxbq in my town. I pulled over and listened what a beautiful voice deep and meaning . I loved it made me think . If you got love you are a millionaire. I wish this song was in the 80s . My life would have been different tears run down my face looking back this song would have been my millionaire song for my love.

  7. Any song that can make me cry is a great song. I hear this song most of the times whilst I am driving and boy does it stir up some wonderful feelings. Keep on making great music.

  8. Chris,

    My friend of 19 years — Mike Marshall, a Marine who’s so earned my trust and motivation that I’m convinced I would’ve followed him off a cliff burning red with fire if he’d ever asked me to — just passed away suddenly on Wednesday, August 4th. I didn’t find out until Sunday night when I was checking my text messages before bed. As I was driving to his funeral yesterday Millionaire came on my Chris Stapleton feed, and I cried all the way from San Marcos to Carlsbad to pick up my friend, whom we call Cap’t Mac. I went through a bottle of Visine so Mac wouldn’t see me crying. I must’ve listened to this song a million times since yesterday. The lyrics speak exactly to how I feel about my dear sweet wife, Melissa, and I wish I could have sung it to Mike’s wife yesterday, because I know he feels the same way about his wife, Tracie — and I could tell she could’ve used those lyrics. Well I played it enough now that I’ve learned it on my James Burton Telecaster with GE Smith pickups and my Fender Rhodes piano. As soon as I see my wife I’m going to play it for her. And the next time I see Mike’s wife, I’m going to sing it to her, from him. Thank you for the beautiful lyrics Chris. You are a talent and an inspiration. Keep doing what you are doing. The world needs it/you.


    David Falkenau

  9. @chrisstapleton. This album!!!!!!!! This album nothing but freaking hits. When I first heard it I I was like ok. Then my ears started craving it and my friends are now hooked

  10. I used to put my granddaughter to sleep when I would hold her and sing this song to her there’s not a day I don’t think of her and miss her more than anything else in this world

  11. Классная музыка белых!!!!🔥🔥🔥 ,которую любят как американцы так и русские .молодец парень . Музыка старой Америки ,в ней чувствуется романтизм, свобода , страсть ,жизнь !!!!!

  12. I just saw Chris at the Bank of NH Pavilion last night! He is amazing! Not sure if he knows it or not but he is!!! I loved the way he introduced his band to the audience. Awesome voice, great guitar player…. My favorite all time band is The Eagles and anyone that knows me knows this! Chris is right up there with The Eagles!

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