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What’s happening in this Breaking Bad clip?
Jack (Michael Bowen from Walking Tall and Kill Bill) holds Hank (Dean Norris from Total Recall and Death Wish) at gunpoint. Walter (Bryan Cranston from Godzilla and Total Recall) does everything he can to prevent Jack from killing Hank. But Hank doesn’t want to beg, and knows Jack is going to kill him no matter what. Hank was right. Jack shoots him.

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What’s the TV show Breaking Bad about?
Walter White (Bryan Cranston from Godzilla and Total Recall), a chemistry teacher, is diagnosed with lung cancer. He decides to make and sell methamphetamine to repay his medical debts and secure his family’s future.

Season 5 of Breaking Bad:
With Gustavo (Giancarlo Esposito) dead, Walter (Bryan Cranston from Godzilla and Total Recall) and Jesse (Aaron Paul) decide to start their own drug empire. They team up with Mike (Jonathan Banks), Gus’ former henchman. They also team up with Lydia (Laura Fraiser) and Todd (Jesse Plemons).
Hank (Dean Norris), now head of the DEA, gets involved in the Gus Fring case and tightens his grip on Mike, who will be forced to leave the operation. Jesse quickly does the same. Walter helps Mike to organize his escape but mortally wounds him in a fit of rage. Later, he makes Todd his new assistant.
Thereafter, Walter knows an uninterrupted success and accumulates enormous amounts of money. One day, Skyler (Anna Gunn) shows him the impressive pile of money, explaining that she can no longer launder it and begging him to stop. Soon after, Walter decides to leave the business for good.
Everything seems to be back to normal when Hank discovers that Walter is Heisenberg. Heisenberg buries his money in the desert and convinces Jesse to leave town, but Jesse agrees to surrender to Hank and his partner Steve (Steven Michael Quezada). Hank, Steve and Jesse manage to capture Walter in the desert. Walter, thinking that Jesse would be alone, hired Todd’s uncle Jack (Michael Bowen) and his men to come and execute him, but tries to back out when he sees Hank with him, however Jack ignores this and a shootout ensues. Jesse is captured, Steve is shot, Hank is wounded, then coldly killed by Jack despite Walter’s pleas. The mobsters find the hidden money and seize the quasi-totality, Todd insisting to leave him a small part of it. Walter then decides to flee with his family, but Skyler and Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte), terrorized, refuse to follow him.
Walter leaves to live in reclusion in New Hampshire, but his cancer relapses. Jesse is reduced to a slave by Todd, and after an escape attempt, Todd coldly shoots Andrea, Jesse’s girlfriend. Later, Walter takes the risk to contact his son in order to give him money, but this one refuses and declares that he would prefer him dead. Desperate, Walter is about to turn himself in before he stumbles upon a television interview with his former partners, who downplay his contribution to the creation of their company. Overcome with resentment, he decides to act. He entrusts, under threat, the 10 million dollars which remain to him to his former associates, by making them promise that they will give them to Walter Jr. at his majority. He then says goodbye to Skyler and confesses to her that he did all that to feel alive and not for his family as he had always affirmed it. He manages to free Jesse and to kill Jack, Todd and their men, but is mortally wounded. He dies in a meth lab on his 52nd birthday, two years to the day after the events of the first episode.

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Breaking Bad Season 5: Episode 14: Jack kills Hank HD CLIP | Bu konuyla ilgili görseller.

Breaking Bad Season 5: Episode 14: Jack kills Hank HD CLIP
Breaking Bad Season 5: Episode 14: Jack kills Hank HD CLIP

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#Breaking #Bad #Season #Episode #Jack #kills #Hank #CLIP.

Breaking Bad Season 5: Episode 14: Jack kills Hank HD CLIP.

breaking bad.

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  1. For those saying Hank forgave Walt before he died, you're wrong. He didn't forgive him, Walt ruined his family's life and killed dozens of people for the sake of greed and power. However, when he saw Walt begging for his life and offering 80 million dollars just to save him, he at least understood he really loved him, and realized he still was human, and that a tiny spark of the Walter White he once knew still remained inside of him.

  2. Got different kinds of feel while watching this series…….its like walt character is stupid but sometimes clever… Sometimes pretty and felt sad while he suffers….. Uffff finally it ended with nothing( no feelings at all) 😑

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